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  1. Heated rear screen Laguna Mk2 2ltrDCI sports tourer

    Heating & cooling
    Hi Guys, I'm new owner of a Laguna Mk2 2ltrDCI sports tourer, for a few weeks now :grin2: I noticed last week when it was frosty in the morning I turned on the rear screen demister, after a while i noticed that it didn't seem to be working, as you usually see a visual thawing of the frost...
  2. laguna 3 sat nav screen

    hi has anybody replaced sat nav screen on laguna 3 initiale is it easy to do or is it dash out thanks in advance
  3. Megane 3 - Installing newer OEM headunit and screen

    In-car entertainment
    Hi brains trust. I have scoured as best I could but wasn't able to find the answer. I currently have a 2013 Megane Privilege, with Satnav installed and the control in between the seats. The headunit has issues with the Arkamys system cutting audio to the tweeters in front so I am looking at...
  4. Navi screen not displaying anything?

    Hi all. On our 2008 Espace IV the Navi screen have gone dark. No stereo. No thermometer. No satnav. However the screen "glows" a bit when it's dark. Any suggestions? I'm also looking into a solution to stream music over Bluetooth to the stereo wich was not possible on the built in BT...
  5. Trip/Info screen problem,mpg display

    I have a 2014 Grand Scenic cdi and the trip computer is having some problems… It shows the km, trip, km from last destination resetting. Everything else seems to be resetting every so often. It shows average, distance, range, fuel used and all of a sudden; it flashes dashes at me, if it was...
  6. Fitting a flp-out screen DVD player

    My mottah!
    Hi, has anyone tried to fit a flp-out Player? Looking at the dashboard with the standard radio fitted it looks like the screen won't be able to come out to the vertical! Looking at the adaptor needed, again it does not look like the screen will come out far enough. Any ideas, please? Thanks for...
  7. Renault clio screen

    Central screen is coming on and off where you choose the radio and media. Mainly the picture is away and its just a white screen. 14 plate. Is there anyway to reset it? Or is it possibly the LEDs away?
  8. Koleos 2017 (pre-CarPlay)... can I access Spotify playlists etc from the car screen?

    Hi guys I've recently bought a 2017 Koleos, which unfortunately missed out on CarPlay / Android Auto found in the 2018 model upgrade. I'm using an iPhone, which I usually connect to the car using a lightening cable, as the sound quality is better (and the connection more reliable) than...
  9. Renault velsatis doesn't display on navigation screen

    Ask the Experts
    Hie I have got a Renault velsatis its doesn't display on navigation screen so I can't play my radio is there anyone who can help me with that problem because my radio needs a code but i am not able to do so because of the screen Sent from my BV6000 using Tapatalk
  10. Trip/Info screen problem

    I have a Renault Clio 1.2 16v Sport, Mk2 Ph2, and the trip computer is being a bit odd, it shows the mileage, trip, miles from last destination reset thing (or the second trip as I call it) and average speed, but everything else, just flashing dashes, so I can't see how many gallons I've used...
  11. Screen wash

    Makes up 25ltrs and does what it says on the bottle..:laugh: say no more..
  12. Sat Nav Lcd - missing lines on display screen

    09 G Espace. Bought with sat nav That has vertical lines across screen, still navigable with it. Bought 2nd hand screen, that was sold ***8216;tried & tested***8217; but lines still showing. Looks like issue is elsewhere, but where would elsewhere be, the CD itself ? ?, the disc reader ? ? Any...
  13. Radio completely dead and blank tom tom screen

    Hi everyone my cigarette lighter wasn’t working and I changed the fuse and now it’s working but ever since I changed the fuse my radio won’t work and my tomtom screen is completely blank. I have a mk3 Clio 62 plate, any help of advice would greatly be appreciated.
  14. Laguna III screen

    General Chat
    Does anyone know how to change the screen where the time and temperature appear? I know that the sd tomtom card is not there because without it the screen does not change
  15. Missing indications on dashboard screen (megane 2)

    Hi,I am two months now owner of a Megane estate 2007 and trying to solve several issues.A minor one is that after disassemblinhg the speedo panel in order to fix the disturbing noise of the dashboard (succeed using ptfe lubricant) I noticed that there are missing indications of tyre pressure and...
  16. Renault media nav 2013 plate not working switching on and off and screen freezing

    In Car Entertainment
    Hi I'm really hoping you guys can be of some assistance , I have a Renault Clio media nav 2013 the media nav screen freezes then switches on and off. when I press anything on the screen it is not responding please help ?
  17. Megane cabriolet mk1 rear screen replacement

    Hi guys forgive me if this as been asked many times before. I bought a megane cabriolet mk1. It has a very cloudy rear screen so tried to wipe it and hand went through it gutted as only had the car 2 days. I'm going to attempt repairing it myself but I'm thinking of different ways in which to do...
  18. White faded area on right of dashboard screen

    Does anyone know what might be causing this effect in the attached photo? It's a white triangular white area that starts on the right of the dashboard screen that displays the speedometer etc. It's strong white on the extreme right of the screen and then fades away to normal as it moves left...
  19. Touch screen fault

    Hi, New to the forum, help please. I've a Megane iv estate 2016 Reg. It's fitted with the R-Link multimedia system. My problem, is that the touchscreen has for no apparent reason become unresponsive. I can still access the system via the 'toggle' on the centre console, but obviously, the...
  20. renualt clio 2015 multimedia screen

    Hey . I bought the renualt clio 2015 and i have a issues with the touch screen first of all i cant change the music settings . i changed it and after i shout down the car its back to the music settings exmple bass +5 , trable +3 . i tried to restore the multimedia to factory settings and its...