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  1. Laguna windscreen and satnav.

    I have a Laguna with the heat reflecting screen and a Garmin i3 satnav which I have linked up to an external antenna using the mcx-out port on the sat nav. As the satnav maps are pretty out of date now (2005), and upgrading maps is costly, I would like to either: Replace satnav with one which...
  2. Carminat SatNav

    Hi all, Can anyone help. Recenly purchased a Laguna II with Carminat SatNav/Cabasse 6CD. The dealer purchase a V28.5 DVD which generally works fine. One issue - I can not find a away of entering addresses and have to select via the map. Clicking on the "Address" does nothing - have to press...
  3. Carminat Problems (SATNAV)

    I have issues with the Carminat system on my 2002 Initiale Laguna, it's the same system albeit with different software as fitted to my other car which is a Citroen C5. In the C5, I put in the destination and follow the voice instructions and 9 times out of ten I arrive stress free at my...
  4. Laguna Initiale - now without sat-nav

    General Chat
    My car's up for replacement in just under 12 months, so it's time to start looking. I thought I'd spec up a 2.0dCi LagIII Initiale on Renault's website. After all, I have been driving Lagunas for over a decade - I know I like them. By the time I'd added all of the extras to bring it up to...
  5. Radio Mute with Satnav Voice Guidance On

    On my previous 2002 Lag II Initiale, the radio/CD muted whenever a voice guidance command was given from the Satnav. I have noticed that this does not happen on my present 2005 Lag II Initiale. Sometimes it is difficult to hear the voice guidance commands because they are drowned out by the...
  6. �225 for the Sat-Nav DVD!!!

    £225 for the Sat-Nav DVD!!! This is why people call them stealerships! :steam: The NavTeq and VDO Dayton CD's are not compatable with the DVD based carminat system in my 2006 Laguna, so it seems my only option is to buy directly from a Renault dealer. Is it really worth paying out for...
  7. Which Satnav Brand

    Hi, With all the different brands of Sat Nav about I wonder which one is the most popular......personally I think Tom Tom will be the winner but personally I prefer my Navman S series over the the equivalent TOM TOM
  8. "Michael, turn left in 50 metres" - Knight Rider KITT-themed satnav on the way

    Computer Club
    "Michael, turn left in 50 metres" - Knight Rider KITT-themed satnav on the way :d :d :d
  9. Renault Laguna 2 - Sat-Nav Problem

    have a2004 laguna sport tourer 1.9dci with becker/carminat satnav in dash. constantly tells me iam off road and to follow arrows? also where can i get updated disc from?
  10. "Renault" Sat-nav

    Here's something to try if you have the DVD navigation system... Or alternatively don't bother and just take my word for it :p I was sitting in the car the other day, bored and waiting for someone. So I decided to have a play with the sat-nav. I ended up messing around in the 'Points of...
  11. Satnav Software update

    Hi all. Have sorted out my borked aerial, now am trying to update the software. Have got a 06-07 disc inc TMC for the mapping side. Should I just be able to shove this into the reader and all will work, inc TMC and postcode search? or will i need to upgrade the firmware of the actual satnav...
  12. Fit a phase II satnav to a phase I lag?

    Are the headunits interchangeable? RENAULT CARMINAT SAT NAV UNIT on eBay, also GPS Systems, Navigation GPS, In-Car Entertainment GPS, Cars, Parts Vehicles (end time 20-Jan-08 18:31:08 GMT) Cheers! :d
  13. Dead satnav screen...

    Yes my friendly garage jump started the lag because it had a flat battery... what are the odds its just the fuse that's blown - as every other electrical system in the world can manage - or something a little more, how shall we say, va va boom? :rofl: :rofl: :(
  14. Can anyone tell me where i can get hold of an updated SAT-NAV CD please...???

    Hi people, Would anyone know where i can get hold of an uptodate (cd) for my SAT-NAV system in my 2003 Laguna Initiale.. Im "trying" to run a 2003 spring/summer disc at the moment ,but with problems, So i thought id try the most uptodate version... I went into the "BUS Test" today and found out...
  15. Laguna 2 tourer - satnav location wrong

    Hi Guys My sat nav is miles out from my actual location on the standard laguna 2 tourer in dash system on an 03. I hope its just an aerial come loose or something. Any ideas where to check? i'd guess the glove box first but then where? thanks for your replies in advance. Dave
  16. Laguna - Satnav DVD

    Hi All, I recently bought a Laguna 2.2 dCI Initiale (55 reg) but it did not come with the DVD and i thought the cds from my old 2.0 initiale IDE (03 reg) would work but they obviously don't and Renault is saying a new one would cost around £170. Does anybody know where I can get it cheaper. I...
  17. SatNav and heat reflecting windscreen

    Anybody know if the heat reflecting windscreen causes poor reception on a portable satnav? It's just that have a Becker Traffic Assist Pro on sale tomorrow morning and the price tag of EUR 300 (200 stg. approx) seems attractive. Patrick
  18. Turn by Turn Satnav Update CDs

    I have the Carminat/Becker monochrome turn by turn system in my scenic and it works well, but CDs are from 2003 and getting a bit out of date so I recently purchased secondhand 2005 CDs. Problem is that there 2 CDs for 2003 but 4 CDs in the 2005 version, and the satnav unit doesnt recognise the...
  19. Carminat SatNav

    Hi All. I know you have probably visited this subject on many occasions, but I didn't want to trawl too far through the threads to find the answer to my question, so to save me some time (as the related thread is huuuuuge!) I ramble..... :crazy: Can someone tell me where I can get (maybe...
  20. SatNav

    My son has a Laguna Initiale with satnav which was imported from Belgium when new in 2002. He is trying to get an up-to-date CD but can't seem to find one. It's his birthday soon and I'd love to get him one but can't get access to the car without him knowing to see what sytem it is. Does anyone...