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  1. Clio 1.4 8v 1999 coil not sending spark to plugs

    Hi My name is Joy and have just joined. My Clio 1.4 8V is in trouble. Engine turning, electrics working but no spark from coil to plugs. It has been sitting in a garage for nearly six months. Mechanic says he has tried everything he can think of. billed me for work so far 130.00 pounds but...
  2. Nervous sending my keycard to be repaired, anyone used these services at all??

    HI all! My megane has decided to break again, telling me the cards not detected?? I have done a lot of reading the past few days and think its probably the card that needs a bit of soldering work done?? im about to send it to and was just wondering if anyones used them at all? Any...
  3. Clio sending out blue smoke

    i have recently bought a mk2 clio 1.5 DCI and its just started to emit blue smoke on reving the engine. I heard that this is an existing problem with many of these cars and have changed the turbo as a garage advised. the problem is still persisting can anyone tell me if it is likly that the...
  4. sending a pm

    do i have to do a certain amount of posts before sending a pm? wish to speak to someon bout offering discount on a product which can be collected at FCS...ive filled in the contact us form and its been sent to "webmaster" stating everything i want to do and who i am and bit bout me and my...
  5. Sending a Video Via Email But Its To Large

    Computer Club
    Hi all iam trying to send a Video file that i uploaded from my camera yesterday to a friend and its size is 141MB but my BT email account limits me to 20MB:crazy::confused:IS THERE A WAY ROUND THIS??:o:d iam sure there is i just haven't done it:o Cheers Donald
  6. Renault Scenic 1 - 1.6 16 Valve ECU Problem?.

    Hi, really hoping someone can help. Haven't even had the car a week, was driving it when it just suddenly cut out. The it wouldn't turn over. Worked out the ignition barrell was faulty meaning once it had started the starter motor was stuck on, which must have then burnt it out, so I replaced...