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  1. Sad News. Not OZ

    General Chat
    Love em or hate them. We've all used them. It is with great sadness that we announce the death of John H Haynes OBE, the creator of the famous Haynes Manual, founder of the Haynes Publishing Group PLC and the Haynes International Motor Museum. John passed away peacefully surrounded by his...
  2. A Sad day for Nexxusone

    General Chat
    First of all DONT PANIC, it's nothing serious ..... today at the ripe old age of 48 (almost 49) I had partial denture fitted.... might sound minor but it's made me think I'm the wrong side of 40 now...:grin2::crying2:
  3. Sad news

    Cars & motoring
    Last Monday while my car was parked up on the road this stupid women de sides to crash into my Megan smashing in the driver's door and doing slight damaged to the rim under the door and also knocking the rear tyer off of the alloy on the back passenger side now I am worried the insurance will...
  4. Sad news.....

    General Chat
    Lemmy of MotorHead & Hawkwind has shuffled off at only 70.
  5. Sad week for my Renault family !

    General Chat
    Been a bad couple of weeks lost two cars from my "garage".My clio dci got written off -£9k of damage on a 9 year old clio:eek:.My daughters clio 1.2 is due to go due to a running fault-narrowed it down to an ecu/wiring fault and the little 16v is burning far to much oil! Looks like that one is...
  6. Sad tale about non working ABS

    Lifted this from a technical buletin Electronic Brake Force Distribution Four words that can make a big difference how a car handles in an emergency. This vehicle is not one that was presented to me for repair but a vehicle that was involved in an accident, after the event I was discussing the...
  7. A sad day! turbo has blown! 1.9 dci

    Today a dark cloud loomed over my life, i just sold our 2nd car, and on getting home and pulling up could only describe the sound equivalent to not being in gear correctly and making that qqqqqqqq noise. upon further inspection and a quick drive around, its the turbo, sounds like bearings...
  8. Sad?

    General Chat
    Have just registered on the Scenic Owners Club forums...:crazy: Karen xx
  9. New member and sad already

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi guys new to this forum and first time having a Renault and first time having a diesel,2004 laguna 1.9 dci Got to say first impressions were great the ride comfy, response great until 2 days later after getting the car going to work on the motor way the turbo went bye bye, so hopefully get...
  10. Sad Story

    Just come back from Scotland on Sunday, tuesday went shopping and as my car has the handsfree system auto locking/opening. on parking up and walking away the car didnt lock so just manually locked it with key card, came back home still the same, tried all sorts but no luck. Spent the afternoon...
  11. Its a sad sad time...The Vel Satis is going

    My mottah!
    well I bought her as a 3month old demo model five and a half years ago. I have never had a car this long normally they go before the MOT is due. The Vel is fantastic hence I have kept it for so long and 130,000 miles later. My dad is getting a new scenic and I have decided to let him use the Vel...
  12. Sad news

    General Chat
    Had to have my beautiful Irish Setter Caffrey put to sleep this afternoon. He was such a lovely boy I miss him dreadfully already. No more pain Caffrey, be good in doggy heaven along with Copper and Amber and Fluke. Love you xxxxxxxxx
  13. Depressed (not sad!) clutch

    My recently acquired Laguna II Initiale DCi 1.9 Sports Tourer appears to have an intermittent fault - the clutch pedal occasionally 'drops' or remains depressed. It is easliy fixed by lifting it back up into its correct position, but this is not how it should be. Does anyone have any...
  14. Renault Laguna 2 - PK6 Gearbox Failure

    A black day yesterday for my 2003 Black Laguna Phase II 1.9dci - gearbox totalled as I exited Laval in France. At 120,000 miles this isn't so bad - until you realise that this is the third (yes third) box to go in such a fashion. I know this car and the PK6 gearbox is notorious but is this a...
  15. Sad Death of a legend of cricket

    General Chat Bill Frindall has died. Anyone who listens to the Test Cricket will know him and his amazing statistics. Very sad.
  16. A Sad Clio Owner Due To Clio Not Starting!!someone Please Help!!

    My lovely 2001 clio 1.2 16v is refusing to start, i'm at wits end with it. I bought a fault code reader, and I have found fault code p0606. This is to do with the ECM. Clearly, i'm guessing the two are linked. Does anyone know if I need a new ECM or anything about fault code p0606?????? ANY...
  17. Strange but sad

    General Chat
    I'm sat down with my laptop and Bonekickers is on on BBC1. They are digging up bodies from the Severn Estuary. As I type a Seaking helicopter is searcing the Estuary not 400m away. Hope they find the person alive.:( It's been buzzing around for half an hour now....
  18. Colin McRae killed in helicopter crash

    Rallying news
    Sad News Rally ace McRae feared dead in helicopter horror | the Daily Mail Whether his is or isn't invloved.
  19. Laguna 2 Card Reader - A sad story

    Yes I had the problem of the interior lights not going off and through a thread on this forum I was able to super glue that little plastic bit that broke off and solved the problem, well for a short time. It was stated that it was a temporary repair and it did work for a couple of months...
  20. The sad society we live in today!

    General Chat
    As I was driving home from the gym tonight (going through Glasgow) I saw someone hunched over on the road. I immediately pulled over,locked the car and approached the figure. It was a man in his seventies, who had fallen, landed face-first (breaking his nose, plus his glasses had punctured the...