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  1. Megane 3 'no rear seatbelts fastened' message

    Hi guys, my megane 3 shows a message 'no rear seat belts fastened' when i 1st start the car but as soon as i set off the mesage goes, i havent really noticed this before so is it supposed too? (only had the car a month) the reason i ask is that i recently had to lift and fold rear seats and im...
  2. Dog Eaten Seatbelts - Replaced but now airbag fault

    Hi Everyone Our dog has eaten through the 2 middle seat belts in our Grand Scenic. We've managed to get replacements from a scrappers, same model car, year and type. We've got the old ones out and put the new ones in but now it's showing the airbag light on the dashboard! Not sure if we need...
  3. Scenic III rear seatbelts

    Hi, new to this and looking for some help. Had my 10 plate scenic 3 for a few months. Getting the 2 rear seatbelts fastened message on dashboard. Any ideas on how to solve this problem. Many thanks.
  4. Mouldy seatbelts

    Hi, I am new to the forum, so apologies if this has been covered before, but i have just bought a Clio Dynamique, 1.2 2003, that has been stood around for a while, and the seatbelts have mould on them. I did not want to remove the belts for cleaning, but wanted something that would get the mould...
  5. megane 3 rear seatbelts

    I've just bought my 2nd Renault and I'm having problems fastening the middle rear seatbelt. Previously in my old Clio, I could clip all 3 seatbelts with no problems. My new megane is a nightmare! The 2 holders (where you clip them into) are infront of each other rather than back to back and...
  6. 2002 scenic front seatbelts

    Anybody got a pair front belts scenic 2002 that are in full working order and nice and clean?
  7. rear seatbelts - how to replace?

    Does anyone have a detailed guide on how to replace rear seatbelts in a Scenic megane unfortunately my dog has chewed through both rears side leaving the middle only alive! any advice most wanted thx jumpjet
  8. Clio mk2 rear seatbelts?

    :d Hi First post here:d Ok so i have a 51 Clio mk2 thats due it MOT next week :mad: The rear seatbelts dont seem to want to work the middle one is ok and that works in the other buckles, but the two left and right in the back have a diffrent shape clip. I've had a look in some other...
  9. rear seatbelts query

    i,ve just had my third child and i can't seem to find where the middle seatbelt clips into are you able to strap 3 kids in the back any other car i've had has had 3 buckle holders in the back including my 96 laguna
  10. Scenic Rear Seatbelts

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    Does anyone know if the rear seatbelts on a 2003 dci are easily fittable? I've had most of the plastic trim away to expose the inertia reel and am ready to go with a replacement but the reel does seem have wiring attached? for airbag or srs I guess? Just wondered if anyone has attempted this...