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  1. how to send via pc a file

    Computer Club
    not done anything like this in a while need to send a file 40mb in size to another any ideas as i have run out of them
  2. HELLLLLLLPPPPP! Will send cupcakes to whoever can help!

    Hi all, Hopefully this will be my first and last post in this forum. I have a Renault Megane Convertible 2004, it's battery died on my yesterday, so I purchased a new one and replaced it. Naturally I thought the car would run perfectly after that, but the car refused to start, as if it was...
  3. How do I send two alloy wheels to Dublin

    Cars & motoring
    Hi. I need help!! I have 2 alloy wheels for sale, and I have a buyer who lives in Dublin and I live in Staffordshire!!:confused: How on earth do i send them to him? He sounds a really nice guy, and suggest I get the (worn) tyres removed (at his cost) to reduce the cost. Any Ideas welcome please...
  4. can i send a message to someone?

    how do i send a private message to someone - from this forum? ty