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  1. Want to replace the TomTom in Clio 3 phase 2

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    Hello!!! I have a Clio 3 1.5 dci Dynamique TomTom & I wanna know if I can take out the TomTom it currently uses & replace that by “plugging in” a newer one (preferably touch screen as I currently have that funky controller thing). Just asking if it’s possible to actually do that & how the hell...
  2. renault kangoo satnav not working

    hi thanks for adding me to this forum my son has a problem with his media center /satnav in his renault kangoo van he has purchsed the latest maps from tom tom but when he puts the sd card into the system he only gets the tom tom logo a egg timer and a fast moving bar across the bottom which...
  3. Sat Nav cant find sd card

    In Car Entertainment
    Hi, can anyone help please. I have had the Clio signature nav 18 plate for a total of 1 day and hit more problems with this r link system than 2 years with the Corsa. Its a lease vehicle as im a driving instructor. When it arrived it worked fine, actually used it to get to a local area. When i...
  4. Carminat ToMTom, Trafic - no GPS or roof aerial!

    Hi, my Carminat ToMTom Live seems to have no GPS. I need to identify the GPS (satellite) cable to see what connector type is needed for a replacement antenna. I bought a Trafic 2013 with campervan conversion (having pop top roof). The replacement roof has no antenna! I'm thinking that was the...
  5. Renault Clio Dynamique 2009

    Hello I have a Renault Clio dynamique 2009 with Tom Tom satnav, my radio doesn’t pick up many radio stations, the aux and USB port don’t work either, I have tried switching the fuses, but had no luck. Any advice? Also where should the information for my radio display on the built in satnav? Or...
  6. How can I remove the satnav DVD reader?

    I need to replace the GPS aerial - to do this, do I need to remove the DVD reader? If so, how would I do it? Or am I being a fool, and the aerial actually plugs in somewhere else? If so, where?? Thanks all. Cabbasse Auditorium sound system, if that is any help, in Laguna 2 Initiale 2005.
  7. Clio mk3 Carminat Satnav

    Hi all i bought a clio mk3 which has a Tomtom satnav fitted. I updated the sd card as directed via Tomtom home 2 and then put the sd card back in, what i got was a series of screens which looked like it was updating the firmware then a red cross at the end and now i just get 3 different screens...
  8. Satnav - Traffic delay info no longer available

    The satnav no longer shows traffic delay info or suggests alternative routes. The top of the column in the display just shows a rotating arrow as though it is waiting for a signal from somewhere. The radio is working and is tuned to BBC Radio 4. Has there been a change somewhere as to how the...
  9. Chances of wiring a reverse camera in to Satnav head unit?

    Hi all What would the chances be of wiring a reversing camera in to a Laguna 2, 2005 dvd Satnav screen?
  10. Checking version of Satnav maps and Aux in Laguna 3

    Hi, Does anyone know how to check what version of maps I have on a 2009 Initiale Laguna Estate. My radio is the Cabasse Tronic Carminat CD with bluetooth (no cd changer or CD/DVD in the glovebox). Aslo does anyone now if version 32 of the maps comes with a system update. I've seen...
  11. 63 Plate Renault Clio dci Dynamique Medianav

    Ask the Experts
    Hello all, New to the forum. Would just like to ask 2 questions to see if they're feasible. Firstly the sat nav map I have is very outdated. I don't really want to spend £51 odd for a map update directly from renault so is there an alternative sat nav that can be installed onto the LG Medianav...
  12. Laguna 3 Change Cabasse satnav to Tomtom

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi All, First post and I have tried to search through the forums to no avail. I've recently purchased a Laguna 3 Sports Tourer 09 plate. It's the initale trim with a cabasse tronic carminat CD/phone bluetooth/satnav system. I am looking to replace the satnav with one of the later Laguna 3...
  13. Laguna 3 SatNav

    Hi Everyone, Does anyone know if Carminat V32.1 is the latest update version for the carminat navigation system fitted to a 2007 Laguna 3? I updated to this version last year but it is of course out of date already. If anyone has any info on this I would be very much obliged. Thank you, Terfen
  14. Satnav lost my maps Scenic 5

    Tools & equipment
    I recently updated my European map on my Scenic V with the help of R-Link Store and an R-Link specialist via a telephone call to TomTom Carminat who then put me in touch with the R-Link team. Now I have no " Navigation" as there is a message saying "No Maps" onscreen. They talked me through...
  15. Grand Espace Cabasse / Carminat / Navigation

    Hello! I've got a 2007 espace, with the built-in carminat navigation system, this has Bluetooth handsfree, and a six cd multi changer in the glovebox, and the DVD navigation in the lower passenger glovebox. The CD player doesn't load or eject, and after taking a quick look inside the changer...
  16. Problem with satnav?

    Hello Everybody I’m fresh here so on start I want apologise for all my faults.I have Nissan Primastar 2010 with display panel I buy genuine TomTom satnav from renault trafic just I have problem with connectors in my panel display is very similar like in satnav socket just not the same I can’t...
  17. Satnav and cd player enquiries

    Hello everyone. I'm struggling to find some straight answers for my carminat tomtom system and cd player in my 2011 Renault Megane III dinamique tomtom. My car came with an old fashioned composite connection (red and white) instead of an normal auxiliary port. Now my question is that if i would...
  18. Updating satnav maps?

    I just purchased a 2015 Clio 1.5 Dynamique. I noticed that the maps seem to be dated 2013 which is 2 years older than the car which is weird. Is there a way to update them? There is no CD player in this car, but there is a USB port so I guess if it can be done, that's the way. :)
  19. Laguna phase 2 facelift satnav radio code

    Hi after replacing faulty GPs dvd drive the system is now asking for 4 digit security code tried all of the usual,on line code sites they are telling me I need to take to dealers to recode is this the case? Gonna cost a fortune! Thanks
  20. Switching on the Satnav without audio

    This is probably a stupid question, but I have looked through the manuals and not found an answer. Anyway, the on button for the Carminat sat nav is the audio power button. This switches on the radio. I don't want music playing when I'm following sat nav instructions. So the question is, how is...