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  1. 25k P0471 master 2.3 series 3 **Fixed**

    Hi I have a 25k master van and it does mainly A road and some motorway. It had service on time and had been fine. Started it warm and pulled away and have p0471 that clears briefly with code reader and now permanently on. Could it be a failed sensor at such low mileage or is it Dpf regen...
  2. Clio series 3 won't start

    Hi, My 2006 Clio 1.2 16v Series 3 won't start after removing and replacing (without changing) the airbag. To do this I had to disconnect the battery. With everything back in place and when I turn on the ignition, the dashboard lights illuminate, the immobiliser light goes full red but the...
  3. BMW 3 series in a spot of bother

    Cars & motoring
    Look at one of Munich's finest with its wheels stolen in the old market car park here in High Barnet. Makes me think locking wheel nuts have some value, someone must have reported it but going to as well. Brother had a similar model and it was a nightmare, stolen 3 times, once to carry out a...
  4. master van series 3 srs module

    can anyone help me locate the airbag module please crash sensor has been triggered and need to remove it for a re set
  5. Adam West, Batman TV series

    General Chat
    Adam West Batman from the Batman TV series has died, age 88. edited course he was Batman. RIP
  6. 2009 Clio MK3 Dynamique 1.2L World Series, Front spoiler lip help!

    Just received my 2009 Clio MK3 Dynamique 1.2L World Series through shipment via boat and noticed the front spoiler lip at the bottom was missing, probably broken during shipment. Would anyone know from were i could purchase a replacement anywhere? Not sure if its part of the world series body...
  7. Megane World Series exhaust adaption

    I bought my megane World Series a few weeks ago knowing full well that the exhaust doesn't come out of the "fake" exhaust in the bumper it comes from underneath. I realised just how stupid it looks when the gases blow out from underneath the car instead of out the "fake" exhaust So does anyone...
  8. Front spoiler/splitter for 09 world series megane

    I have a black world series megane 2009 and require a new front spoiler/splitter as one side broke off near the drivers side has been knocked off (40mm lowering springs the cause- now removed) . The previous owner did not have the piece. I found magnatuning offer the piece at 180 odd pound, but...
  9. Megane World Series Front Spoiler Needed!

    My hubby had an argument with a high kerb and a piece has broken off the front spoiler. Does anyone have a Megane World Series white one for sale??
  10. 2010 Megane World Series Editon - Bluetooth/Microphone Fault

    Hi, Wondering if anyone can help me. Bought my car (Megane Coupe III - 2010 World Series Editon with TomTom) in September when I had in iPhone 5, could connect the phone & play music etc. all fine! Came to answer a call & nobody can hear me, same when calling out. Took it to a Renault garage...
  11. Megane World Series

    Hi, I'm new to the forum so I apologise if I am posting in the wrong place. I've just swapped my beloved 182 cup for something a bit more economical, A Megane World Series Coupe. I love the look of the megane and I'm really please with the car overall, there is just one issue, the front...
  12. Espace Mk1 series 2

    Cars & motoring
    Hi, I am new to this forum and I'm already finding it very helpful and I have answered some of my questions already. I currently own a left hand drive Renault Espace Mk1 series 2 (1990) which is my second vehicle and a bit of a project although mechanically it's pretty good. I wondered if...
  13. Renault Megane World Series 59 plate white

    For sale
    Selling my beloved Megane MK 3 world series. In great condition Only 46k miles Having to sell to finance a family car! check it out, cheapest on Autotrader
  14. Megane series 1 Diesels advice

    Cars & motoring
    Hello, I've had a series 1 scenic petrol for years now as a family car and have been pleased with it. I have run an old fiat punto as a second car but I've spotted a nice 2002 megane series 1 1.9DCI. I wondered if any one could let me know if these are any good? Main areas i'm interested in...
  15. clio series 3 1.4 petrol 2007

    Hi I have a 07 1.4 petrol clio series 3. The tick over a problem hot or cold. Many times it will be fine, but then for no reason drop down to 500 rpm or lower, then jump back up to 800/1000. Occationaly it will conk out altogether. Runs well, starts everytime first time, NO AIR LEAKS.
  16. espace series 3 12valve 2.2 turbo diesel

    water pump bearing fail, Timing jumped a tooth, pistons just contacted valves, no bent valves, replaced water, pump, timing belt, tentioner, idler, locked crank tdc, fitted belt everything lined up, turned over engine good compression on all cylinders, would not fire up, bled injectors to make...
  17. espace series 3 intermitant speedo fault

    Hi, i have a 1989 espace 2.2 turbo diesel, i have a problem that the speedo will intermittently stop working then after varying lenths of time it will it will start again, this will carry on intermittently untill the end of the trip
  18. Megane World Series

    General Chat
    Hello again. As promied in my introduction email, I have a question. My wife drives a Megane World Series hatchback, white, 1.6 petrol with 33K on the clock, spotless, full history. We might be in a situation where it needs to go but as they appear pretty rare, I can't get a feel for what...
  19. World Series front spoiler

    Does anybody know where I can buy a replacement Megane MKIII world series front spoiler/valance. Mine has split ad needs replacing. The onyl ones I can find are on ebay from Poland but have heard they use fribreglass rather than plastic. Given the high propensity to clip the low front end I'd...
  20. My megane World Series

    My mottah!
    So picked her up on Saturday, lovely car to drive. few issues such as stone chips on the front splitter and on wing mirrors but will be sprayed professionally in due course :d here are some dodgy iphone photos notice my xenons :p which I am having a few issues with :mad: comments?