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  1. Police to seize mobile phones in RTI's

    General Chat
    I agree with the motive for this action but does this move the use of mobiles in a dash-holder for hands-free voice calls into a greyer area??? Unless you also have voice activated calling, you need to press the buttons/screen to select the number and press ring/answer, all of which is legal to...
  2. Renault Laguna I Phase 1 RTi 2.0s 16v OBD

    Hi All, I own a 1996 Renault Laguna I Phase 1 (B56D) RTi 2.0s 16v (1948 cc petrol engine, N7Q). I was wondering whether this car does have an OBD panel. I have been looking for it but seems I cannot find it.I thought that since the car has a Siemens Fenix 5 ECU it might have an OBD as well.Any...
  3. 1997 laguna RTI Sport

    For sale
    Hi all , I have a laguna 2.0 rti sport that I'm Getting rid of for spares or repairs , if anybody is interested drop me a line and I will get back to you with more details
  4. 3.0 V6 rti Lag rad fan removal

    Heating & cooling
    I have had my beloved 3.0 V6 rti sitting for over a year now but really want it back on the road. I think I need to change the radiator fans as the car overheats because the fans don't cut in. I have changed the switches and still they don't work so surmise new fan motors or fans Has anyone else...
  5. Clutch replacement Laguna 2.0 RTi 16v

    Had a quote for Clutch replacement (all in) at Tony Simpsons (Darlington) for £270.00 I've used this garage for years and he's top notch!!! That quote could vary dependent on clutch used but would be no more than £300.00 That was after two more locally obtained quotes of £483.00 and £370.00...
  6. Laguna 2.0 16v RTI Silver breaking all parts

    For sale
    My lovely Laguna of 8 years is coming to a sudden unexpected end. Excellent runner which started first time in any weather no problem. Gear box seal has leaked oil and caused real damage. Too much to fix and even with the advice on the forum i couldn't do the job myself. So if anyone wants...
  7. Laguna PhI 2l RTi running cold

    Heating & cooling
    I've come back to reno's buy buying a luguna phase1, Allways had 19's before, it runs lovely apart from a slight blowing exhaust, however the engine is constantly running cold, which with the bad weather coming is not good for the windscreen! The engine says N2.0 if thats any help and its a P...
  8. Laguna 2.0 RTi Sport

    For sale
    HI everyone, its that time again the lag has to go. a few of you know the car and the work gone into the car since i have owned it. its a 95 mk 1 lag showing 138k on the clocks, but most things have been replaced. all new suspension on front along with new brakes. engine replaced with a 90k...
  9. Laguna I 2.0 RTI - Petrol Smell, Hesitation and bad MPG

    Over the last couple of weeks our Laguna has gone from amazing petrol economy to something quite different. Also with this we are smelling petrol whilst idling and sat in traffic. Plus she seems to judder from time to time as if being starved. I can find no noticable petrol leaks so any...
  10. Laguna 2L RTI 1998 Front headlights

    I need to replace my front headlights on my 1998 Laguna 2L RTI. Is there an easier way to do this than dropping the front bumper?
  11. Newbie needs help with laguna 2.0 rti

    Hi Could someone Please help. I have a 1997 Laguna 2.0 16v RTI that won't start. Due to bad weather conditions I haven't been out in the car for a week. so last sunday night I went out to start the car to make sure it was ok for monday morning and it started fine. monday morning it wouldn't...
  12. workshop manual 2.0s RTi 1995

    Cars & motoring
    Anyone know were i can get one as the haynes does not cover the 16v model. Can't find one anyware, any help please guys.
  13. Laguna I 2.0 RTi - Engine idle problems when starting (engine dies)

    Hello all, I've just developed a fault with my V-reg (75k miles) Renault Laguna and I'm hoping to get a bit of advice before taking it to a garage. I'd spent the weekend in Eastbourne with the car parked out on the road from Friday night to Sunday evening when I tried to leave. The car started...
  14. My Laguna 1 RTi 2.0 S 1997

    My mottah!
    This is what i had previously: Feels SO much better having this Laguna. Shame my insurance is so high now lol! Cuz i'm only 19 :(
  15. Laguna I - How do speedo work RTi 2.0

    Hi all, I need some advice for a friend. He has a 98 S reg Laguna I RTi 2.0 16v and have just got a replacement gearbox due to his leaking oil he did not know and it sounds like a bag of bolts. We got a 2nd hand box, but it looks like it came of a Laguna with a cable drive speedo, and his is...
  16. 96 Laguna RTi 2.0S - starter replacement

    Is this a hard job? Just got the starter from Renault (much cheaper than ECP!) and was wondering whether I should do it myself as it looks like just 3 big bolts secure it. A friend said it would be hard to get to and a royal pita. Anyone changed a starter on a 2.0l mk1 Lag? Easy? How long...
  17. laguna 1 2.0s rti 16v digital heater control bulb replacement

    hi there does anybody know how to replace the display bulb on the heater/climate control on the n reg 96 plate laguna not sure how to get at the bulb its hasnt got twist knobs for hot/cold it is the push button one and the square digital display in centre its just above the radio
  18. Plz HELP !! Laguna 1 - 1996 2.0 16v RTI Cambelt Snapped!

    OK I got a Laguna N reg 1996 2.0 RTI 16v (N7Q engine ive been told) and ive just got it serviced, drives nicely, eveything was ok and great. I was Theoretically speaking doing 110mph on the M1 back to London (I was late, was on my way to Bham, hit the M6, looked in the back seat and realised i...
  19. '96 Laguna RTi Fuel pump Inertia switch

    Car is 1996 Laguna RTi 2.0S Car turns over but does not start. When I bought the car it had been sitting in a yard for 6 months... ...with the driver window open :crazy: This had led to the immob decoder box filling up with water lol. Replaced with a new unit from renault as it controls the...
  20. RTI v6 heater a/c blower stopped

    Heating & cooling
    Sorry if this is a bit repetitive but the blowers my 98 RTI with climate control has stopped working. There was no evidence of strange noises etc but while driving along I got an 'electrical' burning smell. When I pulled onto the hard shoulder some smoke came out of the vents and the blower has...