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    Preferable to a Vel Satis and this is intact. In amazing shape for a 1991 car, no rot just minor body damage and perfect interior. Real shame Rover packed in, one reason I heard was Honda were so humiliated by the sale to BMW they withdrew support and BMW weren't prepared to invest enough except...
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  3. Electronics
    hi all im fairly new to this site rite ive got a Renault espace with a rover t16 turbo engine i have fitted into it ive spend a few thousand getting up to a good standard so over roughly around 4 years and 2 shells later i have now got to the point wear i have to wire in new gauges i really need...
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    Hi chaps Long story short - I am fitting LR 200tdi injection pump on Transit 2.5TD engine. I had to make 2 adapters for now, might need another bracket, but that is not important. My trouble at the moment is timing the bloody thing. First of all I cant use original LR timing procedure as it...
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    any body fitted a tunit tuning box to a range rover p38, the big round plug fit's in between the fuel pump, also there is a single black wire from the tunit box, any body know were this black wire goes/fit's.
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    Did anyone see Fifth Gear? A guy called Charlie Broomfield, a home-grown engineer who came up with the idea of making his own supercharged car. He did so by putting a 27-litre Spitfire engine inside the body of a 1980s Rover. It was pretty mad :eek: but looked like so much fun :devil: Now...
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    Hey folks :) Very long story and I'll cut short, well as short as I can. Been offered a 1997 vintage Rover 400 saloon with the (erm) mighty 1.4 K series engine. One (now) elderly owner from new, full service history and 70k miles on't clock. Garaged from new, no corrosion no dents etc etc...
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    There seems to be a huge number of jobs going at Jaguar - Land Rover at the moment :crazy:
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    Hello all, hope one of you can help. I look after for my local Red Cross Centre a 2.5 litre F reg Landrover which has no power steering. Would it be possible to retro fit to it power steering and if so approx how much would it cost. Harry.
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    ok so its not a Renault but I have a diesel freelander 2 ltr L engine which is difficuilt to star first thing after that it starts within 1 second all day . the engine turns over ok new glow plugs, and Ive checked they work, Ive fitted a new priming bulb and an additional non return valve along...
  11. My mottah!
    Now then, you most likly hate rovers, but im going to post mine up anyway:d lol Its a nice little car, only a 1.4 but it's a rover k engine so it goes well. It's my first car, and was given to me purely because im a mg rover enthusiant. Anyway, this was when i gave it a clean...and it stayed...
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    i been offered rover wheels off a 600 will they fit on my clio 1.2 can u let me know many thanks
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    This will have an effect on Red Cross revenues :(
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    I've been offered a Rover 75 CDT tourer in Connoisseur trim with 120k on the clock for not much money, coincidentally with my getting the extra money I was due last year from the SLC... I know the history of the car as it's form a personal friend, and I know it's been well looked after and is...
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    Hiya guys and girls. My Step Dad has got snags with his Rover 214. Before all the jokes come out this car is ace, it has lasted me years then i gave it to him when i got the Megane. Normally don't have any problems with it but, hey, it all comes around in the end. Anyway. I have posted on the...
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    I came across this earlier Rover MG, Longbridge, 18/02/07 - REPORT (56K Warning) - UK Urban Exploration Forums I am a bit surprised about the lack of security Steve