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  1. Engines
    Hello, For a while I have been facing the following problem: When I start the car for the first time after it rested for some hours (whether it's hot/cold, winter/summer), in the first few seconds I have an oscillating idle that comes with strange noises (gallops) and beats as if I were...
  2. Engines
    Clio 2004 1.2 16v Engine type: D4F722 Hi, my clio had a misfire for a while then recently began to have a rough idle and would judder occasionally under acceleration, and also sounds like it might have an exhaust leak as sounds abit like a tractor. The next day the juddering was more...
  3. Engines
    I've changed glow plog control unit its good, glow plugs all seam to be fine, egr is fine, no idea what it might be
  4. Engines
    Hi all, Been having a small problem with my Clio for the past couple months, (yes this is the same car with the faulty cruise but thats another story!). Upon a cold start, regardless of the outside temperature or weather, the car would fire up normally, but immediately try to idle at about...
  5. Engines
    I've just recently bought this car and a few days ago I noticed the car was misfiring a bit when idling so I decided to replace the old spark plugs. It seemed to cure the problem but the idle is still slightly uneven, revs randomly going up and down and sometimes, when the engine is cold, it...
  6. Engines
    Hi, I'm stumped, originally the car was idling very roughly and bogging down under acceleration. After a new set of spark plugs, a map sensor, a manifold clean, a throttle body clean, and a TDC sensor clean its idling far better although ever so slightly lumpy, the main problem is that it still...
1-6 of 8 Results