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  1. Scenics with different sized tyres

    Wheels & tyres
    I tried to post in the Scenic forum but got this message - sevenhills, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons: Why do some scenics have different sized tyres, mine has allow wheels and 185/65/15, I believe other mk1s have different sized...
  2. where my small black relays like scenics

    I can only see this pic I want my glowplug and fuel buzz back:mad::mad::mad::mad:
  3. Reviews on grand scenics

    General Chat
    What are peoples reviews on the 7 seater grand scenics? I had the older scenic few years ago and tbh was pretty good didn't have any issues. I need a 7 seater, are these pretty reliable and have any issues? Thanks
  4. "SOLVED" Panoramic Sunroof "Whistle" Issue for MK II Meganes, Scenics etc...

    "SOLVED" Panoramic Sunroof "Whistle" Issue for MK II Meganes, Scenics etc... After ages hunting down various ideas on what exactly causes this, it turns out its 1 thing that happens to involve to issues! Depending on the state of your runners and the black tabs that slide along the rail, it...
  5. Newbie (but not to scenics)

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi all, just thought that I would say hello. I have just scrapped 2 scenic 1's and went and got myself a nice shiny '55 Scenic II Auto. Went for the 2.0 in the end as I fancied a bit of poke under me after the two 1.6's. I love the styling, interior, seat height and the fact that I can drive...
  6. Garage cleanout tools parts Scenics, etc., VS1220 timing belt kit

    For sale
    Hi, I'm having a garage cleanout, I have two of these for sale , used one of them once , the other one was never used both in imaculate condition.... Sealey VS1284 Flywheel Locking Tool - Renault Petrol & Diesel Looking for £25 plus €7.50 P&P I also have a VS1284 Flywheel locking tool...
  7. My Scenics feeling like an old camper van! Vibration on idling and under load?

    Right, I drove to work this morning and back this afternoon and can definitely feel a weird low vibration on idle and at about 30mph under load only. If i put in the clutch and let it freewheel its not there so definitely only under load. It feels like youve changed gear from 2nd to 4th if you...
  8. Is there anywhere that buys scenics that need work doing?

    Cars & motoring
    my scenic has died yet again, first it was the dash, which was done under the recall thing at renault, then the alternator died and need replacing which cost over £500 and now I have been quoted £1800 to fix the latest problem as the turbo,intercooler and airflow meter need replacing as i lost...
  9. renault megane scenics front window wiper come loose

    Hi my renault megane scenics front window wiper nut holding the arm on to the motor has come off what size bolt do i need? would I be able to repair it myself? need to get it fixed urgently. thanks Jo
  10. where are the coil packs on scenics

    l have a scenic mark 1 s reg 8v and would like to know where the coil packs are under the bonnet, how many there are on this model, are they easy to replace, how l can test them if there are 2 how would l find if only one was faulty, and last but not least best places to buy them/how much would...
  11. 1.9 dCi/DTI diesel engine (F9Q) - same engine fitted from 1997 to 2007 scenics ?

    I've been looking at parts on one of the usual websites for Renault parts. I noticed that the 1.9 diesel engine - F9Q, seems to have been used for the whole life of the Scenic. From 1997 until now. Is that correct? If so, it used to be called the DTI, but I don't remember what power it was back...
  12. few questions about scenics?

    Cars & motoring
    hi guys just bought my first scenic a s plated 1.6 rt alize and am really pleased with the car first time in this type of car but there are a couple of questions about it. 1 = the clutch is it on a chain type of system(if you know what i mean)as it makes a slight metal grounding noise if you...
  13. Renault Scenic - Buyer's Guides - Review of 3 Scenics

    Although slightly out of date, below is a review I wrote not long after I took delivery of my third Scenic. I have now had 1 each of the 3 Scenic shapes. Hope it may prove to be useful to anyone considering buying a Scenic. I have now had my new Scenic for a couple of months, and, as this is my...