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  1. Laguna 1 2.0l 16V RXT SERVICE Light Illuminated

    Hello Guys I have searched but couldn't find an identical problem to what I have now. A few days ago, the amber SERVICE light illuminated and the car's voice synth. informed me "Sidelights faulty". When I arrived home, I checked the righthand sidelight bulb first and found it blown. I had a...
  2. Laguna RXT Cabin Fan Fuse Problem

    Hello Guys I have a longstanding digitally?-controlled cabin fan fuse problem which I may be able to diy but I'd like some advice first, please. About a year ago on a very hot afternoon, I switched-on the climate control fan and after a few minutes, I smelled burning plastic and saw smoke...
  3. 2000 Laguna 2l 16V RXT Radio/CD Player Manual

    In-car entertainment
    Hello Gents I have owned this car for a few years now and although the factory installed Philips? radio/cd player is OK'ish, I have never been able to set the channel balance controls according to my taste as I don't have a manual. I looked in my owner's manual but there's nothing about how to...
  4. Laguna 2l 16V RXT bodywork damaged after dephaser fitted

    Hello guys Please help, I am very distressed since I got my car back this morning after a dephaser replacement. The authorised service and repair agents have a very bad reputation among myself and people I know. I have been working on my many Renaults since the early 60's but with the Laguna...
  5. Renault Sparkplug Part No for Laguna 2.0l 16v RXT

    Hello guys A home-visiting properly qualified Renault mech and I were troubleshooting non-starting issues with my Laguna yesterday. That problem has been solved and my car is now being fitted with a new dephaser. Anyway, while we were troubleshooting yesterday (and myself alone the day...
  6. Laguna I 2.0 RXT - Suspension

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi there, I hope someone can be of assistance. My Laguna - 2001 2.0 RXT, got a knocking noise on the front suspension when I'm driving over small bumps. If I'm on the highway doing about 70 mph and the road's not even, you can hear the knock, it's a;most as if you can feel it on the pedals. I...
  7. Breaking Espace 98 RXT 2.2DT

    For sale
    All parts available engine and bodywork. Metalic green. PM for prices. Based in the Salisbury area.
  8. Catalyst - Megane RXT 1,6 16V Climate 2000

    How to loosen the 3 bolts on the catalyst/manifold? There is not much room and they have been there for 11 years. After removing the bolts, can you twist the cat out with no problems ( the exhaust is already dismantled)?
  9. What's a Clio 1.6 16V RXT in the UK?

    Cars & motoring
    Hello, I am trying to register my French Clio 1.6 16V RXT from April 2000 in the UK. The insurance company told me that I have to find the equivalent version in the UK because the RXT doesn't exist. I found that a Clio 1.6 16V exists but it seems to stop existing in 1999. There is a 1.6 16V RSi...
  10. What is that unplug things ? (with pics)

    Hi all, I just discovered that unplug things inside on my Laguna it normal ? other Laguna drivers can check their car ?
  11. Laguna I Phase 2 1.6 16v RXT loud engine noise when accelerating and steering right ?

    Have a Phase 2 Laguna that I was in a crash with a few years ago, and just now got the money and time to fix'er up. So I have everything up and running, needs some bodywark still and apparently one of the ABS sensors is acting up (Anyone know of a way to test them?) My problem is that whenever...