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    Serviced my dad's Santa fe today and also new pads and discs. Brake light lights with other warning lights then goes off. However it lights again briefly when engine started. I did have to draw some fluid out with a syringe as too full with new pads but other than that standard brake job. Any...
  2. Finishline UK Ltd
    JapShow finale September 30th 2012 Finishline are planning a convoy to the Jap Show finale on September 30th and we would like you to come with us! The plan is to congregate at Finishline in the morning and take a steady drive through the Bedfordshire countryside to Santa Pod; it will mean a...
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    Sorry we are late guys and gals but we got there in the end...web site is this will direct you to the new web site with more pic's ..cheers EX.
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    Hi guys I dont know if this has been mentioned but yesterday at Santa pod some lowlife has stolen the japspeed drift Scooby its white with black japseed decals and Orange wheels if anyone see's this or knows anything about its where abouts please contact the police here is the project thread...
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    Track Santa's Journey at :d:d
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    Hi All, Well i just thought i would ask to see whats what this year for kids as my 2 are now 18 & 13 and iam out of touch whats the big toy for 09 for kids? So come on members what have you in mind this year?, Iam still not sure to be honest what i would like or will get but iam sure it will...
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    Well as the title says are you Santa tonight:d both my kids are know 17 & 13:crazy: and are only... be it just past the "is Santa Coming tonight stage":( but i have to say i love Christmas Eve and Christmas day with the kids but i guess i will just have to wait until iam a Grandad:eek: before i...
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    We are up and running again for another year,switched on at 6pm. opening nite....SHOULDNT HAVE OPENED THAT BOTTLE!!!!!:) :)
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    Bentley Ford Nissan Rolls Royce Src: Car:
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    Hi all the web site for Santa's Garden Lights is now up and running.see it at some of the site still under construction,and as of yet you will be veiwing last years pictures untill switch on on Saturday evening.hope you enjoy the show.:)
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    Will it fit down the chimney...? Cortese, Bath : Renault F1 Simulator .
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    NORAD at Welcome to Norad Tracks Santa 2005 have confirmed that Santa has started his epic journey and is currently delivering presents in Australasia and is well on time. Merry Christmas Everyone. Regards Leroy
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    Hi all, I thought i would post this link to the Sling Shot Santa Game (Link Below), Post your best score on here, I got 319. ---------------------------------------------------------------------
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