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  1. Motorway services..

    General Chat
    Might come handy if your doing a trip..:smile2:
  2. customer services

    Cars & motoring
    Hi does anyone have an email address for customer services or even better someone who has some authority. I have written 2 letters to Renault but have not even received a written acknowledgement. Did get an answerphone message from customer services asking me to call them to discuss issues...
  3. Birchanger Green services (M11 junction 8, Stansted airport) meet

    General Chat
    Meeting at Birchanger Green services (M11 junction 8, Stansted airport) at 10 am 23rd of August. Meet, drive and a good time, all are welcome.
  4. R-Link connect to Tomtom services

    Can anyone else connect to Tomtom services in their car with the pathetic R-Link system? Mine is just greyed out. The car was a renault reps and is around 9 months old. Just wondering if something needs activating on it.
  5. j s services rotherham

    Does anyone know what these guys are like, I'm looking for a good garage to take my 2.0 diesel laguna lll to. It has full Renault history so far
  6. Pubs at Motorway Services !

    A new £1m pub has opened at a motorway service station (M40 Beaconsfield, Bucks) in the face of fierce criticism from road safety and alcohol campaigners. Do you think this gives the right signals to drivers ? :lager: :driving: = :nonono:
  7. PGS Preservation Garage Services - Warwick

    General Chat
    Just wondering if anyone has used them before, My Trophy is due its MoT and service soon, dont fancy taking it to my local, i live near stratford
  8. New Black Box Gizmo from Breakdown Services

    Cars & motoring
    Have you seen this article in the press? If every Renault owner fitted one it could be their downfall :eek: Would you like a Breakdown patrolman suddenly pouncing on...
  9. News from Renault - Renault upgrades its business customer services

    RSS feeds upgrades its business customer services Click here to read more »
  10. Nervous sending my keycard to be repaired, anyone used these services at all??

    HI all! My megane has decided to break again, telling me the cards not detected?? I have done a lot of reading the past few days and think its probably the card that needs a bit of soldering work done?? im about to send it to and was just wondering if anyones used them at all? Any...
  11. News from Renault - Renault delivers the goods for ISS facility services

    RSS feeds delivers the goods for ISS facility services Click here to read more »
  12. Renault Customer Services !

    Hello everyone , i have just bought a Renault Megane Expression 5 door 1.6 vvt second hand from a dealer on Flea Bay ! It was brought to my attention that it needed a dephaser pulley ! Not knowing what a dephaser pulley was or its function i asked what it did . The guy give me a brief...
  13. Discussion with Renault Customer Services

    Cars & motoring
    Just had an interesting conversation with a Customer Services Manager at Renault. I had my Scenic 2004 for approximately 1 day (bought privately) before the drivers window wound it's self down and stayed there. I have been extremely lucky in getting it fixed relatively cheaply but I am just...
  14. Renault Services

    Cars & motoring
    Hi all, I have a 2006 Scenic which is due its first service at 1 year old, only done 9000 miles. Local Renault dealers want 170-190 for what seems like an oil change (according to service book). Independent Renault 'specialists' only want 70-75 and will use Renault parts. Obviously the...
  15. Key Cutting Services

    Cars & motoring
    Hi Everyone Does anyone know where I can get a key other than Renault? I got the push button one that I have to point at the sensor which opens the central locking. I can't get the engine started if I open the doors manually. I have one perfectly working key and need another in case of an...
  16. Loads of folk don't want free phone services

    General Chat
    Loads of folk don't want free phone services
  17. Lag II Services

    Hi, Does anyone know what is done by the main dealer for a 57k service on a 1.8 petrol Lag II (52 plate)? trying to decide whether to pay £180 parts/labour for main dealer or £89 from a non Renault garage (trust worthy - he does our work vehicles).
  18. Renault Laguna II - Keycard repair services

    The spare on my lag doesn't unlock the car, but it does start it if you put it in the ignition and start it. So I thought, microswitch fallen off. Very carefully cut the card open, however the microswitch is firmly attached. I did a bit of testing and found out if you bridge the two contacts...
  19. Services are a rip off!!!

    Cars & motoring
    I'd just like to say - how the hell do garages get away with charging about £160 - £170, possibly more for changing your oil, filer and checking some levels. It pees me right off having to pay this money just to keep your service book stamped. Services seem like an excellent excuse for...
  20. Renault Customer Services

    Cars & motoring
    Just had a heated discussion with Renault Customer services, I don't know why I bother. :steam: