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  1. my car does not run properly

    Hi. i changed engine on my renault clio 1.5dci then i drive only 2 days the car stopped in the middle of the road. it did not start for 3 months. 3 mechanic and electrician has already checked it but recently they managed to start the car with a bit of petrol in the breather. this is the only...
  2. Megane fails to run

    Hi, We took the K7M lump out of our 1998 megane to fit new clutch + head gasket. Re fitted, connected everything up, fired up, ran for 2 secs and died. Since then, nothing. We have got the key number and re-set the immobiliser when it then fired once but did not run. Checked the inertia...
  3. Brakes locking on after abs pump has run ??

    Hi All I have yet another problem with my Renault Traffic (57). If i brake hard and the abs kicks in the brakes lock up for a short period of time after i have taken my food off the pedal ? The abs does its job and stops it skidding but then it applies the brakes afterwards ? Any ideas ...
  4. Run out of threads on track rod end ???

    Steering and Suspension
    Wife's grand scenic has had a new trackrod end fitted by a friend, the friend said the tracking will need to be adjusted (I've been away working) get back today run the car down to the local garage for tracking to be done and the bloke doing its says he can't adjust the side with the new end on...
  5. uneven tick over after a run

    Hi my 54plate grand scenic 1.9dci runs uneven even after a 35 mile run it also does not start to quick if anyone can point me in the right direction that would be great. Many thanks Ianrdev
  6. Kvyat meets Super Licence standard ahead of Austin FP1 run

    Formula 1 news Rosso have confirmed that their 2014 signing Daniil Kvyat will be able to drive in opening practice at this weekend's 2013 Formula 1 United States Grand Prix as planned, after meeting the requirements for his F1 Super License. Kvyat...
  7. Electrics continue to run with ignition off.

    Hi. New to this forum but hope someone can point me in the right direction: Second-hand Clio II (1999) 1.9D RTE The issue I have is that some electrics (notably the stereo and the blowers/demisters) continue to work even with the ignition off, key out and doors locked. It seems to only affect...
  8. Sochi demo run for Sauber's Sirotkin

    Formula 1 news Sauber hopeful Sergey Sirotkin will make his Formula One debut next month at a demonstration event to be held at his home country's new Sochi circuit. Sirotkin, 17, is being prepared as a 2014 race driver by Sauber as part of a deal...
  9. will my diesel engine run on bovril

    Jokes & funny stuff
    as I have some in the cubboard going spare:confused:
  10. Marussia to run Ellinas and Gonzalez at Silverstone test

    Formula 1 news Series leader Tio Ellinas will get his first proper F1 outing next week when he drives for Marussia on day one of the young driver test at Silverstone in the UK. Ellinas, 21, previously completed a straight-line test for the team last...
  11. Massa thrills Polish fans with Warsaw demo run

    Formula 1 news's Felipe Massa brought the Polish capital of Warsaw to a standstill on Saturday as he drove a Formula One car through the city streets as part of a promotional event for team sponsor Shell. Over 30,000 fans turned out to witness...
  12. Kangoo turbo swapped now got rattle on over run

    Hi all I'm a bit new to the whole forum thing but here go's, I just fitted a second hand turbo to my 2004 1.5 dci kangoo and I have another problem. The engine rattles on low throttle openings it sounds like a diesel knock its worse when cold but there all the time especially on the over run, I...
  13. Laguna 1.8 8v RT 97 Wont run evenly

    Hello, my car wont hardly move under 3000 rpm, if im driving slow i have to hump the the gas pedal and just regulate my speed with the clutch because it runs so uneven. If i get her over 3000 rpms she usually runs somewhat well until she decides to start dropping in rpm and then i have to start...
  14. renault espace won't run.

    hi all. i have recently purchased a 2005 2.2 renault espace and it wont start i have code read the car and it came up with camshaft sensor which i have replaced with a genuine renault part, the car will turn over and cough a little but will not fire up it will fire up for a second with the help...
  15. My daily run about

    My mottah!
  16. Can I run 1.9dci engine without the turbo?

    My wifes 2002 1.9dci scenic lost power on her way to work yesterday morning emmiting lots of smoke and revving uncontrollably. She got stopped immediately and switched engine of and it did stop, not instantly but no more than 5 seconds later. It still has oil in the sump which is showing on the...
  17. Run out of ideas and patience - a last cry for help before I call the scrap man

    I have a nice low mileage 53 plate 1.8 Laguna II but it has driven me crazy for months and is on the verge of being scrapped. The problem is that the immobiliser light won't go out and therefore the car will not start. I can't take it to a dealer cos it won't run and to be honest the car is...
  18. Does Megane III 2012 DCI 1.6 run on RapeSeed oil ?

    When reading the English (UK) site about the Renauls Megane III Sport Tourer DCI EDC - it says that the engine support ECO2 fuel (Rapeseed etc.) But in the Danish renault site it doesn't say anything - nor does the manual !?? Some people talk about rapeseed will work in any diesel engine...
  19. Espace engine swap decided it will no longer run.

    I recently swapped the engine and gearbox in my girlfriends 2000 plate Espace. I found it really easy to work on and low and behold, it started first time. I finished of replacing all the front panels, lights etc and whilst I had my head under the bonnet, I noticed it sounded like the fuel pump...
  20. Wolff gets first F1™ run with Williams

    Formula 1 news development driver Susie Wolff completed her first laps at the wheel of a Formula One car on Wednesday when she took to the UK's Silverstone circuit as part of special promotional day for the team's partners. Wolff, 29, has been...