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  1. Is my garage trying to con me? rocker gasket/spark plug damage after major service

    Hello, I am hoping to get some advice about my Renault Twingo 2007 Dynamique model. It is an older car with relatively low mileage (approx 110k km) which was due a major service last month. Among other things, all the spark plugs and fluids in the car were changed, as well as a new timing belt...
  2. Service light kangoo

    Hi, last week my Renault Kangoo was showing approximately 16,000 miles till next service. All of a sudden it states service due soon. Seems a bit odd. It was serviced by Mr Clutch last summer and has only done a few thousand miles since. Many thanks
  3. Air bag and service light fixed then electrical fault and poor running.

    Hi All its been a long time since I have posted here, mostly because the Clio (2003 Clio 2 1.4L 16V RHD) has been running ok. (past tense) It is approaching winter here in South Australia and we have had quite a bit of rain in the past few days. Now on to my problem/s. This morning I took a...
  4. clio first service

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    hi guys hope this thread is in the right place! Havent been on this forum for years since my s reg megane chose to snap its cambelt!! Any how my question is about servicing the 2018 plate clio dynamique my wife as just bought{3 months ago}. The display on the dash is showing a service is...
  5. Scenic III service intervals

    Hi, I have a Scenic III 1.5 dci 2015 with a K9K engine. 33k miles. I am asking if anyone knows what the official service intervals are for this engine & when the timing belt change is due. Reason I ask is that I have just had the service interval warning light appear. When I check when the...
  6. Lamborghini Service!!

    Cars & motoring
    Glad I didn't pay this much for a service!! Must have money to burn:grin2:
  7. Car Service

    General Chat
    Car collected this morning for service, M.O.T, New fuel filter and emission clear out, now waiting for the bill!!!:|
  8. More members set to benefit from Chris Knott service

    Chris Knott Insurance
    More members set to benefit from Chris Knott service... Hi, Insurers have relaxed their rules under our car clubs and enthusiasts offering which means we should be able to help more of you get a better car insurance deal. We'll still be applying common sense to our quotes but there'll no...
  9. Service Megane III dCi

    What do you do at service? I have reached 180.000 km in my Megane, and reached the mark for a big service. This time, i thought I might do it myself, it is after all getting old, though very reliable! (Except for when the kids hit something with it:|). So apart from oil and oil-filter and...
  10. Congrats Chuffer For 5 Years Forum Service

    General Chat
    Or should that read Servitude >:) No-one noticed my 10 Years anniversary. Sadly I Didn't notice Pete's 5 years, either. :frown2: But I did remember you almost joined together. VPL Posted where only the upper echelons could see. :surprise: So Ralph, Happy, very Public, Forum Anniversary from Me...
  11. service & glowplugs lights on code p0303

    No evidence of problem, but the glow plugs and service lights remain on. Scanner shows the following codes:p0303, p2098, p0401 and p0174, is there any expert there to guide me, thanks a lot.
  12. Service portal?

    General Chat
    Now I had my third Laguna.. All of there is -05 but this last one is facelift and it is.. just it is.. First was 2.0l 16v, then 1.6l 16v and now 2.0l 16v, and this facelift feel more powerful than my first. But now I dont remember was there consumer accessible service portal available from...
  13. 1997 Clio Mk1 1.4 RT Auto - Auto Trans Service

    Hi there, Car as above, 46k miles, can't see that it's ever had the oil change on the auto box. Not horribly black but slightly brown/pink colour so think it needs doing. Couple of questions: 1. Manual says Dexron II, I have some Dexron III on the shelf from a previous car, presume no issues...
  14. Warranty period for a service done withing warranty period

    Hi, I have had some problems with my A/C in my Renault Captur. Up until now the car was under warranty, but it just went out of warranty last month. The thing is that the last service to the A/C was done 2 months ago, and now it is faulty again. I contacted the garage to get it fixed again, I...
  15. New model Trafic- List of service intervals?

    Im looking for a list/table of service intervals for oil, timing belt, brake fluid etc for a new model mk3 2014 Renault Trafic. Owners manual lists nothing. I'm ising independent garages for servicing, avoiding dealers. I want to stick to manufacturers intervals- but info seems missing. Can...
  16. Maintenance Service Booklet

    Hi, I urgently need to top up my car's engine oil and I would like to use a grade of oil as recommended by Renault. The drivers handbook tells me how to top up and the oil change capacity but not the grade. It tells me to refer to the maintenance service booklet for the engine oil grade...
  17. Clio Service and airbag light again

    Hope the admin dont mind me opening a new thread on this. If you trawl back through this page, you will see I have had the usual Clio problem of airbag and service lights being on. So far, I have done the pre tensioner wires under the passenger seat, changed the airbag ecu, the steering wheel...
  18. After camra fitted to magane mk 3 the following lights light service light and check

    Hi all i had a car cam hard wired installed today and the service light and check child safty device is now light and the place that fitted it spent two hours and could not clear it. Adviced me to take itto a renault dealler. Thay have been removing and replacing fuses. Has anyone got any ideas...
  19. Clio Service and airbag light. Interesting development

    So. Hot on the heels of my wifes 05 Clio service and airbag light woes, after changing the ecu, and doing the passenger seat wires, decided tonight to plug in my cheapo handheld code reader, that I have alongside the more sophisticated Delphi version, and noticed that if I left it plugged in...
  20. Service acronyms

    Cars & motoring
    I've just recently bought a 61 RENAULT SCENIC GR DYNAMIQUE TOMTOM BOSE ENERGY 1.6 DCI S/S. (49k). Can anyone shed some light on what the acronyms mean on my service sheet... Thanks