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  1. Bodywork
    when I turn the ignition on every single time dashboard give me an error saying check roof. the way I have been getting around this is I have to unlock the roof handle, push the open roof button down for 2 secs then close it again. this is the only way I can drive the car with roof normal...
  2. Electronics
    Hi, Would like to insert some bolts in inside of roof joists above rear seats. Is there any wiring to be concerned about. Thanks Michael
  3. Ask the Experts
    I’ve mislaid (lost) the bolts for fixing my roof bars to my 2016 grand scenic. Anyone know where I can obtain replacements. My local Renault garage says I have to buy the whole bar kit
  4. In Car Entertainment
    Hi, my Carminat ToMTom Live seems to have no GPS. I need to identify the GPS (satellite) cable to see what connector type is needed for a replacement antenna. I bought a Trafic 2013 with campervan conversion (having pop top roof). The replacement roof has no antenna! I'm thinking that was the...
  5. Bodywork
    Hi Currently I own a Megane II ST 2006 1.5 dci and have a roof box which fits onto bars that attach to the roof rails. I have seen a very nice Megane IV 2015 (64 plate) ST 1.5 dci Auto that I'm very interested in buying, however I'm going on holiday in a couple of weeks and need to know if...
  6. Bodywork
    I have a 2006 coupé convertible, the roof now leaks so bad even when I do not park faced up hill. I used carpet cleaner to get as much water out as I could. Now a mouldy smelly car!!! Can anyone advertise me. Or want buy it cheap ***x1f923;***x1f602;***x1f923;
  7. Electronics
    Roof opens and closes ok but warning message says operation not completed and warning buzzer sounds. Also boot won't open, heated rear window not work, all 4 side windows lower slightly when locking. All started at same time. Any advice would be appreciated.
  8. Bodywork
    Hi, Im trying to fit some roof bars to my 2014 trafic SWB. Easy job I thought, however i'm stuck at the first fence. The plugs that run along the channel have a torx head on them but when i tried unscrewing it just rounded of the plastic plug. I guess theres a bolt that goes in to the roof but...
  9. For sale
    Hi folks, Genuine roof bar adaptor kit for the Espace IV. This takes the curve out of the roof bars for a roof box to sit flat and flush. Bought last year for a trip, but never used. I fitted them but then didn't use them due to taking another car. Originally bought from Renault for £40 In...
  10. Bodywork
    Hi guys and girls, ive Bought a 2004 megane convertible with a roof problem. I have searched this site and although there are many issues that have been dealt with none are the same as mine. Firstly the roof does not work when you press the button on the centre console, I have no beeps or any...
  11. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi guys and girls, i***8217;ve Bought a 2004 megane convertible with a roof problem. I have searched this site and although there are many issues that have been dealt with none are the same as mine. Firstly the roof does not work when you press the button on the centre console, I have no beeps...
  12. Bodywork
    hello everyone I know this is a common thing , having a leaking roof on a megane cc. however I'm 100% sure I have found the issue. pretty sure it the seal above the door that is 5mm out of place as I get a trickle inside at the rear window just below the seal joint and a leak at the joint of the...
  13. Electronics
    Hi all wonder if anyone can help me the roof on my CC is not working if I press the roof button the windows go down but noting else happens i have manually lowered and raised the roof as nothing is locked in position (the roof and the boot) and ive checked the pump and this is hot and the relay...
  14. Interiors
    Hi All, Newbie here. i have a megane estate dog/cargo safety net. however there is no roof clips on my car. Does any body have two for sale , renault parts were no help. Thanks
  15. Electronics
    i have a 2006 megane mk2 i was putting the roof down and for some reason my finger slipped and the roof stopped halfway and and wont do anything so i now have the glass part in the boot and the boot lid sitting up and cant close it, i have checked the blind in the book and it where it should...
  16. Interiors
    We have an 05 Clio. The sun roof is leaking. Main dealer has asked for ridiculous £ to sort it. We don't need to open it. I thought of filling the groove around the glass with silicon sealer What do you think Thanks
  17. Interiors
    Hi i am a new member and this is my first question so i need your help because i am disappointed with my car and i don t find any solution nowhere. The problem is leaking roof.I have gone to the technician last 2 weeks at least 7 times and the result is no solution. When it rains the the...
  18. Bodywork
    Hi to everyone I'm new to the forum and need some help please. Just bought my first renault it's a megane extreme convertible 2008.very happy with the car but it had an issue with the back window it didn't line up to the front window so there's a gap between the two window seals i looked it up...
  19. Vans
    Has anyone experience of adapting the Rhino modular roof rack from a Renault Trafic version 2 to the new style version 3? I am unable to source a conversion kit and wonder if there is a solution before I sell the roof rack on eBay and buy a new one. Many thanks Mike
  20. Tools & equipment
    Hi We are going on holiday to Yorkshire in our Megane ST 4 adults & two dogs in travel cage etc . etc. Have looked at roof boxes but to honest we don't have the storage space to keep one between uses. Saw a car on the motorway the other day with a roof bag & thought this could be our...
1-20 of 310 Results