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  1. Interiors
    Hi everyone, greetings from New Zealand—and probably one of two non-RS Mégane III coupé owners here. I own a 10 reg I-Music 1·6 petrol (VVT 110). I heard something snap today when tilting the passenger seat forward. The seat tilt is fine but the seat itself no longer moves forward once tilted...
  2. Interiors
    Hello All, I am new to the community My car's driver passenger is electric that moves forward when car is ignited and back when it goes OFF. BUT my seat has been stuck in a range that doenst allow me to move it further back, all other seat functionalities work even moving forward and hackwork...
  3. Interiors
    Noticed some folks having same issue I had in my Clio with the Airbag and Service Light A possible cause may be what happened to mine: Have a few pics below of the broken cable to connector(SPS) found under driver seat ( which happened when I moved the seat back) Disconnect the battery ( I...
  4. Interiors
    I have Renault Clio Dynamic tomtom 1.5DCI 2011 and I'm looking for a new drivers side seat, have come across some mk4 seats for sale on ebay does anyone know if they would fit? or have any good ideas of where to get decent replacements?
  5. Interiors
    Hey! I have a 2014 Renault master van that came without a passenger seat. I bought a matching seat and plan to install it, then get the van compliance checked, but before I can install it I need to buy bolts for it as the seat did not come with any. The van has the bolt holes required, and the...
  6. Cars & motoring
    Hello all, Newbie alert here. We've had our 2007 2.0dci for about 6 months and absolutely love it so far - it's the interior space and ability to move 3 kids and all their beach inflatables around on holiday that we love. I took out one of the seats from the middle row so it's a 2+2+2...
  7. Electronics
    Hi Does anyone know if there is a part to repair a broken clasp connector that goes into centre rear seat belt buckle for seat belt warning system and if possible a part number. Cant seem to find it on the renault part list. Had a broken wire right on bottom of connector Renault grand scenic...
  8. Electronics
    Hi I recently bought a 2010 Renault Megane 1.5dCi.. The only problem I have is the seat belt alarm was going off even when seat belts were fastened....I bought seat belt alarm stoppers off ebay which you connect into the seat belt holder... I put them in. 1 in drivers seat 1 in passengers...
  9. Electronics
    I have seen this thread before but I need a clear picture of where the drivers seat position sensor connects can't see it at all thanks
  10. Electronics
    Hi When I bought the car I found (after) that the footwells filled delightfully with water and the wiring loom under the drivers seat (in my LHD car) was a malignantly furry and corrossive monstrosity. Multiple wire fractures and nastiness. Unfortunately the wiring colours do not match up at...
  11. Ask the Experts
    Hi i would like your help i have a mk2 megane and the rear seat holder wer the seat clips in. Could sum1 pls tell me what they cum under as i need a new 1for mine i have looked everywhere on Internet thanks
  12. Electronics
    Put aftermarket seats in but cant get this code off it says open circuit or short circuit to 12+ permanant .. do i use a resistor? Tried a 3.9 resistor but does not work its on a clio mk2 1.4 16v
  13. Interiors
    Hi, I have a Renault Megane Scenic 1.9l diesel from the year 2000 and I need to change the seat belts but I can't take off the top trim of the B pillar without breaking the unlocking knob, I really need help on how to remove the trim without breaking off the knob. Thanks
  14. Electronics
    Can't see it in the manual.
  15. Interiors
    I have a Megan Coupe mk3, i want tailored leather seat covers, where can i get them ?
1-15 of 500 Results