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  1. satnav speed cameras

    hi, is there any way that you can have speed cameras on the laguna initiale fitted sat nav as i had them on the tom tom and they deffinetly come in use
  2. Renault Laguna - Satnav Question

    hi all on my laguna 11 i have the sat nav and 6 cd player radio. in the expert mode on the radio i have an extra setting that is not in the radio handbook called card i can turn it on and off but don't have a clue what it does. anyone got any ideas :confused:
  3. Renault Laguna II - Phase I - Obtaining an instruction manual for sat-nav

    Hi - can anyone please tell me where i can download the Sat Nav instructions for my 2003 Initiale ? Just got the car but there is no manual for the Sat Nav and would love to play with it later. Would be very grateful if someone could help me out by post/email or download link. Cheers:crazy:
  4. Strange TMC behaviour on new DVD sat-nav

    My Father recently traded in his Vel Satis for a brand new laguna initiale. The Laguna has the new(ish) dvd based bluetooth navcom system and it all seems very impressive - a huge improvement over the unit in the Vel Satis anyway. The only problem is the TMC info. It lights up green to show...
  5. Satnav CD keeps ejecting!!!

    A lot of the time the system works perfectly, but on certain occasions when I start the car the CD ejects on it's own and I can't then get the CDplayer to re-accept the disc. Usually, after leaving the car for a while, it will begin working again when I next use the car. Very frustrating...
  6. SatNav and Clios

    Hi, Thinking of getting a TomTom One in the sales. I *think* my Clio has an athermic windscreen. Does anybody know whether I'm likely to have problems as a consequence? I know there's a little rectangular cutout on the windscreen, I assume for allowing SatNav and such signals in/out. Any help...
  7. Annoying clock (satnav)

    Hi I have satnav and the clock is always wrong! I know you can set up in the setup menu, but everytime i get back in the car, its wrong again by an hour! I read in the manual that it is set by satnav system, is there anyway i can override this as its getting on my nerves now! lol also I like to...
  8. TMC / satnav

    General Chat
    Hi all I am a newish user of your fine publication and whilst browsing sat navish topics I came upon a recomendation from Mike something about activating TMC. He suggested a email address. Being sceptical (old) I emailed an enquiry which was shortly replied to, at this point I dived in and paid...
  9. Carminat SatNav Curiosity

    Has anyone or everyone come across this behaviour? If I stop at traffic lights with my guidance switched on, the satnav carries on as if the car hasn't stopped. Eventually it comes back to position but sometimes it takes longer than is acceptable. I mean imagine central London in heavy traffic...
  10. SATNAV for Grand Espace

    Hi, Any ideas on the best aftermarket satnav for a 2000 grand espace? Thanks
  11. Laguna 2 Alarm and SatNav guides

    Cars & motoring
    Hello, I bought my ex-lease Laguna 2 with barely any manuals at all, it did however have a fully documented service history for me to read. I was wondering if there is anywhere I could download the Alarm and SatNav manuals for this car?. Any help greatly appreciated. Nige
  12. TomTom SatNav in a 2004 Clio.

    Cars & motoring
    I want to get a Sat Nav unit for the car. Been looking at a TomTom unit. I have been told it will not work in a Clio due to the heat reflective windscreen. Is this true? If so, is there anything I can do to get around this problem? Thanks.
  13. New update Satnav Disk

    If I remember correctly, the updated Carminat SatNav disk came out around this time last year, anyone got a new one or know when it will be available?
  14. Using Tomtom Satnav in my Gooner

    Hi all, I have recently purchased a tomtom satnav unit to use in my Lag 1 but have read in the Laguna owners manual that the car has a reflective windscreen, will this affect the gps reception to the tomtom and should I buy an external antenna for it? Cheers Paul:d
  15. Can I use my Renault Laguna sat-nav screen to play TV/DVD?

    Hi, is there any way to use the screen to get either tv or dvd? Seems good use of such a nice built in screen. Many Thanks. Nige
  16. Renault Laguna - sat-nav disk update query

    Hi, ive got a laguna monaco V6 x/2000 with a built in carminat sat nav system installed, can anyone advise me where best to get an updated cd from? Been to renault and they just can't be bothered to help! many thanks, Si
  17. Girly sat-nav

    Jokes & funny stuff
    It looks like this one's actually supposed to be serious, but I couldn't help but post it in the jokes section. Classic quote: "And while the 'simple' department were making sure it was completely plug and play, the 'gorgeous' department...
  18. Laguna II SatNav Upgrade

    Is is possible to upgrade the standard clock/cd display to the fancy shmancy sat nav screen? I've seen two of them go on ebay of late and wondered if its worth putting in a bid. I've done something similar on my astra swapping the mfd for a 5" screen but is it as easy to do on the laguna i...
  19. Sat-Nav Retro-fit

    Hi, just asking if it's possible to retro-fit the Sat-Nav system into a Laguna I? I'm certain it could be done, just wandering if anyone's tried it yet? I'm a competent mechanic and auto-electrician, so doing a bit of re-wiring isn't a problem! Any help is much apprieciated Many thanks...
  20. Renault Laguna II - Phase 1 - Electronics - Sat-Nav problem - member feedback req'd

    ARRRGGGHHH My sat nav on my laguna II initiale has stop operating. The icon telling if its recieving the satelite signals is red. I have looked at the junction point in the boot but all seems ok. The warranty has run out so after a £900 bill to fix the 2 injectors on i dont want to put it in...