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  1. Can a bad coolant temp sensor cause hard warm starting?

    1.5 dci, 2003 clio 2. My clio starts really hard when warm, but it's fuel economy is good, and it doesn't overheat. Besides that can the coolant temp sensor be the problem. I already changed tdc, no change at all.
  2. Scenic 1.6 16 V Fault codes P1036 and P0141 Thoughts Please

    Hi all, topped up the petrol in the car last week and it was running fine to the petrol station. Topped up around 7 gallons and on the way home it was giving an occasional little miss then picking back up. The OH has driven it for a week and she has noticed this little miss, the engine just...
  3. Camshaft Sesnor Renulat Laguna 2 (03plate) 1.8petrol

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    Hi, Been trying to find a replacment sensor on all the various car parts websites but not finding it. They all just keep showing crankshaft sensors. Any ideas? Lst week whilst i was driving the car just randomlly cut out and wouldnt restart.Around 8 months it was confired after intermitent cut...
  4. DF232 Scenic 1.9 dci 2008 pressure sensor shorted to ground...*Solved*

    Heating & cooling
    As doing the MIL's Nissan note Air con - I decided to see why the scenic had stopped working too, basically compressor has seized - its not compressor clutch, as free wheels the centre is stuck solid - tried to turn with water pump pliers ... FFS!!!! and system has no pressure, was gassed last...
  5. Wheel speed/and sensor ( Solved )

    Hi all iv replaced a wheel speed/abs sensor but fault still shows on dash. Does it have to be reset by diagnostic tool to clear it. Its a laguna 2.2 diesel 2005 Thanks in advance
  6. A/c pressure Sensor Test Renault Scenic II 1.9dci 96kw (131Hp) ( Solved )

    Heating & cooling
    Hey. So I set to repair my A/c system and its been a bumpy ride... But maybe just maybe the last thing I need to do is replace the A/c pressure sensor. At least thats what I gather from fault codes and a lot of google. Thou I still would like to test it before I go out and buy a new one. Is...
  7. Coolant temperature sensor

    Heating & cooling
    Hi. Can some one please tell me where the temp sensor is on my 05 1.9dci trafic. And is there any other temp sensors in here? I've had a look around here and the engine bay but I'm stuck. Ta Daz
  8. 04 kangoo crank sensor

    Hi I have 04 1.6 auto kangoo My alternator put 30+ volts to coils Have replaced spark plugs coils and have new alternator I can't get the engine to start No faults on computer I'm now trying to locate crank shaft sensor Could someone please help
  9. location: Fuel pressure regulator and Fuel pressure sensor Renault laguna 3

    Could you please guide me to reach to Fuel pressure regulator and Fuel pressure sensor Renault laguna 3 location? attached engine photo..
  10. Traffic exhaust pressure sensor

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    Evening all, cry for help, has anyone changed an exhaust pressure sensor on a traffic? The upstream of turbine sensor, rear left of the engine cover and the pipe bolts to the manifold. It's a '64 reg traffic R9M twin turbo, I cant see how I can get to the pipe without moving the turbo? Surely...
  11. testing crank sensor

    hello, i have had starting problems on and off for a while, sporadic though becoming more common. the engine will crank without issue but the car will not start. had it today, got a push, the guy was walking, i dropped the clutch and it fired to life without issue. sometimes if i leave it for a...
  12. Is anyway to disable all sensor Renault laguna 3 1.5dci?

    I am getting Injection Check message randomly but mechanic not able to understand why it's coming as it's comes not frequently so not sure what exact condition it's triggering. there I am finding way to disable all sensor Renault laguna 3 1.5dci. Also I have driving test so I don't want it...
  13. Tdc sensor location?

    Hi, I'm trying to locate the tdc sensor on my clio 2006 1.4 petrol, I have taken out the battery and air vent system I can see the gearbox and back off motor but I can't see the tdc sensor anywhere! Please help if you have photos and guidance would be great!
  14. Position of DPF/FAP pressure sensor on 2006 Espace 2.0DCi *** Fixed ***

    Good morning everyone, its a sunny day in East Anglia! I am seeking some help to confirm the position of the DPF differential pressure sensor on my 2006 2.0DCi grand espace. I have patched up the pipes a couple of times and the car has been running fine over the last 2 years, but last night...
  15. Crankshaft sensor

    Hi all , I have a 2004 automatic scenic and am having trouble getting to the crankshaft sensor, I have taken out battery and tray, removed the hoses, and have managed to remove the two retaining bolts, but I can't seem to get my hands in there to remove the connector as the gear selector seems...
  16. Exhaust pressure sensor

    Does anyone know why Renault redesigned exhaust pressure sensor on 1.5 dci engines??. I have Renault megane 63 plate Tom Tom. Which has gone into limp.mode due to the pressure sensor. All new sensors now have the pin pattern changed to like a v shape and not I line. Was there a problem with old...
  17. tragic 2lt tdc sensor

    Good morning to you all.I have previously had great help here on this forum, and once again would hope that someone could point me in the right direction.thank you. 2008 trafic 2.0 115 dci....warm start problems (just turns over and over) I have been through all the threads that have this...
  18. Captur dpf pressure sensor pipes ** Solved **

    Hi, I have a 63 plate Captur 1.5dci that put the check injection and check anti-pollution lights on the dash. Dtc check showed df10003 def pressure sensor outside parameters( or something along those lines) and the pressure sensor data reading was 0hpa all the time. After trying to find the def...
  19. Require a crank shaft position sensor

    Where can I find a crank shaft position sensor for a 1996 Renault Traffic Eriba car Motorhome Part no 7700742715 Can anyone help please
  20. 1.5 DCi TDC sensor

    Scan suggests that its faulty (missing teeth etc.) but I can't feel the location at all in order to replace. The manual suggests its on the rear of the engine under / near the inlet to the turbo but I can barely get a hand in and can't see it with a mirror. Is it supposed to be accessed from...