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  1. sat-nav radio

    hi all mike again , ohh well here we go again i have got a new sat nav disc from renault but still no display for sat-nave or radio radio all lights up and beeps/ the gps just flashes /and the screen is blank power going to all any ideas before i take a hammer to it.mike from 3para:crazy:
  2. sat-nav / cd player/radio

    hi PLEASE can any one help . i have a laguna 2 the radio/sat-nav/screen is not working. power to all but the gps just flashes and i have no disc do i need the disc to run the radio/sat-nav thanks mike
  3. Laguna II - Sat-nav display with tuner list?

    Hi, Was contemplating whether it would be worth buying a Laguna 2 Sat Nav display to match up to my Tuner List Unit. The only reason to do this is with the idea of 'brightening' up the display from the dull purple. I have no idea if this will work, what it will display (If anything?) and if...
  4. Espace Satnav & Parking Aid Fault

    Hi all. Can anyone help please? I bought a Renault Espace 04 and the sat nav isn't working properly.It came with a garmin CD and I bought a descent Cd of 2010 from ebay.It seems that it accepte both CD's but no guidance. The arrow(the car) is every where. When you riding on motorway the arrow is...
  5. Preventing my Satnav Going Red Again?

    The same as lots of people, the satellite icon on my sat nav went red ages ago, but I've now got it fixed with a new aerial. The old aerial probably went bad due to water/moisture, so how could I stop this happening again, as there's a tiny gap between the plastic base and the aerial i.e. it's...
  6. Buzzing Sat-nav

    Hey all, Recently acquired Laguna II GT with Carminat Informee II. Just noticed that when the brightness is not at max, I get quite a significant buzzing noise from the screen of my sat-nav. Normally have day brightness set at max so didn't notice until was driving with the lights on recently...
  7. Aux input with Carminat SatNav CD Multichanger and Becker head unit

    Hello, this is my first post so hello everyone! I have a Scenic II (04) 1.6 16v petrol model with factory fitted Carminat monochrome sat nav and a 6 cd multichanger located under the passenger seat. I have taken the head unit out to find that it's a Becker BE 7411 model. I would like to be...
  8. How to enable Espace satnav clock?

    I have a 2005 2.2DCi Espace with a dash clock that is fast, a radio with rds that does not display the time, and a satnav with accurate timekeeping but whose clock function is disabled. Can I enable the satnav clock function, and if so, where do I get the code needed to get into the satnav...
  9. Hard wiring satnav

    Hi all, I'm a new owner of an Espace (having grown up with 2 of the early models, now having my own family it was the ideal choice!) I didn't go for the built in satnav option (way too pricey) and I already had a Tomtom. I have a mounting kit for it but I was hoping to be able to neatly...
  10. Using an external satnav in a Vel Satis

    Hi I recently (yesterday!) bought a 2002 Vel Satis 3.0D and all is very fine except for one thing. I have an external sat nav that plugs into the cigar lighter and I cannot get any power to iy from either the front or rear sockets or the 12V supply in the arm rest. The cigar lighters both work...
  11. Recommendations for SatNav

    Hi all I would like to hear your recommendations for SatNavs ie: Make, Model,Version etc and how they performed. I had a TomTom Go700 and stupidly didnt update the maps and now TomTom want over £70 to bring it up to date. I purchased a new Garmin Nuvi 1340t and it kept crashing and freezing so...
  12. Renault Laguna 2 - No Sat-Nav Reception

    HI guys,i have the Initiale Lag 2 on a 04 plate. The Camiet sat nav doesnt get a reception the Satalite icon stays on red. To be honest it was fine when i last used it 2 months ago (i usually use my Tom Tom) radio reception seems ok. But since a few days ago i turned it on and went to maps and...
  13. Renault Laguna 2 - Sat Nav Not Working*FIXED*

    Hi I'm so pleased I've found this site. I have a problem with the sat nav in my 2004 Laguna. I took out the disc and when I put it back it could not pick up a signal but it was reading the disc, after a couple of days it is now saying its an un mapped area. The satellite symbol is red and the...
  14. satnav

    hello there.just got a laguna 1.9 est with a6cd player and satnav.have not got a handbook for the satnav.dont know how to work it,can anyone help.there is a disk in the drive.thanks john.
  15. Blank SatNav screen

    Hi, I am new to the forum and after a lot of reading still not sure about the problem i have with the Sat Nav. I got the car last week and the satnav not working (Blank screen) :( I got a second hand one from ebay and changed it but still not working. I have noticed what looks like should be a...
  16. scenic satnav

    could any one tell me the model of carminat sat nav fitted in an 06 grand scenic ,and where i can obtain the cd required to run it
  17. Carminat SatNav - mysterious blue circles

    Hello, I've recently bought my first Laguna (III) and am new to the Carminat SatNav system. After only a few days I've become really curious about the mysterious concentric two blue circles that seem to be dotted all over the map. There is nothing in the (limited) manual to indicate what they...
  18. Carminat Sat-Nav Screen Often Goes Blank

    Guys An intermittent fault. I've searched the threads but cannot find similar. First thing in the morning, sat-nav screen generally works fine for 15 minutes or so. Screen shows time, radio station, driver's stalk controls change radio stations and volume, and sat-nav works fine. Soon after...
  19. Remove SatNav in Espace IV

    Hi all i have the 3.0 DCi Initiale which has SatNav:( I'd like to take the satnav out and have another glove compartment. is this doable? (the satnav is rubbish, wont accept postcodes, looks awful etc & i have satnav on my telephone) thx nick
  20. Sat-Nav Discs

    Hi I have just got a 2006 laguna gt 205 with a Carminat small, black and white screen sat-nav has any one got the discs or copys of the discs?