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  1. Replacing Scenic 2 Bonnet. Please Give Advice.

    Hi everyone, this is my 2nd ever post :D . I have used the search function to go through the threads on the bonnet issues, but I've not found what I am after. I have a Scenic mk 2 1.6 petrol VVT. My bonnet had a chip that went right down to the metal and since pressur washing it, it has now...
  2. Renault Grand Scenic 2010 Check Parking Brake

    Hi everyone, We have an issue with our 2010 Renault Grand Scenic. This morning when I set off all was fine but once I stopped and turned the engine off the parking brake was flashing with the check parking brake warning flashing. I've also had it where I applied the handbrake at traffic lights...
  3. Oil leak on Renault Grand Scenic 57 plate 1.6

    Firstly guys this forum is amazing and altough I'm new I've been finding articles from years ago useful and for that I thank you. This issue I've put on here is because I have a feeling this won't be bespoke to me. Hopefully if I can get it fixed it will help others as I'm a family man and need...
  4. Immobilizer ??

    Hi All . I Have a problem with our Grand Scenic 1.6 petrol 07 plate . Long story short I meant to be leaving the car at home yesterday as wife had appointment. I did but took a key card with me ... Then phoned her and asked her to use spare key card which we 've never used before ... She...
  5. Grand scenic 3 wipers

    Hi having a good look at a faulty grand scenic 3 wiper motor & believe I have found a solution. Ridiculous price of these at some £300
  6. Scenic 3 Issues after changing brake fluid

    Have MOT in 10 days and the brake fluid was tested last year at 160 deg. C boiling point. So I changed it today, bought ATE DOT4 SL6. It was last changed at renault dealer in 2017 (7711575501, that should be plain DOT4). Good old one man pumping method, did it on a couple of cars, no problem...
  7. Grand scenic 3 1.5 dci p0202 code

    Hi I have a grand scenic 3 1.5 dci 110 with a p0202 code cylinder /injector 2 fault code. What cylinder is this please is it second in from gearbox or cam end?
  8. DF232 Scenic 1.9 dci 2008 pressure sensor shorted to ground...*Solved*

    Heating & cooling
    As doing the MIL's Nissan note Air con - I decided to see why the scenic had stopped working too, basically compressor has seized - its not compressor clutch, as free wheels the centre is stuck solid - tried to turn with water pump pliers ... FFS!!!! and system has no pressure, was gassed last...
  9. Mk3 scenic front wipers won't work ( Solved )

    Hi guys just wondering if you can help. As of today I tried the front wipers with no luck. I've check all the fuses and the wiper motor an all seem ok, the wiper stalk work for washers front and back as well as rear wiper but not the front wipers. I've no clue what to do or try nxt. All help...
  10. (diagnostics on Scenic ?)

    Scenic 1 yr. 2000. Diesel injector pump Bosch VE (4/11 E22125 R803) Question, as this pump is fitted to volkswagons, can a VAG.GOM VCDS (Rosstech) cable be used to set-up the pump in situe ?
  11. Check injection message Renault Scenic II 2006 1.9dci 96kw(131Hp)

    Hey! So time to time I get a Check injection warning on the dashboard and the car as they say goes into limp mode. Currently Im on the idea that the Map sensor could need some cleaning? Could that makes sense? As the times when the message appears are completly random. It can happen while im...
  12. Scenic 1 2lt gearbox compatability

    Hi all, I have a Scenic 2lt 2001 16v. I suspect the Gearbox has gone and have been trying to source a replacement but theres none around. Wandering if anybody can tell me other renault models which have the same gearbox or one that will fit at least, not worried to much about different raitios...
  13. Scenic mk3 auto -obd port

    Hi guys, I have a 2016 Scenic mk3 XMod auto, trying to locate the obd port but can't find it. Anyone know where it might be and how to get at it! Cheers
  14. Renault Scenic 2 EPB problem solved

    Hi All For weeks have been trying to resolve a problem with my Scenic 1.6 2004 ( 5 Seater). Replaced module and cables from a used car and programmed with can clip. Also managed to change VRN of unit by using Bluetooth Renault com (see previous posts). Brake is working fine in all modes...
  15. A/c pressure Sensor Test Renault Scenic II 1.9dci 96kw (131Hp) ( Solved )

    Heating & cooling
    Hey. So I set to repair my A/c system and its been a bumpy ride... But maybe just maybe the last thing I need to do is replace the A/c pressure sensor. At least thats what I gather from fault codes and a lot of google. Thou I still would like to test it before I go out and buy a new one. Is...
  16. Scenic Mk3 2009 High Level Brake Light Bar Removal (Solved)

    Ask the Experts
    The high level brake light bar (LEDs?) over the rear windscreen has stopped working. I've searched high and low to find out how to remove the bar, without success. I have access the rear of the bar from inside the tailgate and pushed in three metal, spring-loaded, lugs but I think there may be...
  17. Scenic Cranking but not starting

    Had noisy dephaser pulley on start up on Grand Scenic for years. Last week car seemed to be in limp mode (no power). Brought back home. 'Check Ignition' warning light was on I think. Refused to start after a few goes. Changed dephaser pulley, cam belt and associated rollers. The timing...
  18. Gutter trims mk1 scenic

    Hello.i am after a pair of gutter trims.for my renualt scenic mk1..i have looked every where.ebay scrap yards.nothing.can any one help me please.thanks mark
  19. Scenic Mk2 rear fog lights not working

    I have checked fuse and bulbs. There is voltage on the purple wire that goes to the tow bar (when I turn on the fog lights). But no voltage on the rear fog light bulbs. Any tips? See
  20. Renault Scenic 2 1.6 2004 idling issue

    Hi all, I am currently having a problem with my Scenic 2 1.6 petrol (5seater). On initial starting it idles ok for around 30 seconds and then cuts out. If i raise the revs slightly the rev counter moves up and down between 1000 revs and 2000 revs. There is a strong smell of petrol. After a few...