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  1. Orange ring with teeth on Tie rod axle part

    Steering and Suspension
    That wee orange plastic bump stop, does anyone know where you can buy replacements or suitable alternatives? Nearside one is smashed to smithereens and the replacement kit we have doesn't have the bit in it. I've spent an hour on google and have found it in kits, but no part number or any...
  2. track rod inner joint tool

    General Chat
    never used a tool to remove the whole track rod before but looking to get a tool for future use , seen some on ebay but would like your experiences on any good or not
  3. Track rod end ball joint dust cover

    Steering and Suspension
    Can anyone tell me which part is the Front Track rod end ball joint dust cover? Apparently mine is badly split on my 2011 Megane. The only rubber part I see is that big rubber in the attached pic. Is that the dust cover they are referring to? I take it this rubber comes fitted already to a track...
  4. Renault master 1966 tie rod

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    Hi I have the a renault master horsebox 1966 and the tie rod needs replacing. Product number 7700302767 Can anyone help or give me any advice
  5. Clio track rod end replacement

    Steering and Suspension
    Obviously this topic has cropped up before but anyone advise me how much I can expect to pay for the above job? The model in question is a '59 plate 1.2 Extreme. I'm aware there will be a range between a Renault dealer and my local garage but just want an idea please. Thanks:smile2:
  6. Megane 2005 Crankshaft and Connecting Rod Damage

    This forum is about a 2005 Megane 2 1.5 TDCI. I have encountered this problem for yet the third time and would like an answer to why it is happening. I am a mechanic and the third client has come in with this problem. The crankshaft shields and connecting rod are worn out, always happening on...
  7. R21 Nevada/Savannah track rod ends

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi all For the general good, here's how to take off track rod ends on the old 21 Nevada/savannah. Do the usual to get the taper removed from leg. There are 2 lock nuts for the track rod end. the outer one is normal thread (anti clockwise to loosen). The inner is left hand thread as I learnt to...
  8. Renault trafic 2 track rod end

    Steering and Suspension
    hi is there anyone on here who knows the correct torque setting for the track rod end nut on my 06 trafic van I am very confident on changing the track rod end but do not want to do it without the correct torque setting! any help would be massively appreciated.
  9. Megane Help

    I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to post but still getting use to the forum. I bought my first ever renault about four weeks ago it's a 2008 megane convertible hardtop and i love it. But i do have a couple of small issues that i think you guys can help with. The first one is sometimes...
  10. Tie rod outer end removal GSII

    Steering and Suspension
    Planning to replace the steering tie rod outers as the rubber is perished on one. What is the smart way to separate that balljoint ? Any particular tool that will or won't work or just a good old smack ? :) Local garage wants 200. Well you have to keep checking if just for the laugh.
  11. Roof not opening beep and message (Rod rosher)

    Did you sort this Rod...
  12. Clio mk2 inner tie rod size?

    Steering and Suspension
    Anyone know what length inner tie rod I need for year 02 clio mk2 1.2 16v with electric power steering online parts fonder bring two sizes up and I'm not sure which one I need
  13. Track rod end

    Steering and Suspension
    2011 grand scenic. Replaced the passenger side track rod end about 4 months ago. It was well worn and I could move the wheel dromedary side to side. This last few days there is a rattle from the drivers side. Wheels off to check. Passenger track rod end is solid. Drivers side has a minute...
  14. Inner tie rod

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi guys, quick question. I've got play in my inner track rod. I just got a replacement from eurocarparts but the axial ball which fits into the housing, doesn't move. Ie the mechanism which attaches itself to the steering rack is solid and doesn't budge. (I'm not using any leverage, just using...
  15. Con rod bolts

    Hi all i have a 2009 master 2.5. Im replacing piston rings etc is it safe to reuse the original con rod cap bolts wheb reassembling? Im assuming that these need to be replaced? If so does anyone have thhe spec? Hate paying dealer prices when the same spec bolts can be brought for a fraction else...
  16. Trafic 2007 1.9dci track rod / tie rod replacement

    Steering and Suspension
    I have found that the Trafic track rod end replacement is well documented and quite straightforward. I can't find anything on replacing the Trafic (inner) track rod / tie rod however. In particular I am assuming that disconnecting the track rod from the steering rack will be a bit challenging...
  17. actuator rod on turbo does not move when engine starts

    Hello, I had to drive home without turbo yesterday. Had a look at the engine and noticed that the actuator rod does not move when the engine is started. When I suck on the pipe that comes from the "Boost Pressure Solenoid", it does move and I even managed to hold it in place for a few seconds. I...
  18. MOT Incorrect Failure? Track Rod End Ball Joint as excessive play

    Steering and Suspension
    Hey Guys, I need some help with this MOT failure. My Clio MK2 2000 has failed MOT for "Track Rod End Ball Joint has excessive play offside (poss tie rod also) [2.2.B.1f]" So I decided to sort it out myself. Today I was inspecting the Track End Ball Joint after removing the offside wheel, the...
  19. gear rod knocking against gearbox mk1 megane

    A persistent loud knocking is coming from under the front of the car when driving, I thought it was a suspension problem so I jacked up the front end and had a look, it turned out to be the gear change rod swaying about and hitting the gearbox itself, it seems very loose even though the...
  20. Possible Halfords track rod end repair too expensive?

    Steering and Suspension
    I have a 2008 Scenic and got an 'amber' warning for a track rod end after a recent MOT. I was advised that the "offside inner track rod end worn to excess". The mechanic did show me that the whole wheel did move slightly and has made me a bit concerned that it may get worse. To repair it they...