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  1. 2008 master 2.5dci starts but wont run **Sorted? **

    Ask the Experts
    hi, hoping someone can help me. I have a 2008 master which starts straight away every time but then cuts out as soon as its started. Ive had the codes read and its showing df056 airflow short circuit to +12v also df226 inlet flap short circuit to earth. ive disconnected battery for 24+ hours...
  2. Clip dynamique 2007-Expensive to run?

    Cars & motoring
    I purchased a dynamique and paid £195 a year tax and the petrol consumption appears to be a lot. £6 for a day. Is it common. Are they expensive to run?
  3. Trafic Run on

    Any advice on this welcome. When turning of my 1.9 2006 trafic the engine runs on for a moment and stumbles to a halt rather than a nice clean halt.
  4. anybody know how to run espace iv battery cable for stereo ?

    trying to fit a nice sound system, but where to run the power from battery to vehicle. Anybody achieved this feat ?
  5. Running out of fuel before its run out

    Hi, i have searched the forum but cant find any issue relating mine. I have a 52 plate Megane Scenic 1.9 diesel. Now it runs superb, long distance no probs, short distance no probs, but once the gauge gets to around 1/4 of a tank, and on the display it reads 130 miles or so, i run out of fuel...
  6. Laguna dci wont start then starts wont run

    Hi all got a laguna 2 dci sometimes starts but wont run then wont start with flashing red engine light showing code po089 any help much appreciated
  7. Clio MK 2001 Temperature Gauge goes up and down and hard to run until engine is warm.

    Heating & cooling
    Good afternoon all :) Driving to my MOT yesterday I noticed the temp gauge swung to the max in about a second then dived to the bottom where it stayed until after the MOT (passed!!!). Upon driving away it then swung back to the top and the STOP and RED Engine Management Light came on. Since...
  8. Force India to run Mercedes' Wehrlein at Barcelona test

    Formula 1 news' reserve driver Pascal Wehrlein will drive for Force India on two days of the forthcoming four-day pre-season test at Barcelona. The deal is part of an increased association between Wehrlein and Force India, with the 20-year-old...
  9. Force India to run GP2 champion Palmer in Abu Dhabi test

    Formula 1 news India have announced that they will give 2014 GP2 Series champion Jolyon Palmer his debut F1 run at next week's season-closing test in Abu Dhabi. The 23-year-old, who became the first Briton since Lewis Hamilton to win the GP2 crown...
  10. McLaren-Honda interim car set for first run on Friday

    Formula 1 news's new Formula One power unit will run on track for the first time on Friday, when it will be fitted in a developmental McLaren as part of a filming day at the UK's Silverstone circuit. McLaren have been building the interim MP4-29H...
  11. Run Flat Tyre repair?

    Wheels & tyres
    Searched forum and not found a resolve. Heard a hissing noise from OS rear tyre. Yep a puncture. It's a Michelin Run Flat. I read that some garages will not repair them. Tyre still has 7mm tread and appears to have a pin sized puncture. I have read conflicting stories. Anyone ever had the...
  12. Run engine without flywheel?

    I've put a new crankshaft oil seal on while I have the flywheel out for a clutch change. Is it safe to run the engine to make sure the seal doesn't leak without putting the flywheel on?
  13. Espace IV 2.2 DCI engine wont run

    Driving home on the motorway last night the espace engine cut out (was doing about 60mph). Managened to get it towed home. Has been running just fine, well other that the 23mpg (its an auto) Engine turns over ok just wont start. Red immo light goes out No faults logged in ECU Turned engine...
  14. All teams to run without FRIC suspension in Germany

    Formula 1 news FIA's Formula One technical delegate Jo Bauer has confirmed that none of the cars that will take part in this weekend's Formula 1 Grosser Preis Santander von Deutschland 2014 at Hockenheim will be fitted with a Front-and-Rear...
  15. 1.5 dci wont start but run lovely with ezstart

    i got a 1.5 mk2 diseal megan 56 plate which will not start on the button i can get it running if i use Easy Start then all is well ubtill i neeed to restart i beleve the heater plugs are ok but dont get the dash simble light and it is summer i check that fule is getting to the injector on...
  16. diesel fuel does your car run better on different fuels

    General Chat
    hi see the petrol heads had a thread going about how they perform with different makes of fuel. I don't beleave that it makes much difference with petrol. Now diesel is a different thing.i read here some use Asda some Tesco some only shell. do you find that much difference as the fuel must be to...
  17. Does your Petrol Renault run better on ????

    Fuel Economy
    Over the many years of Petrol Scenic ownership, we have found the car seems happier & returns more MPG on Basic Shell, than supermarket petrol, V Power shows no improvement.
  18. Lotus and Pirelli to give Leimer prize run

    Formula 1 news Leimer will test a 2012 Lotus Formula One car at Paul Ricard in France as part of his prize for winning last year's GP2 championship. The 25-year-old Swiss driver will run on Tuesday 27 May, two days after this weekend's Grand Prix...
  19. You can run but you can't hide....

    General Chat
    Would you like more chips with your new car sir/madam ?.... [In todays Daily Mail]
  20. Sauber hand Van der Garde Bahrain practice run

    Formula 1 news van der Garde will make his debut for Sauber in the first practice session of this weekend's 2014 Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix. The Dutchman spent his rookie 2013 season competing with Caterham ? taking a best result of 14th...