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  1. Interiors
    I am curious to know if there is any restrictions I need to take into account if I decide to permanently remove the rear seats of my car (3 door Clio Mk 3), as they're redundant in use, take room and are added weight. From my research on online forums, I've seen a few with a similar idea, and...
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    After our Renault Megane 2.0i16v engine went to heaven after the cambelt snapped, we went and bought matching Ford Pumas and more recently my wife has had a Vauxhall Tigra and I have a Eunos Roadster (MX5 - Japanese Import) - both two seaters but we both love driving in the open. As we now have...
  3. For sale
    59k on clock. Full service history. I can provide full details and pictures upon request and i'm open to offers. DM/ PM me
  4. Interiors
    Guys, I'm looking at cars that will fit 3 car seats in the rear. Scenic makes the list but I haven't been able to view one yet. Would anyone be able to do me a huge favour and measure the width of the rear seats?? Thanks!
  5. Interiors
    Dear All, I bought a NOV-2014 Grand Kangoo in 2015 with only 5 seats. Now i would like to buy one additional foldup seat for the 3rd row. (4th child!):surprise: Local Renault Garage wasnt Aware (or not bothered) of possibility to order and build one in ! Renault Website doesnt offer any...
  6. Interiors
    hi, just bought a 2005 2.2 espace, it is a high end model but seats look tatty, found a set of 7 in leather but fronts are electric, anyone know if loom is present? if not just supply power or more to it than that? steve
  7. Interiors
    Has anyone fitted a different drivers seat to a Grand Scenic (62 plate) as the leather on the booster has now split, which makes me think that its not actually leather, probably more plastic ? Would like a more comfortable seat to replace it with if possible, but not sure whats possible with...
  8. Interiors
    I'm new to this forum, and wanted to know if anyone could recommend where to buy second hand crew cab seats. We have a 2005 Renault Trafic van (6 seats) and we desperately need replacement seats in the back. I've looked on ebay but all seem in poor condition. Could also do with a new drivers...
  9. Interiors
    Okay, here goes. I have a Megane 1 face lift soft top, 03 reg, 1.6 16v. I have changed the seats to full leather as the originals were shot but there's a problem, the old seats had airbags in them and the new ones don't so my question is how do I get the airbag light/service light to go out? Do...
  10. Interiors
    Wondering if the seats out of a Clio would fit in a Grand Modus, Wanting to fit leather/half leather but Modus leather seats are hard to come by.
  11. Interiors
    I have just purchased a twingo Dynamique on an 18 plate. Is it possible to fit heated seats to it. It was an option when I order my car but I didn***8217;t pick it. Now I wish I did. Will Renault fit them for me?
  12. Interiors
    Hi. Looking to replace the twin passenger seat with a single. We have a LHD so first thought was a UK drivers seat but the seatbelt receiver would be on the wrong side. Cant swop to the other side as there is an adjuster handle in the way. Is there another model of Renault van who's seats would...
  13. Interiors
    Anyone help how do I fit Clio sports seats into 2007 kangoo ??
  14. Electronics
    Hi, I removed the rear seat from my scenic to clean them then reinstalled the next day now I’m gettting a warning on the dash in relation to the seat belts. Is there some reset procedure or have I not fitted the seats properly? Thanks in advance...
  15. Interiors
    Would Peugeot 206cc of Audi TT seats front and back fit a mk1 megane cab without much tinkering around?
  16. Interiors
    Been looking into changing seats in my Mk1 phase 1 Laguna. Don't really like any Mk1 seats, but I love the seats in the Mk3 and Coupé, half leather. Would it be a fairly straight forward job, and would it be possible to power the electrics in them?
  17. Interiors
    Hi all! Fancied a little more lux in my megane rs 250 cup and so I'm in the process of retrofitting the electric, heated and leather seats from the sport. Fitting the driver side one threw the airbag light on, which my autospark solved with a little wiring (think he stated there was an airbag...
  18. Interiors
    Just bought a 2008 grand Espace Initiale. The large flaps on the back of most of the seats are hanging down limply. They seem to be supported on two weak elastics that are well past their best; I've tried a new stronger bit of elastic but it still tends to droop. Does the flap need to open...
  19. Interiors
    Hi folks. I have a 2006 grand espace and would like to fit captains seats ( swivel bases ) it appears all mark 1 , 3 and 3 cars had them but the mark 4 doesn't. does anyone know if mark 3 seats will fit a mark 4? and if not, is it possible to mount the current seats on a swivel base...
  20. Interiors
    Hi everyone, I have a couple of knackered front seats in my megane cabriolet mk1 and am struggling to find mk1 cab ones, what other cars seats will bolt straight in? I have a pair of mg zr seats I acquired a while ago does anyone know if they will be a straight swap?