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  1. Cars & motoring
    Hi does anyone have an email address for customer services or even better someone who has some authority. I have written 2 letters to Renault but have not even received a written acknowledgement. Did get an answerphone message from customer services asking me to call them to discuss issues...
  2. Electronics
    Can anyone else connect to Tomtom services in their car with the pathetic R-Link system? Mine is just greyed out. The car was a renault reps and is around 9 months old. Just wondering if something needs activating on it.
  3. Laguna
    The spare on my lag doesn't unlock the car, but it does start it if you put it in the ignition and start it. So I thought, microswitch fallen off. Very carefully cut the card open, however the microswitch is firmly attached. I did a bit of testing and found out if you bridge the two contacts...
  4. Engines
    My Turbo has blown for the 2nd time and Renault are refusing to pay anything towards the repair. I am not prepared to just accept this, but, i need my car for work. If I have the repair carried out at a independent renault specialist rather than a main dealer would this affect anything if they...
1-4 of 4 Results