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  1. RENAULT CLIO II 1.4 (75CH) 1998 (Petrol) - Rough running

    Hello, I'm trying to fix a RENAULT CLIO II 1.4 (75CH) from 1998 running on petrol. The symptoms are as following: 1) Can't idle (sometimes can). If I don't hold the acceleration pedal, it just dies. I suspect a bad IAC valve, but I'm unsure how to test it. 2) Rough running. At (supposed) idle...
  2. Air bag and service light fixed then electrical fault and poor running.

    Hi All its been a long time since I have posted here, mostly because the Clio (2003 Clio 2 1.4L 16V RHD) has been running ok. (past tense) It is approaching winter here in South Australia and we have had quite a bit of rain in the past few days. Now on to my problem/s. This morning I took a...
  3. Cooling fan coming on every 30 seconds while ac running

    Heating & cooling
    Recently the cooling fan kicks in a lot more than usual & will cause engine rpm to drop , car is LAGUNA 1.5dci 2009
  4. 1997 Trafic 2.2 petrol running very rich

    I have recently bought a 1997 Trafic for spares or repair which has the 2165cc petrol engine with injection. It is running very rich, to the point where it can die sometimes. It seems worse on idle, but I think this is just that it can cope better at higher revs. There is no diagnostic port as I...
  5. Kangoo 1.5 dci K9K running problems...

    Hi All Im after some advice with regards my sons Kangoo K9K Diesel engine. It will only start and run with the camshaft sensor unplugged. If we plug it in it will not start? He has not had it long and to be fair it does look like its been worked on by someone who has no idea. I have checked...
  6. Megane won't start fan running low battery

    Hi. Any ideas please. Megane 3, 1.6 petrol 2008. When I press start everything lights up, but then no start and messages come up, low battery, select neutral, remove card. The fan is running full blast and if I press stop, it all shuts down and the fan reduces speed, but remains running even if...
  7. Car Running poor and these readings

    Hi let me post my car specs first; clio mk2 2003 1.2 8v D7F I am currently getting poor running performance and pinking when the engine is under load, Iv'e been told to look at some diagnostic data from the PCM to try and figure out what is going on, My fuel trim % is all over the place...
  8. abs continuously running

    the abs light has been on for a while as well as an intermittent STOP and check parking brake and brakes. today after a wee jount i parked up the car. the abs pump is still running while the egnition is off and the car is locked. iv had to disconnect the battery. any ideas?
  9. Scenic 1 poor running

    I changed the cat and lambda sensor on my scenic mark 1 1.6rte and now it is not running properly, the rev counter seems to flick upwards on steady acceleration and it sometimes it goes in to kangaroo mode. Prior to the work it was not a problem runner. Any suggestion would gratefully received...
  10. trafic non starter or running correctly

    Ask the Experts
    Re: service & glow plug lights stay on. loss of power & lots of black smoke I have a 2007 trafic 2.0 115dci. it started with lots of black smoke so cleaned egr valve as advised but didn't cure the smoke & now the service & glowplug lights are staying on & loss of power + still lots of black...
  11. rough running

    first of all hi everyone, ive just bought a mk1 scenic, ive always wanted one, think they are brilliant cars, but at the moment its running slighty rough, it starts first time every time but the engine sounds rough and the idle speed once the engine is at temperature starts off sitting at the...
  12. 1.2 16v running rough, misfiring etc

    Hi all, I jumped into my 2001 1.2 16v clio tonight and noticed it running rough shortly down the road. This progressively got worse until it was wanting to die when driving and at idle. To keep it running and to move off requires a lot of throttle and whilst it is spluttering it is definitely...
  13. 1.7 petrol running rich

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    I noticed some soot build up on my plugs , I replaced them 2500 miles ago , is there anyway to fix this problem. Thanks in advance
  14. Renault Megane Scenic 1.6e 1999 temperature running high?

    Heating & cooling
    Hi forum, I am the proud owner of a Renault Megane Scenic 1.6e from '99 for 3 months now. Of course, as it is my first car, I want everything to run smoothly. However, I feel like the temperature of my car is running a bit high, mostly in between the middle line and the line above that. When...
  15. 2005 Renault Modus Running very hot

    Cars & motoring
    Hello I have a 2005 Renault Modus 1.4. Recently the temperature has shot up on the gauge after a very short journey, up to around 4-5 bars within the first 2 miles. The engine itself seems to be hot as well, so it's not just the gauge. Oil and water are checked regularly, but I have just...
  16. Clio 197 not running right

    Ask the Experts
    Hi everyone, I?ve had my Clio 197 a few years now and never had any problems with it until now. It?s driving me crazy tbh. It?s on a 06 plate. I?ll set the scene for you. I was driving home from work a few weeks ago and the car suddenly lost power and went into limp mode. I pulled over and...
  17. Brake pedal goes to floor when engine is running

    Hello, I have a renault espace 4 grand 2.2dci 2005. I have been having lots of problems since replacing the brake pads all round. All the wheel calipers work OK when the pedal is pressed. I have installed a brand new master cylinder and bled them well using a pressure filling device several...
  18. No rev counter and running lumpy

    Hi currently have a mk2 clio 2003 1.2 16v the rev counter and temp gauge drop off and it will run quite lumpy unless you keep the revs up. Driving along it will bring the coil light on and keep the car at 2000rpm. Fault codes stored : p0130, p0100 as soon as you turn the car off and on again it...
  19. Poor running engine ****sorted ****

    Hi Have finally found solution to poor running etc.. see you tube video that assisted me top tip - watch to the end for final results Al
  20. Scenic II proper engine running temp control

    So - I have now been a first time Renault owner for only a few months (VAG/MB/Toyota/Nissan in history) - I bought this Scenic II (2004) with only 10000km late last year. Been gathering personal experience and performance reference info on the animal over the last few months now getting rigged...