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  1. Megane II expression 2 ltr sedan 2007 fan issue

    My megane's air con and heating fan will not work. I can not hear any noise from it.The heater and air con work but are not effective as the fan is not working at all. I can not use the demister either. I have checked the fuses and they seem to be ok. Any one got any ideas what the problem could...
  2. Renault symbol (Clio 2 Sedan) intermittent wiper not working

    Hi, I cannot get the intermittent wiper function to work. In position 1 or 2 the wipers work fine. What controls the intermittent function, relay? -Marko
  3. All New Megane Sedan not for UK! How to get One?

    Cars & motoring
    Hi, I have heard that a new Megane Sedan will be available in right hand drive in Ireland but will not be available in the UK. Is it possible to import this car and how is it done. I'm looking for a good price too through a broker. Thanks in Advance
  4. Megane 2 Sedan engine swap

    Hi guys Im new to forum, and i have some questions to ask you... I own Megane 2 Sedan 1.5 dci 2006 ph2, and I want to swap engine with Megane 2 2.0 dci, because i couldnt find megane sedan with 2.0dci when I purchased mine..... Is that possible and how much will it cost? Also one stupid...
  5. Megane II 1.5 dci Sedan does not want to go

    Hello, Around a month ago, when I was waiting at the red light, I wanted to move when it changed for green however, I felt that the car did not want to move and it was rocking a lot. I was so surprised for a moment then I changed the gear for two and back to one and finally moved without a...
  6. Megane II Sedan 2008

    My mottah!
    My Megane II Sedan, 1.6, 16v !
  7. Clio 4 Sedan Rear Seat Removal and Maximum Length for Sleeping

    Every year for the last 4 years we have leased a Clio 3 Estate for 4 months to travel around Europe. We car camp and stay at camp grounds and sometime free camp. To do this I remove the back seat base and back and install a wooden platform and an Ikea mattress. I have previously asked...
  8. 2006 Renault Megane II Sedan - Starting issues

    So I've read through the FAQ and articles but couldn't find anything that sounds similar to the issues I'm having. I'll try to describe my problems to the best of my abilities, so here it goes... About a month ago, I noticed that when I hit the Start button the engine tries to turn and it...
  9. Engine number location on a Renault Megane Sedan '05' 2.0 16V

    Hey Guys! I have just joined this forum and need some help with finding the engine number on a '05 Megane sedan 2.0 16v? I have been told it is located on the engine block between the oil filter and gear box! but it wasnt visible from looking from above! Does any one know where i can find...
  10. Renault finalises Fluence Z.E. sedan and Kangoo Van Z.E. designs

    Renault news
    Renault unveiled the finalized designs of the Fluence Z.E. sedan and Kangoo Van Z.E., after their concept were unveiled last year, at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show and at the COP 15 (United Nations Climate Change Conference) in Copenhagen details and photos here...
  11. relanti renault megane sedan 1.4 2004

    ειμαι στην ελαδα(greece) εχω megane sedan2004 και οταν ειναι ζεστο δεν κραταει ρελαντι οταν παταω start μολις προχωρισει το αυτοκινητο 2μετρα ολα ειναι ok τι να κανω; translated version *I am elada (greece) I have megane sedan2004 when it is hot does not keep idling when I press start the car...
  12. removing the rear compartment on Megane Sedan

    Hi Does any body here knows how to remove / disassemble the rear compartment that locate on the rear shelf on Megane Sedan (it's a 1.5 DCI sedan ) inside the trunk is looks like this: the main purpose is to remove it and install hi-quality component speakers there .. since no extra...