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  1. I'll Start The Ball Rolling

    General Chat
    It was a Fun site while it lasted Hopefully be able to say the same on the 27th.. Anyone thinking the same.
  2. Rolling Road Day

    National activity
    hello. new to the forum, but you guys dont seem to have a 'Car Meetings' section or similar? whats that all about ?? is there a Renault orienatated Rolling Road day on the cards in the UK somewhere? surely you guys must meet up and check the ponies? cheers. (expecting this post to be moved...
  3. Something rolling around!!

    Hi guys, we just got our new (for us) Grand Scenic 2. It's a 2006, dynamique model. Love the car so far, but something weird is bugging me, when manouvering at low speeds I'm hearing something rolling around, it sounds like its directly underneath the drivers seat. Its as if there's a marble or...
  4. GAD Tuning Rolling Road day 2013

    Performance Partners
    Morning, We are planning a group Rolling Road day at the start of next year, We are just looking to see possible numbers and the amount of interest generated on the forum. We have a number of other forum day happening throughout 2013 if anyone would like to attend and see how we work. Our...
  5. laguna dci rolling road printout wanted

    General tuning
    could anyone email me a printout of a standard 01 laguna 1.9dci 120hp power run, if anyone has one that is ? id appreciate it if i could get one this evening, im travelling 2hrs to dublin tomorrow to get a power run done on mine at 3pm to see if it will help pinpoint an area to look at for my...
  6. Rolling Road Day - Gathering Interest

    Performance Partners
    Hi Guys and Girls! Alongside some other forum members will be organising some rolling road/remapping days for the forum. Our two rolling road sites are: >>> Slough, Berkshire >>> Bromsgrove, Birmingham It will be a rolling road and custom remapping day, so we would require certain...
  7. No More Rolling My Windows Down!

    Hi all, Ive managed to get it all done now. I have converted my old manual windows into full electrics with a universal electric window kit. Its great actually and works, very convinient. Just one point if anybody can help me. They are quiet noisy (not exccesively noisy) but quiet noisy...
  8. Rolling Road Day! Saturday 8th July Leeds/Halifax

    Cars & motoring
    Sorry about the short notice guys but we have the rollers booked all day. If anyone would like to come feel free to PM me. The rolling road is in Halifax Cost per car will be £35 per run Cheers Paul
  9. GDI Rolling Road tuned 1800 16v Clio with 163 bhp

    General tuning
    check this fella out on the rollers!! Sounds awesome!!!!:devil:
  10. Hello from Chipped UK - Rolling Road Midlands

    Cars & motoring
    I was asked to join the forum as i mapped one of your members car last weekend. We are a tuning company in the midlands based in bromsgrove, just outside birmingham. We have a 4wd rolling road and often do forum rolling road days offering an excelent venue for a forum group meet. We do remaps...
  11. Rolling road day

    Cars & motoring
    Andy and Bex at GDI would be happy to run a rolling road day for RenaultForums members. The cost would be £25 for a single run for which you'll walk away with the coveted output graph for your car This might be a great opportunity for some of our members to meet. I'll ask Andy and Bex to add...
  12. Rolling Road

    General tuning
    ive just had my car put on the rollers today at WRC Technologies at silverstone circuit. produced near to the expected 150hp mark. final output was [email protected] and 254Ft/[email protected] im quite pleased with that. ive got a benchmark now if i want to add to it further. ill be looking at a exhaust...