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  1. scenic 1 door window seal

    Could anyone let me know the method used to remove the front door outside window seal on the RX4 (maybe the same as scenic 1) The seal strip is the black rubber strip on the outside along the top of the door skin. I'd like to remove it without damaging anything. I've tried gently levering it...
  2. Renault Espace 4 LH drive shaft seal.

    Dear All, I have changed the seal and bearing of the LH shaft as it was leaking. That did not really help so replaced the entire shaft. It has worked for a while until I had a relatively long drive today at average speed of 130 km/h. It is leaking again..... When it was replaced the workshop...
  3. J8S 742 2.1 TD crankshaft seal

    Does anyone know whether it is possible to replace the rear crankshaft seal on a J8S 742 2.1 TD without removing the engine? I***8217;m planning on taking the head off to replace piston rings. I have a bad oil leak from the rear by the bell housing and wonder if the leak could be caused by PCV...
  4. Oil leak- responsible seal?

    Hi, new to this (and relatively new to cars in general) I have a 1.5 grand scenic (2005) it has an oil leak... rather large one really, It***8217;s leaking approx 1L every 2 weeks (or roughly 200miles) I think this deal might be responsible but I frankly have no idea what it is! Is it a DIY or a...
  5. Power Steering oil seal

    Steering and Suspension
    Does anybody know the part number for a replacement oil seal for a G9T power steering pump? The pump is easy to dismantle and put back together but I can't seem to find an oil seal and loathed to pay for a new pump for the sake of a £3 seal. The existing seal has B39052 on it and the letters...
  6. Oil cooler seal on an espace 06 where do I get a seal without buying a new oil cooler

    Any help would be great thanks Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  7. Inner driveshaft seal (left side) Oil level gearbox **Fixed**

    Hi! I had to replace the driveshaft seal/gaiter on my Renault Laguna 2001 Type 2. Originally I had to change the outer one (left side/drivers side), so I emptied the gear oil and took out the drive shaft and fitted the new one. I put things together again and filled up the oil in the gear...
  8. DP0 Scenic II axle seal & fluid change questions

    Hi, my parents have recently bought a 2004 Scenic II with only 74k miles on the clock (confirmed mileage), the car is in great shape except for the shorter axle gearbox seal leaking. The gearbox is an automatic DP0 powered by 2.0 16v. I don't have any trusted mechanics around, and I fix most of...
  9. Sump Plug Seal (Megane III)

    Which seal do I use when doing the engine oil change? What's the torque tightness for the sump plug? Megane III Hatch 2009 Petrol 1.6 (VEH "BZ0H" ENG "K4M 848") Thank You.
  10. Which lip seal for a JC5 on 2000 Espace

    Hello to all, I have a leaking gearbox input shaft seal on my 2000 Espace 2.0 16v coupled to a JC5?. I've brought a new clutch and a seal which is incorporated with the clutch guide. But after a little more investigation it would seem there is another possibility for this seal, one that is...
  11. Renault Espace Master Cylinder Cap Seal?

    This may be a daft question but I had the "flashing brake warning" issue, on checking the fluid level it was only just on the minimum, when I removed the cap I _THINK_ something fell out of the cap. I am thinking this was a seal? I searched high and low for it and but it cant be found. I...
  12. Clio Coolant Leak - Can I K-seal it?

    Heating & cooling
    Hello - I've been lurking on here for a while and done a fair few repairs from forum post advice so thank you! I have just spotted a coolant leak on my '04 1.2L 16v Clio II Dynamique. I've tracked the leak down to a slightly damaged bit of plastic where the coolant system joins the engine block...
  13. Meganne gearchange oil seal

    Hi can anyone help I have a leaking seal on my Meganne mk1 1400cc 2002 its where the gear change goes in. I have heard you can get a seal which is easy to fit. I believe you take old one out and place this around. Sounds a bit like packing. Anyway I would be interested as leak is just getting...
  14. Espace4 quarter glass seal

    Hi all, On my car the above window seals have come off and appear too short (same as the one on the attachment).I purchased a pair of second hand one off ebay but they were exactly the same. I do see other cars where the seals go under the horizontal roof seal. My question is why would anyone...
  15. Replaced injector seal now Laguna Mk 2 1.9 dci won't start

    Hi I have a 2007 Laguna 1.9 DCI. The other day the car was running however I realised that one of the injectors was leaking. Being mechanically inclined and after some persuasion I removed the injector and seal. Cleaned it up and replaced with a new seal. I went to start the car which turned...
  16. Laguna 04 Caliper/Piston seal replacement

    Hi there, I have an 04 Laguna estate, replaced rear pads yesterday and lo and behold, brake fluid leak from piston area (rear drivers side). Ordered a new caliper for tomorrow morn. Spent ages on the pad replacement, not looking forward to replacing caliper. Is there anything I should be...
  17. Clio petrol cap seal

    Can anyone tell me if you can order a replacement rubber seal for the petrol cap or does it have to be a new cap, our 2002 Clio has just failed the MOT with this (and other things), thanks Barry.
  18. Sill Bung/Grommet - 2003 Renault Megane Scenic Fidji (auto)

    Hi, New to the forum and posting for some advice after having picked up the above car as a runabout. It's in pretty decent nick for an older car, so I'm chuffed at that but there's a couple of niggles I need to sort out: - the bung/grommet/seal or whatever you want to cal it has disappeared...
  19. Super 5 valve stem seal problem

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    Hi all I am having trouble getting the correct size valve stem seals for my 1989 S5 1.2 petrol (C1G 720 engine). I have ordered from two separate suppliers but they are too small to get onto the valve stem. Can anyone help me please. The valve stems are sized : Exhaust: O/Diameter = 11.10mm -...
  20. Espace 1.9 dies rear main oil seal

    I intend removing the engine on my Espace 1900 diesel as it has an annoying oil leak from the rear main oil seal. I believe I could remove the gearbox instead but I want to change all the gaskets and oil seals while I'm at it. My wirry is that I read somewhere that somebody had replaced their...