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  1. Do you need to run in a new Clio

    Cars & motoring
    I am picking up my new Renault Clio Campus tomorrow. I'm getting mixed messages some people say a new car needs to be run in. Others say you don't. What's the truth? I'm not planning on breaking any speed records but would like to think I could do 70 on the motorway.
  2. Renault Scenic - Spare Wheel And Run Flat Tyre Discussion

    Hi guys I have a 7 seater grand scenic. I was told when i bought it that was reinforced in the manual that it didn't come with a spare and that the tyres had sensors and were 'ride flat' tyres so no need for spare. I had a puncture sunday morning, I drive 10 miles to kwik fit and the car...
  3. 97 p megane coupe will not run

    Hi, Thansk in advance for your help. I have a megane 2.0 8v coupe. After being left for 2 weeks unlocked in a garage, it will now not start. I have change TDC sensor, it then ran for 5 mins and then stopped, every time I started it ran and then stopped. Advice told me to check relays, located...
  4. Run your own diagnostics on your Clio - heres how

    Cars & motoring
    Theres a simple diagnostics built into the Mk2 Clio's To access this, with the igition off press and keep hold of the button at the end of the stalk and turn the ignition on. ALl the dashboard warning lights will come on and the speedo and rev counter will go through a predefined sequene. (your...
  5. SB's Run

    Cars & motoring
    Just a quick post to wish SB all the very best for her run tomorrow which I think we all know is for a very worth-while cause . Good Luck Gal We'll all be tooting for ya.
  6. Run To The Sun - Newquay 2006

    Regional activity
    If anyone is interested the Annual Run to the Sun (RTTS) starts in Newquay next weekend. I know its a long way for nearly all of you, but being a bank holiday loads of people incorporate a holiday into it. It originally started off as a small custom car show for VW enthusiasts and rapidly turned...
  7. Hit & Run Drivers

    Cars & motoring
    [FONT=Arial]Saturday night, filling the Avantime up & about to walk over to the Kiosk to pay then this young girl decided it would be a good idea to plant the rear end of her car into the side of mine :steam:. She looked over & then decided to drive off. I attempted to stop her but she thought...
  8. Mum always said not to run with scissors!

    Jokes & funny stuff