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  1. Custom seat configurations in a Trafic minibus - looking to carry people & bicycles.

    Custom seat configurations in a Trafic minibus - looking to carry people & bicycles. Hello forumites, newbie here. I am currently looking for a new vehicle - I'm a keen cyclist, so am looking for a van type vehicle, that can move 4-5 people, and 4-5 full sized, fully assembled bikes. Luggage...
  2. Rear seat 2010 Grand Scenic won't fold down

    Hi and good morning! The rear seat on our grand scenic is stuck in the upright position and will not fold down. When you pull the red tab to fold the seat down, there is no give and it doesn't move at all. Is it an easy fix (has cable or pulley come loose maybe) and can a novice attempt it...
  3. Laguna 2 phase 1 seat swap

    Can I swap my manual seats for electric/heated ones and would that involve fitting a new wiring harness (I noticed spare electrical connectors under my manual seats) Granvil
  4. Rear seat covers for 2014 Scenic

    Hello, Does anyone know of a stockist that sells reasonably priced rear seat covers that will properly fit the 3 rear seats of a 2014 Scenic? Many thanks :)
  5. Renault Modus 2005 rear seat belt buckle replacement

    Hi, how do you replace the seatbelt buckle rear driver side? I've managed to get thru the buckles underneath the seat but have no idea how to remove them.
  6. Driver Seat

    Campervan Chat
    Hi, Would a Clio Sport driver seat fit into a Traffic ? Thanks
  7. Grand Scenic III Privelege Heated Seat problem

    hi, wondering if anyone knows about what might be wrong with the driver's heated seat function on our 2009 Grand Scenic Privelege? Used to work until last winter, when for a while it used to go to full power even on the first of its three settings, now it doesn't work at all. Oddly though, the...
  8. Espace 5 (2th row middle seat error)

    Hello, I have a renault Espace 5, and i can't close the middle seat on the middle row (i have 7 seats). I can close it by hand, but on the tablet it stays closed while the seat is up? Therefore i can't close it on the tablet, and i can't close it with the button's in the trunk. Does anyone know...
  9. Master seat swap.

    I drive about 1500 miles per week, but my seat is killing my back, is there an alternative drivers seat that can be used that is more comfortable, that will fit. Thanx in advance.
  10. Meganemk 1 cabriolet seat replacement

    Interior styling
    Hi, I've had a search on here but not found any info but I'm wondering if any one has or knows if later model front seats fit into the megane mk1 cabriolet? tia
  11. Autolock and seat belt warning alarm

    ok the old 2005 G-Scenic had Autolock to doors once over 6mph and as well as a visable (miss-able) AND audible seatbelt undone warning buzzer - the new 2008 G-scenic doesn't have autolock or the warning buzzer alarm for seat belt, I'm guessing a dealer only addition (or ren can clip) needed to...
  12. 2013 Scenic: Loose wiring under passenger seat

    Hi, Picked up my 'new' 2013 Scenic XMod yesterday and it's great. But I just noticed when sitting on the back seat what looks like a wiring loom sticking out - under the passenger seat there is a fairly large wiring loom - one side black and one side yellow with large round clips on one side...
  13. Drivers seat rocking

    My drivers seat seems to be rocking at the back of the rail, the rail it slides on nearest to passenger side on my clio 2003 . There doesn't seem to be a 10mm nut or bolt though to do up on the rail on the inside of the car. Will i have to jack car up and do a nut or bolt up from underneath the car?
  14. Will I need to replace the Airbag computer box if the Seat Belt tensioners have fired

    Hi, I have a 2002 Scenic and the Seat Belt tensioners fired when my wife hit a truck tyre carcass. The service (SERV) and Airbag Icon are lit. I've heard from the panel beater and a person that services the car that I will need to replace the Airbag computer box. Is this correct or will I just...
  15. Scenic 2017 Rear Seat Size?

    I'm trying to hire a car in France to fit 2 adults and 3 children in. I requested a Grand Scenic as we have a 2011 Grand Scenic at home and I know it has 3 proper seats in the middle row and we can fit our 3 car seats in one row. The hire company can't do a Grand Scenic but have offered a...
  16. LHD Drivers seat armrest

    Hi, sorry if in the wrong place, but does anyone have for disposal a genuine Renault Armrest for a 2002/3 Phase 2 Scenic which is LHD Willing to pay (inc. shipping to France) for the right piece Thanks in advance !
  17. Clio drivers seat airbag

    I have a problem that my air bag and service wont go away i soldered the Passenger seat cables and no luck so my last choice is to solder the drivers seat wires and theres that many i dont want to mess it up anyone know how to i cant find any help online.
  18. R2 connector under passenger seat

    Im really hoping someone can help I borght an 04 grand scenic mk2 (I know gluten for punishment first Clio this will be my 3rd mk2 scenic lol) anyway got it home and noticed a serious oil leak took it to the garage parked it up the garage go to start it and its completely dead!! No electrics no...
  19. Renault Scenic rear seat stuck

    I have a 1999 V reg Scenic sport and one of the rear seats ( not the middle one) won't release to fold forward. It was fine the last time we used it but now when you pull on the metal handle one side will release from the bar on the floor but the other side seems to be jammed. Any ideas how I...
  20. Koleos seat belt chimes **Fixed for now**

    My seatbelt warning has just started going off even though I am wearing it. It stops for a while when I go round a sharp corner left and right. Is it a sticky relay or something, I have no idea.