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    Hi chaps Long story short - I am fitting LR 200tdi injection pump on Transit 2.5TD engine. I had to make 2 adapters for now, might need another bracket, but that is not important. My trouble at the moment is timing the bloody thing. First of all I cant use original LR timing procedure as it...
  2. Other makes
    any body fitted a tunit tuning box to a range rover p38, the big round plug fit's in between the fuel pump, also there is a single black wire from the tunit box, any body know were this black wire goes/fit's.
  3. Job Club
    There seems to be a huge number of jobs going at Jaguar - Land Rover at the moment :crazy:
  4. Other makes
    ok so its not a Renault but I have a diesel freelander 2 ltr L engine which is difficuilt to star first thing after that it starts within 1 second all day . the engine turns over ok new glow plugs, and Ive checked they work, Ive fitted a new priming bulb and an additional non return valve along...
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    Hiya guys and girls. My Step Dad has got snags with his Rover 214. Before all the jokes come out this car is ace, it has lasted me years then i gave it to him when i got the Megane. Normally don't have any problems with it but, hey, it all comes around in the end. Anyway. I have posted on the...
1-5 of 5 Results