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  1. Gears not changing when car is hot

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    Hi , I have an 2011 grand scenic . Which runs fine when it’s cold . But after some Miles the I think the first or the second gears latches on until 3500-4000 rpm for it to change over and then after again. Runs fine until you come to a stop. Again it takes excess rpm for the car to start...
  2. What's Idle RPM for Renault Laguna III - 1.5 dci

    What's Idle RPM for Renault Laguna III - 1.5 dci? How to adjust it ? I changed my fuel filter and seen RPM got increased, show pickup difference, small bubbles in fuel line.
  3. scenic mk1 rpm sensor voltage

    Have a little issue with ECU voltage issues on my scenic mk1 phase 2 2001 The car as a varying power issue that appears at anytime,hot cold totally random.Using auto data I have checked voltages at all the engine sensors,all good apart from the RPM sensor voltage,pins 24 and 54. Pin 24 ignition...
  4. spedo and rpm with more not working

    Hi all I have renault traffic 2010, spedo stopped working stays at 80 km, and rpm stays at 2000 rpm, there is no ligt in the dashboard and distance traveled and tripmeter and gas temepratur not showing, and various lamps blinks, blink relay is not clicking but blinks works.....any idea ...
  5. Clio 4: RPM expectation for TCE 90 HP

    Hey all, I recently bought a Clio 4 TCE 90 HP. Currently, the mileage is still around 2000 km. Below is the correspondence between the car speed and the RPM under 5 gears: 110 km/h -> 3000 125 km/h -> 3500 145 km/h -> 4000 Isn't this below expectation ? Cordially,
  6. Clio 4: RPM expectation for TCE 90 ch

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    Hey all, I recently bought a Clio 4 TCE 90 CH. Currently the mileage is still around 2000 km. Below is the correspondence between the car speed and the RPM under 5 gears: 110 km/h -> 3000 125 km/h -> 3500 145 km/h -> 4000 Isn't this below expectation ? Cordially,
  7. Trafic limp mode and misfiring 2000-3000rpm

    I realise this is an ask the expert section however I***8217;m not sure which section to add my recent experiences I bought a Trafic cheap and was told the turbo had gone as it was constantly loosing power and going into limp mode. Garage diagnosed. I spent many hours reading this and other...
  8. Idle rev tot 3000 rpm when engine is cold

    Hello my name is Mark I am from Holland I have a clio make 2 1.4 8v petrol from 99 When the engine is cold and i start it it goes to 2500 rpm. When i shift the rpm goes to 3500 rpm After about 5 minutes when the engine is warm it is 750 rpm and works properly. I replaced the idle motor but...
  9. Clio Mk3 1.2TCe no throttle response / 2000 rpm tickover!

    Hi all! My 2010 Clio 1.2 TCe came down with a weird fault yesterday. It had flawlessly completed a 200 mile trip on Saturday and a 20mile one on Sunday morning. On Sunday evening, the car started and the engine raced at 2000rpm (and a bit lumpy too) and the throttle would not respond at all...
  10. Check injection 'Below 1200 rpm'

    Hi everybody, This is my first thread, Basically I have a Scenic 1.9DCI 2007 that runs absolutely fine when started and continues to run as normal unless I let the revs drop below 1200rpm for instance when stopping at traffic lights etc, When the revs drop below this point the 'Check injection'...
  11. Renault Clio 1.5dCi 2015 Grinding noise at 50MPH about 2k RPM

    Okay i'm not really sure if this is the right place to ask this. But about 2k RPM between 50-60 MPH i occasionally get a grinding noise, similar to what i would say sounds like something spinning grazing against something metal. No engine warning light or anything just the suspect noise, if i...
  12. Renault Scenic lack of power at low RPM

    I have recently bought a "14" plate Scenic diesel and have noticed a very significant lack of power below 1500 rpm. I am told by the dealer that this is "turbo lag" and is normal. I cannot find any reference to this on the 1,5 DCI , but is common on the 1.9 DCI engine due to a sticking EGR...
  13. Twingo 1 1.2 8V rpm gauge instalation problem

    Hy everybody Does enybody know how to comect whires on aftermarket e bay rpm gauge I am having problem with signal whire,dont know where to conect Car is twingo 1 1.2 8V 2002.year Sorry for my bad English i am from Croatia
  14. Clio 4 Normal RPM

    Hi... Few days ago I got Clio 4 with 30 000 km and I have a question... When in neutral my idle RPM is 740! When I pres clutch or turn on air condition RPM goes @900 Is 740/750 rpm normal? I saw some videos on youtube with 750 rpm on idle... Engine: 1.2 / 16V / 75 HP
  15. Renault Fluence 2013 rpm gauge working but without light

    Hey guys, Very nice forum you have here...:) My RPM gauge is not fully highlighted,somtime is fully highlighted and sometimes not, someone know how to fix it?? Please watch the attaches picture, the car is Renault fluence 2013 2.0 engine. Thanks, Ziv
  16. 2004 Megane Scenic 1.4 cutting out at low RPM

    Hi, My cousin has a problem with his car where it sometimes cuts out, It only seems to be at low RPM as if he keeps the revs up it runs fine but once he revs then lets off it would cut out, Here is a video showing the problem, I...
  17. Clio random "Traction Control On" beeping

    I've been experiencing this issue for a while now, didn't give it much attention as it seems as just a computer bug. It happens randomly and not in any special situation: 1 - Displays "Traction Control On" 2 - All warning lights flash 3 - RPM dial falls to 0 and goes back up 4 - Short beep...
  18. F9Q low power at high rpm

    Once again I'm coming to this Renault forum with my Nissan issues. Engine is a 2004 1.9dci, motorcode F9Q made by Renault. Car is a Nissan Primera P12 2004 (post facelift), driven 410.000km. There were several problems with the engine 4 weeks ago. The reminding problem is that the engine looses...
  19. Turbo not kicking in till 3000 rpm

    Morning All, I have a Renault Scenic 1.5 dCi 2007. My issue is that the turbo does not start kicking in until it hits around 3000 rpm - once you eventually get there. :) There is also intermittent power loss for a split second - either dip the clutch or change gear and power resumes. On...
  20. Revs holding at 3000 rpm

    Hello, I've had a weird issue with my F4Rt engine suddenly hitting around 3000 RPM and holding it there. It would pulse between 2900~3100. Shutting the car off and starting again fixed the problem. I know what is "limp mode" which limits RPM to 3000 but this is different (I think). I had this...