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  1. Electronics
    Hi all i have a Renault Trafic sport 2015 plate and come across the secret menu in the radio does anyone know the code to enter it?>:) also is there anything in there worth turning on/off to get some added features :) Eg like having the onboard computer on the radio instead of the dash and...
  2. Electronics
    Hi Guys, I'm looking for a wiring diagram for my Espace IV 1.9dci but have drawn a blank. Nothing on the web. Do Renault keep them a closely guarded secret or am I just not looking in the right places? Thanks. Torq
  3. General Chat
    I don't think they wanted anyone to know. Alan Eustace Beats Felix Baumgartner's Skydiving Record
  4. Formula 1 news Bull have revealed that Hollywood legend Tom Cruise recently tried out one of their Formula One cars in a specially organised test in the United States. Cruise took a break from his current film project, Mission: Impossible Ghost...
  5. Wheels & tyres
    I am a total ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ !!!!! I tried to change my own rear pads - halfway through I realised I couldnt return my pistons into the calipers - but a friendly mechanic freind said he,d do it with his piston return kit ........I was happy and put the caliper back on and refitted the wheel and pulled...
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    Really glad to see we are so well protected:rolleyes: The threat seems to be from within the realm:crazy: :crazy: Our data is safe :(
  7. Electronics
    Hi all, :) I'm new to the forum. I just bought an 06 plate Laguna II GT DCi and I was hoping someone could help with a few audio troubles I'm having. I wanted to connect my MP3 player to the Cabasse system. I've seen a cable on ebay (from goldie off this forum) that connects to the aux...
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    Rallycross Rallycross: motorsport's best kept secret - 4Car Feature - from Channel 4
  9. General Chat
    Secret green tax blitz Secret green tax blitz planned for cars, air travel and consumer goods | the Daily Mail
  10. General Chat
    If your garage is full of junk and you would like to put your car away for the winter, here is a tip next time you clean out the garage. Mark out three separate areas and number them 1 , 2 & 3. In area 1 put the things you think you need. In area 2 put the things you might need. In area 3 put...