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  1. Traffic View in SatNav

    Hello I have the Cariminat system with the latest VDO Dayton disk. What does 'Traffic View' do ? I live quite a way from any motorway and have yet to use the Satnav in earnest, but when I switch to Trafiic view I only get an outline brown box. What should I see? Can't find anything in the...
  2. Fitting PDA based Satnav to 05 Scenic

    IPAQ hx 4700 on Brodit mounts in a Renault Scenic (05) For anyone looking for mounting solutions in a Renault Scenic I attach two photos of the mount in my car. I bought the “Proclip”, mount and connecting cable from GPS for less and it was fitted by a local firm KTD in Dunstan (Gateshead) The...
  3. SatNav and other questions...

    i have just bought a '55' plate 2.0T Laguna Sport Tourer. Just have a few questions that i thought someone might be able to answer: 1. i have the Europe DVD V24 for the Satnav. Is this the latest version as I notice that some roads are missing (i.e. A34 Newbury bypass )? 2. Is it possible to...
  4. Renault Scenic - Electronics - PDA based Satnav

    I'm about to take the leap of acquiring a PDA Satnav system (Probably HP IPAQ 4700 & TomTom Navigator 5) there are two issues I'm not sure about - Position on the Dash (new Scenic). Most favoured mount is BRODIT which offers one at the centre of the dashboard just above and to the left of the...
  5. Renault Laguna - Sat-nav TMC logo is red

    I have just bought a 2004/5 VDO map disc for my Laguna sat nav and the TMC logo which was black on the old map disc is now red, at which point will it change green? or What do I have to do to enable this function to work? Thanks. :o
  6. Trafficmaster sat-nav improved

    Trafficmaster sat-nav improved A series of upgrades will be launched this autumn to boost Trafficmaster’s innovative satellite-navigation system. Smartnav, which relies on a voice guidance system instead of a screen to prevent drivers being distracted, will swap its existing GSM mobile...