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  1. Speed sensitive stereo volume: Laguna V6

    Such a little issue but it's really getting on my nerves! The car is my 2002 Laguna 3.0 Dynamique, with the standard Renault single disc CD player. The car, like a few of my other Renaults has speed sensitive stereo volume, where it increases ever so slightly with speed to account for higher...
  2. Rain sensitive wipers

    Hi can you tell me how these work as i dont have a hand book with my car,I know there is a sensor on the windscreen but it was raining today and mine never came on until i moved the stock to start them.
  3. 2002/52 Scenic Speed sensitive radio.

    Hi all, I have recently tried to change my factory fitted CD player to an Aftermarket CD player. The problem was the Speedometer and digital mileage counter stopped working. I e-mailed renault themselves who informed me that the Radio is "speed sensitive". This, i have found, is connected to the...
  4. clio spongy brakes!!!

    "load sensitive pressure regulating valve!" I have never seen a longer name for a car component... Anyway hello! I have a mk2 1.2 clio drum brakes rear. When I got it 2 years ago the breaks were absolutely amazing very powerful and strong. However now (30,000 miles later) they are very spongy...
  5. Rain Sensitive Wipers

    My Laguna has Auto Wipers, it's the first car I've had with a luxury like this. I thought they were faulty at first, but after reading the owner's manual, it's normal... In order for the wipers to work on auto mode, they have to be switched off when the engine is turned off, to then be turned...
  6. sensitive alarm!!

    My car alarm, on my Megane C.C., goes off two or three times a night. (Whenever a heavy lorry goes past) I've spoken to the local dealer who suggested spraying WD40 on the bonnet catch as they have a sensor which sometimes got clogged and makes the alarm a bit sensitive. Tried it, didn't work...
  7. Clio Automatic lights on and rain sensitive wipers upgrade

    Cars & motoring
    Can anyone tell me how to upgrade my Clio with the automatic lights on feature and the rain sensitive wipers. Is all the wiring required in place? Do i just need to get a windscreen with the sensors on and then change the wiper and light switches? Plus program the ECU
  8. Mobile spying service leaked sensitive details to the masses

    Computer Club
    Mobile spying service leaked sensitive details to the masses | The Register " The makers of Mobile Spy like to tout their tool for secretly tracking calls and text messages on smart phones as the perfect way to monitor employees or teens or catch cheating spouses. According to F-Secure, the...
  9. Sensitive alarm on Lag 2

    Anyone got any ideas on the ability to adjust sensitivity on a lag 2 Tourer alarm. Only goes off when slow moving vans, lorries or Mr souped up celica drives past... In quite a small terraced street so don't want to wind the neighbours up. It resets after a while but I'm sure it's getting more...
  10. Over sensitive alarm - Renault Scenic Dci Privilege Monaco 2002

    I was away in Sheffield last night (200+ miles from home). My girlfriend called me to say that it was raining hard and thundery at home and my Scenic (which I've only had since Saturday) alarm was going off all the time and then a whistling type noise was coming out of it when disarmed. It was...
  11. Rain Sensitive Wipers

    Hi all, i want to find out if my laguna has rain sensitive wipers and how do i turn them on, or will they switch on automatically.:confused: Its a 2002 Laguna Initiale. Many Thanks