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  1. Potholes and screeching brakes - Clio 3 estate

    Wheels & tyres
    So yesterday I figured I would change the oil (127k miles now and still burns zero oil between changes). Then got carried away and went to investigate the vibration from the front end. All balance weights still there and not likely to be the issue as the vibration could be felt at 30mph but...
  2. Grinding / Screeching noise

    Hi all, Our 2013 Clio has just started to develop a grinding/screeching noise coming from the rear wheel/brake. Only seems to be the drivers side wheel, and only when the car is in reverse. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  3. Belt screeching and chirping

    Hi there. I have a 04 Kangoo Van. I have recently had a new battery, alternator and belt put on. It's been on several weeks now and the belt has started chirping when it starts and squeals as I pull off, but pretty much every time, by the time I'm in to second gear it's stopped. On tick over...
  4. Screeching noise

    Wonder if anyone can help? When braking my car makes a screeching noise, I've took it to a garage twice and both times have said they can't find anything wrong with my car, took my brake pads off cleaned them and behind and still makes the noise. It's doesn't seem as bad now it's been cleaned...
  5. Clio 4 Windows

    My Clio 4 Front windows screech when going up. They are fine when wet but awful when dry. Should I 'lubricate' the rubber seals and if so with what. Obviously I do not want smears all over the window. Bob Humphrey
  6. Another problem. Yay. Screeching noise.

    Hi there. Second post in a week. I've noticed in the last few weeks I've been getting a loud screech (imagine the sound of a wheelspin) coming from my back right wheel. Here is the list of the facts and conditions: -Only seems to occur when it is very wet, sometimes just a little wet but I...
  7. clio Authntique left wheel screeching

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi, yesterday i went up the curb while turning round and my left wheel made a funny screech a bit like rubber been pulled along something. i mentioned it to my dad when i got home and he said it sounds like it was just my steering pump going ten to the dozen when i turned full lock. today i...
  8. "screeching" noise when fuel pump primimg 1.9DCI scenic

    Hi all, apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere (I searched and couldn't find it). When I turn the key in the ignition but don't start the engine a screeching noise seems to be coming from behind my fuel filter area on my 1.9DCi 2000 scenic.. I'm having trouble to get the car started at...
  9. kangoo/clio alternator screeching

    the alternator on my kangoo has some sort of slippng clutch best way to discribe it it is screeching and getting very hot on the pulley end so any one know if there is a fix before i go looking for another one Ron
  10. Clio 1.5 DCI Screeching belt on cold start

    Folks Any tips on how I should tackle the above ? Alternator light is not on (so my thoughts are it's charging okay). Battery / Starter turns over healtihly and engine starts happily. It's just the screech. It used to last for 2-3 secs, then 5-10 secs now it's longer 15-20 secs. Suggestions...
  11. Screeching noise

    Hi all, first time poster but long time reader! I have myself a Renault Megane 1.4 (1390cc) Authentique (52-58) which makes it a Megane II I believe? The problem I am experiencing is a screeching noise (various noise levels). This only occurs when the car is cold/wet/been left over night. It...
  12. Screeching engine noise when accelerating / touching throttle

    Hi guys. This afternoon, the OHs 2003 Scenic 1.9 DCI started to screech under acceleration. Its ok on idle or coasting. It sounds as if it might be coming from the timing belt which is worrying. No arning lights... Anyone have any ideas please?
  13. Intermittent loud screeching in Clio

    Hi. My 2004 clio keeps making really loud screeching noise when driving, that continues for ages. The noise appears to come from somewhere under the front bonnet. However, it doesn't do it everytime I drive, doesn't do it when I start the engine and seems to happen regardless of weather...
  14. screeching at cold start

    As above, When the car has been left over night, it will struggle to start then screech until upto speed, then again at junctions. With poor performance. I dont have this problem when leaving work later on in the day. I had the fan belt changed yesterday but the same problem occured this...
  15. 2001 Clio Bad start when cold and now screeching noise too at times

    Hi my car didnt start so i replaced the battery and now when cold or damp in the mornings the car chuggs and screeched until warmed up and then drives fine what problem do you think is causing this ... any help would be great. Thanks
  16. alternator belt screeching

    replaced alternator had a clutch pulley changed to a solid pulley now have problem with screeching when damp weather gone through 3 fan belts in less than 6 months, was told the clutch pulley was a common fault and the solid one is what has replaced it? has anyone else had this problem?
  17. Kangoo noisy screeching starting

    Hi all, I have a renault Kangoo van 1.5 dci (53 Plate) 85000 miles, it has started to make a screeching noise, and a light knocking noise. This only happens for the first 15-20 secs when starting from cold in the morning. It sounds like the fanbelt slipping, but this alone wouldnt...
  18. Air Con Pump Screeching

    Hi All!! After changing my Power Steering Pump, bottom pulley, tensioner and Belt, the air con pump has now started to squeal when cold. After the engine has been running for around 5 mins, the sound goes. I also think the squeal almost dissapears with the air con on, but when the A/C is off...
  19. Dci not starting no turning over screeching noise

    hey guys first post here and its a problem. happend a couple of times not but after turning my car of and trying again it fires up. whats happening is i put my card in foot on the cluch press the start button and i just get this screeching noise but not fireing up. currently my car is stuck...
  20. Screeching Squeaking noise from Drivers front wheel

    Wheels & tyres
    Hey Y'all I noticed a few months ago that my clio was emitting a squeeking noise when I turned right. Not full lock turn, but even if i turn the steering wheel a few milimetres to the right. It seems to stop when i apply the brake? I went to take the Drivers side wheel off today to check it...