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  1. Rubber pipe

    My 2015 Renault Megan***8217;s 1.6 dci GT Line started to make a hissing sound when accelerating and upon starting the cabin smells of burnt diesel fumes. I***8217;ve found this pipe at the back of the engine and the rubber pipe is split and brittle. I don***8217;t know what it is or what to...
  2. How to change this DPF rubber pipe? 2.0 DCI

    Hi all, So the Laguna III 2.0 DCI 180hp keeps regenerating... I’ve changed one of the rubber pipes closest to the rear of the car but can I hell get my hands in to get access to the other pipe which seems to run towards the engine and around a corner and under some metal housing? How has...
  3. Oil yellow, burning rubber smell from bonnet? **Fixed**

    Cars & motoring
    hi, I have a 2010 Renault Clio imusic 1.2 petrol, recently I've noticed a really bad burning rubber smell under the bonnet after I drive the car even if it's only a 5 minute journey, also when I open the oil cap it's filled with a thick yellow paste inside, there is only 68000 miles on the car...
  4. Rubber Insert Found On Floor After Oil Change? (Megane III)

    I raised the car, started to unbolt the under tray, only to find a purple rubber grommet/insert on the floor. Does anyone recognise it or is this not from my vehicle? Item is approx. L 13mm, W 6mm, H 5mm. Megane III Petrol 1.6 2009. Thank you.
  5. spring rubber cap

    Steering and Suspension
    Hello! Changed rear springs and shocks on my Laguna 2005. And there was no rubber cap on the bottom of old springs and now there isn't any on new ones. On the old ones there was some rubber tube mounted on but as i see that isn't the original solution. Checked many vendors in my country and even...
  6. Rubber piece fell off from front chasis wheel arch area

    Hello, My Megane 1.5DCI 5dr Dynamique started making a light thumping noise at low speeds last week. Same again this weekend and had a look underneath and found this part hanging down from the front of the fwd left wheel arch. Tried to move it back in place but it came off. I've attached a...
  7. Side Window Rubber Strips

    I've just bought myself a 2004 Laguna II Estate (my first Renault for almost 20 years!) and one of the few issues is some corrosion bubbling under the rubber strips on both of the front side windows - at the bottom, where the glass meets the door metal. From what I can tell, the rust isn't on...
  8. anti roll bar rubber keeps pershing and splitting away

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi there guys the anti rool bar link rubber on my kangoo van keep Pershing i only replaced both sides around 6 month ago and yet they 7 have both gone again its the top rubber infront of the head of the bolt which keep going can any one recommend a brand that will last thanks
  9. Trouble finding new spare part for air box housing spare rubber breather hose, part n

    Hi, I am new to the forum so my apologies if I have placed this in the wrong section. Whilst trying to fix idling issues on my young daughters recently purchased Renault Clio Mk2 1.4 16v 55 Reg, my husband has discovered that there is a small short cracked rubber breather hose on the air box...
  10. 2004 Master r h drive shaft rubber boot fitting

    Please can anyone let me know the best way to fit a new right hand side drive shaft rubber boot as the existing one suffered from a serious nick & leaked grease ?. The drive shaft is in good condition otherwise & I have purchased an after market spare. I have made a cone but it seems to be...
  11. rubber pipes

    I recently saw an item hanging loose in my Clio's engine bay, it has two pipes on it and one had been rubbing against fan belts and need to be replaced, I secured this item back onto it's mount, can anybody tell me what this item is and what it does, it gets hot. see pic.
  12. Laguna I (1999) exhaust middle rubber mount

    Hello, the rubber mount shown in pic (or very similar to this) on my Laguna 1 has split and my Mot guy tywrapped up to support and told me to get it replaced. I took look and can get hold of the mount from euro car parts. Is this easy to replace without taking the exhaust down or dismantling...
  13. Window rubber

    Hi On my 2001 Renault Scenic 1.9 DCI. I noticed the rubber trim at the bottom on the door windows (where it is attached to the body) is bubbling..... Can those be replaced? and is it a easy job?
  14. Rubber mount

    Hi I have a Trafic 2007 and as you look at the engine the top left hand side there is a rubber mount. What mount is this and is it easy to replace? I have tried to find it on line but no luck
  15. Clio Mk IV Rubber Car Mats- Carmats4u

    Hi, anyone experienced similar....? New Clio car, carpet mats that come with car terrible quality. Drivers one nearly worn out already after only seven months. Has anyone tried the rubber car mats from carmats4u ? Thank-you
  16. unidentified rubber object

    Any ideas? I spotted this in a parking space that I had just vacated. It was on the floor in the region of where the engine would have been. Is the 05 Grand Scenic 1.9 DCI Dynamique still okay to drive?
  17. Rubber Bushes

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi I am really struggling here... I have dropped the subframe on my Scenic 1 (2003) so I could fit a new cat and the subframe bushes are absolutely knackered. Problem is I can't find anybody who supplies these front subframe bushes. Does anybody know where I could get my hands on a set of...
  18. Rubber bulb on Thermostat????

    Hi, I have a renault grand scenic 2.0L FR4 771 on a -05 plate. Been having issue with loosing coolant. Finally found the leak today which is a rubber bulb on the end of the top front half of the thermostat (picture attached). It has a dipstick sign on the top, does anyone know if I can get...
  19. rubber door seal

    RENAULT MEGANE SCENIC FIDJI 2003 1.6 16V 5,DOOR hi guys im after the rubber seal trim that runs across the top of drivers side door and the rear passenger door not the bit that goes round each door but passes over the top of both Preferably for free please unless i need to pay for postage or...
  20. one roof rubber wont stick lay flat

    meg 1 roof guttery thingy bob:mad: at rear hatch end squre thingy....wont sit down tried s glue were they originally stuck.