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    Do you use the search tab
  2. Electronics
    Hello everyone, im trying to find a logical pattern or even better a prepared list of renault specific faultcodes. Ive noticed that many begin with df...? i hope that every type uses the same kinds of codes to create a list of the fault code system....can anyone help me ?
  3. Electronics
    Have done a search, honest, found nothing Dumb question do you change front indicator bulbs on a Mk1 Ph2 Scenic? Karen xx
  4. Engines
    Hello fellow Renauphiles :d I came here in search of a solution for my crook Scenic 11 2.0L (Auto) that refuses to start. According to various very helpful post, it appears to be only a dirty TDC sensor - phew! The challenge for me now is locating the little devil, a moveable feast with the...
  5. Exterior styling
    Heya all, Had my MOT today and my clio failed on headlights being too scuffed up and not letting enough light through, (also a brake imbalance at the front.) I need to get some headlights within 10 days for the free retest. I have the Twin beams and they seem hard to come by. I would prefer a...
  6. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi there, Chances are, you have joined the swelling ranks of Renaultforums because your vehicle has an issue, or you are looking for assistance regarding maintenance. Don't worry, you are not the first to do so, and you won't be the last either. We are all here to help. To prevent having to...
  7. Announcements
    Could something like this be set up? Considering Renault are now doing 3 year as standard and 4-5 year guarantees. My last car(not renault) 1 year guarantee. Cambelt tensioner went at like 18 months. Dealer arent we nice repair under guarantee . The thing is this was a known fault in trade...
  8. In-car entertainment
    Does anyone know how to enter post code in Cabasse Audiotorium Tronic Sat Nav / Bluetooth Laguna II Ph2 system? Photo of system below
  9. Engines
    Afternoon guys and girls,i am new to the site and was after a little bit of Help from any Derby/Burton members I need to replace the alternator on my Espace and have looked at a few website and am getting quoted in excess of £100 and can't afford that this side of xmas so was wondering if you...
  10. In-car entertainment
    I've got built-in Carminat Nav in my Laguna, the CD is from 2008 and it doesn't give you the option to enter postcodes (I don't think). If I get an updated CD will I be able to set navigation by postcode? Cheers
  11. Cars & motoring
    Here's a useful search tool, gives you chassis numbers , engine number & bhp amongst other details, just enter your reg number:
  12. Older renaults (pre-1992)
    can anyone please help i have a 1987 trafic camper t1300 diesel,i have been looking for headlamps with no luck to date, any suggestions as to where i might find some would be most appreciated, thank you. :confused:
  13. Computer Club
    Hi all, I have a acer D250 netbook running xp pro' which i use as a standy. For some reason the search function has stopped working, this seems to be a common problem and there's a microsoft download tool. This failed and so did i, spending some time trying to resolve it. I have a set of...
  14. Engines
    I'm trying to remove the plastic on the left of the below image (unsecured at the top at A). I'm struggling to remove it at C. Am I going in the right direction, should I just use more plus gas? Thanks!
  15. Announcements
    Hi I've have just joined the forum and am finding the search engine to be quite primitive. I looked for guidance on how to write complex queries but didn't find anything; is there anything available?
  16. RSS feeds launches contestant search for the ultimate road trip Click here to read more »
  17. Announcements
    The forum database has, of late, become very large. To optimize the performance of the forum, and to get the backup down to a reasonable size, this afternoon I will be changing the search facilities from the standard built-in vBulletin search to the more efficient mySQL full text search. This...
  18. Electronics
    Hi all, just recently got myself a v plate laguna 16v sport, so Im guessing its a facelift phase 1? The car has really really poor radio reception, and will barely just about pick up the BBC stations with the strongest signals such as radio 1 etc. the car must have the aerial built into the...
  19. Announcements
    Hi, Is there any reason that the search delay is required, on occasions I start one search followed by another and get the message below TBH occasionally it does get up my nose, although if I understood the required reason for this delay the happier I would be :cool: This forum requires...
  20. Announcements
    Hi, I've noticed that when I try to use the "Search This Forum" search box that the box keeps on disappearing while I'm typing in it...clicking back on it brings it back up but it's quite annoying...anyone else having this problem? Also when I click on a thread in the forum the page opens with...