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  1. What are fuel trim sensors and where can I find them on my 2002 Clio II 1.4 16V K4J?

    My OBD-II reader is giving me live data from two "Fuel Trim" sensors (bank 1, sensor 1, and bank 1, sensor 2) as well as computed data for "Fuel Trim Bank 1 Long Term" and "Fuel Trim Bank 1 Short Term". I understand what the short term and long term fuel trim data represents and I have some...
  2. Diagnostics and sensors?

    Hi, Bought my Grand Scenic Dinamique 1.5 in2017 from Lookers, had problems with the dash showing faults. It's been to Lookers and then to a Renault dealer for their diagnostics. I thought the problem was solved but it now comes up "STOP! engine failure hazard". It's booked in for another...
  3. 2014 Renault master parking sensors

    Hi everyone can any of you guys help me out I bought a 2014 Renault Master medium wheelbase couple weeks ago it does not have parking sensors I change the rear bumper because it was covered in paint and bought a second-hand bumper with parking sensors in the rear nearside cavity near the rear...
  4. Laguna mk2 2.0dci Clutch Sensors

    Hi. My car originally had no cruise control but the cruise light is amber when entering secret menu which made me think that cc is in there somewhere. I changed the squib on the steering column and added the cruise rocker switch on the dash. The only issue now is that the accelerator is not...
  5. Reverse light parking sensors

    Hi I drive a Renault scenic 2006 model the problem I have is with the reverse light and parking sensors bulbs have been replaced but still won't work can anyone help with the layout of where the correct fuse would be
  6. Newbie issue with Trafic reverse sensors **Fixed**

    Hi Folks, I have a 2015 1.6 traffic and the factory fitted reverse sensors are quite often in fault. Typically as soon as you start the engine you get a constant beep and a message to check parking sensors. The issue appeared about a year ago while it was under warranty and was fixed under...
  7. Fit parking sensors Laguna 1995

    Ask the Experts
    I'm trying to fit rear parking sensors to my mothers 1995 Laguna 1. Ideally, I'll fit them in the black strip on the rear bumper. I see elsewhere someone has fitted these on a Laguna 2 by removing just the strip, not the bumper. They said the 2 already has holes for the sensors under that...
  8. laguna self levelling sensors

    i need a pair of headlight self levelling sensors and the rear electrical plug for a laguna 2. any one got a xenon shod laguna with working self leveling that theyre breaking (yeah i know not very likely). ta.
  9. rear cam or sensors

    not sure if right place or not. im thinging of getting a reversing camera for the megane, i have a blind spot i cannot see past and was thinking it might help. Any kits people have used and how difficult to install?
  10. Parking sensors

    My parking sensors have stopped working. The parking sensor switch on the dashboard is constantly on I can not turn it off. I cannot hear a clicking when I put my ear to each of the sensors. Any idea's what's wrong?
  11. Renault capture parking sensors don’t switch off with the car switching off

    Hi I have a 64 Renault Captur and it is now beeping from the parking sensors long after the car has been shut down and locked. Can anyone advise what is likely to be the cause of this problem. Many Thanks
  12. Scenic ABS Sensors

    ABS Sensors... I have found that my passenger side ABS Sensor is faulty.. When inspecting it i have noticed it is cable tied into place an has melted the end of the sensor (clip/socket is not there.) Where can i buy a new 1 or is it possible to know what the part is called... All help will be...
  13. Rear parking sensors (Clio mk3)

    Hi, i'm planning on installing these rear parking sensors (LED Display Rear Parking Sensor Kit PM200 | Park Mate | Parking Sensors | Reverse Parking Sensors | Car Sensors | Painted Parking Sensors | Reversing Camera) on my girlfriends clio, how would i get access to the rear lights, how do i...
  14. yyre ptrssure sensors

    just bought megane 1.5 dci eci 2011. advert says it had usb connector and tyre pressure sensors cant find any of these am i missing something
  15. Can't activate parking sensors on Clio MK4

    Hi all, I've owned a Clio MK4 (2014) for just a few weeks and the parking sesnors will not activate. They were working when I bought the car. The switch on the dashboard is illumintaed red to show that the sensors are disabled, but when I press the button to activate them the red indicator does...
  16. Laguna 3 Retro Fit tyre pressure sensors

    Wheels & tyres
    My Laguna 3 (2012 1.5 dci estate) has 16 inch wheels without tyre pressure sensors. I've just bought some 17 inch genuine Renault Laguna wheels and they have the pressure sensor valves fitted. If I want to enable the pressure sensors can I do this by paying someone with the Renault software...
  17. 2012 trafic reverse parking sensors not working

    Hi I can't get my sensors to work. I've turned the ignition on and listened for a clicking near the sensors, nothing from any of them. I've checked to make sure the wiring looks ok, can't find where the buzzer would be to check that. Any other ideas, struggling woman who hasn't a clue about...
  18. New bumper with parking sensors - can I get them working?

    Essentially, my wife's knackered the bumper on her Espace IV, so I've got another one from the scrappy. The replacement one has built in sensors, the original didn't. I'm happy to fit it as is, but just wondering if there's a chance to get working sensors. Two approaches: Is it possible to...
  19. hid self levelling sensors

    are the front and rear self levelling sensors on the laguna 2 interchangeable? lots on ebay but they dont define weather theyre front or rear,
  20. Camshaft and crankshaft sensors location

    Could anyone please tell me where to find both these sensors in my 2005 grand scenic 2.0 petrol? Pictures would be even better! I've searched similar threads but pics I've found seems to be on other motors and I have come to believe that they might not be exactly the same. Thanks!