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  1. Renault Safrane strange misfire!!!

    Hi folks Ok going to try and see if anyone can help me with a problem on my Safrane(actually own 2 of them!) I have a 1994 Phase 1 2.2(J7T)manual engine and I have a strange misfire.... So I start the car up and it runs perfect for about 5 mins from cold,then suddenly a misfire develops. It does...
  2. Renault Safrane Misfire

    Hi All, I am still owning the Reanult Safrane 2.5 and still going strong. The car has misfiring on chamber #2 from the pulley side and after sometime soote develops on the spark plug, What could be the cause of this misfiring. The car has current mileage of 127,324 kms, William
  3. Safrane bitubo

    Guys, I,m new here & need some help...I,m looking for the pin out for the Hartge ecu on the Safrane biturbo...or does anyone do an electronic cd..if your wondering why? I have engine no. 2 installed mid-engine in a Alpine GTA & I,m trying to get it running.
  4. 1997 Safrane II Air Con Compressor

    Heating & cooling
    Hi all. I hope this isn't too stupid a question and it hasn't been previously asked somewhere. The A/C compressor has failed on my 1997 Safrane (R206 DPN 2.0 Petrol) and I can't seem to find anywhere to get one. Martin (the garage mechanic) has told me that none of his sources stock this...
  5. Renault Safrane 2.0 Petrol 2009 Compatible ECU

    Good day, Seems like my ECU in Safrane 2009 2.0 Liter ( Not v6) engine has issue with its ECU. it gives continuous current on one of the ignition coil instead of pulses and that spark plug is not working. so literally i am running with only 3 cylinders and lot of jerking due to this. renault...
  6. Safrane 2.0 2009-No power to one of the ignition coil from ECU

    I have a safrane 2.0 2009 model car. I was very happy with my car till i changed my spark plugs. Somthing wierd after my garage guy installed new set of spark plugs. I was told there is no power to one out of 4 ignition coils and only 3 cylindars are woking now. As a result too much jerking and...
  7. Safrane - Lower Suspension Mount

    Renparts Ltd
    Hey guys I am looking for TWO of this part for my Phase II 2000 Safrane 2.0 petrol. The Renault part number is 7700 428 378 (There is an older superseded number, too: 7700 803 500). On mine the part number appears as ASS 428378 on the bit of rubber that's left! I attach my broken one...
  8. safrane 1995 2.2 vi

    For sale
    just been to get parts for my mk3 espace from bust renaults in west mids he has just brought in a 1995 safrane 2.2vi petrol manual box and still a driver anyone after a big old renault project or maybe just parts get in there quick he strips renault espace 3 down to nuts and bolts and parts on...
  9. Safrane II Drive Shafts

    Morning all. My 1997 Safrane (MKII) 2.0 manual is in need of a pair of driveshafts but these seem to be completely defunct and un-gettable everywhere I've looked. (MK 1 versions are all over the place). One side (I forget which) can be purchased from Renault but the other side seems completely...
  10. cruise control switch not working

    Dears, The cruise control switch stopped working once and I took it to the dealer, they fixed it by resetting the system (according to them). now the switch has stopped working again (the switch below next to the gear stick). It's a Safrane 2012. Does anyone here know how to fix...
  11. Safrane diagnostic problem

    Hi! I recently bought Safrane 2, 1997, 2.5 car with ABS and airbag warning lights on. I found 16-pin OBD connector under the armrest and bought ELM 327 diagnostic reader to check for errors but the problem is that i only can see engine ECU with all softwares i tried, airbab,abs,imobilizer or ac...
  12. Safrane Phase II 1999 suspension Spring Seats needed

    Hello I am trying to keep my dearly loved Renault Safrane Phase 2 1999 on the road. Both suspension spring seats have corroded. I need new ones and Renault wont provide :( Reg T204 ORP The part numbers are: Renault: 7700806829 Euro Car Part No: 609745190 That should be the spring seat...
  13. Safrane Nav-Screen problem

    Hey all, I have a Renault Safrane with Tomtom carminat. I tried to update the app and the maps using the Tomtom home on my computer . I downloaded the updates on the SD card, then it told me to take it out and put it in the car ..etc... you know the rest. However, the car screen...
  14. Safrane XR25 diagnostic

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    Hello! Is it possible to use Renault CAN clip to setup suspension and check other things on Renault Safrane? I saw some on e-bay, they have 12-pin interface cable, does this works ok with all XR25 functiones? It's very hard to get original XR25 Suite that works in my country, and Renault...
  15. Safrane 2 auto gearbox inhibit switch bypass

    Finally I have got my hands on a Safrane 1998 2.5v exec auto - it took me some years to get one! I can live with the heater motor only going up to mid speed before cutting out, I can live with hitting the dashboard every day to get the heater controls to light up and I can live with the fact the...
  16. renault safrane jack, wallet-cover manual

    For sale
    i have a jack safrane black good cond minor rust bottom, a wallet sleeve for manual etc £5 and a manual £2 thanks wellingborough or list ebay etc
  17. renault safrane grey parcel shelf two parts

    For sale grey two parts willing take £30 as no fees, and quicker sale in east midlands nn6
  18. Renault Safrane Specifications

    Cars & motoring
    The customs here in my country (Tunisia) need detailed specifications of my Renault Safrane (2009) pertaining to engine size, fuel consumption, etc. I could provide the exact details needed. To clarify, this model is actually the Renault-Samsung SM5 A34R, but in the Middle East and Mexico, it...
  19. safrane diesel

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    hi owned three fabulous 2 & 2.2 safrane petrol caravan towing stars, sadly had to get rid due to wifes stroke, now have a 1.9 kangoo diesel adapted for wheelchair transport - and got a people carrier to take the wheelchair and tow the caravan. I do appreciate the economy of the diesel - any...
  20. renault safrane mk1 2.2 vi exec many woes

    Cars & motoring
    Hi picked up a n reg one in silver. Got train and wasnt great but had buy it. didnt cost much and has full mot. I like that have split fold seats and a hatch on. Was wondering if anyone owned one? got loads minor issues lol. oil gauge can read correct or go to bottom or top randomly the...