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  1. Servicing

    General Chat
    Hi Guys, I am new to this forum as a new Renault owner. Just a quick question I hope you can answer before I lose it with the local Dealers. I just want to know what a Non Scheduled Intermim 'A' Service is? Our car is 4 years old with a non dealer history, I very much wanted a FULL service...
  2. Renault Grand Modus Servicing

    General Chat
    Hi All, I cant find a manual anywhere for the Renault Grand Modus Dynamique 1.5 Dci 2011, (Probably Doesn't exist in the public domain) The "Service Now" notification has come up with the spanner symbol too, this will be it's first service since I have personally owned it, does anyone know the...
  3. Servicing light

    Cars & motoring
    My Renault Megane 111 diesel was serviced at 9000 and 18000 intervals but the service light is now showing again at 24000 it is 2 years old surely it can***8217;t need servicing again only 6000 after the last one in July 2017??? I am confused
  4. Servicing and repairs

    Cars & motoring
    Can anyone recommend a good garage in Nottingham for Renault Megane 59reg 1.6dci (or 1.5dci, i dont remember, sorry!)? My car has run almost 88k miles and is now feeling like a tired old rickety bag of metal. Comfort is almost completely lacking whilst going over potholes or even a speed breaker...
  5. Grand Scenic 3 Servicing.

    Hi all, Had a quick search but I couldn't find what I needed. My service is due on the Scenic at 73k ish. I just wanted to know exactly what is involved in this service, e.g. Oil and filters, or is it going to need a timing belt kit too? Last year I went to a garage to book it in and just...
  6. Servicing in West Yorkshire

    Cars & motoring
    Hi, I've recently bought a renault, are there any garages in / around Leeds or Wakefield that anyone would recommend for servicing? Thanks Kevin
  7. Servicing Precautions....?

    Cars & motoring
    This vehicle I have is the first I have had with such an involved electronic environment to include air bags and though I am itching to get at the car to undertake some repairs or at least some fault finding, I find I am hesitant and I am hesitant through being wary of that active electronic...
  8. A useful resource concerning servicing

    Cars & motoring
    A useful and interesting online resource concerning Renault and other interim serving in addition to fault codes where applicable
  9. trafic servicing

    hi all, just purchased Renault trafic ll29 2.5 semi auto crew cab. phew thats some title. It has no service history and is on 134000 miles so would like to give it the biggest service possible. i have heard that you cannot touch the gearbox or gearbox control fluids? is this correct? but what...
  10. Servicing schedule

    Cars & motoring
    Can anyone point me to the service schedule (i.e. full list of what needs to be done) for my Clio Mk 3 2012 dci88 thanks
  11. Servicing: Clio IV (Mark 4) EDC Dynamique S Nav Dci

    Cars & motoring
    Hello, I'm new to this forum and love my car so much that I would like some advice on maintenance. I've bought my new Clio Late Feb 2016 (4 month old) with only 15 miles on for £11,750. It was a 1 owner (Renault) and bought from the Renault used car garage during the sale. Car was registered by...
  12. Renault Laguna MK3 (58) 2.0 petrol servicing queries

    Hi guys, I wonder if you can help? I've checked through the site which is great but there seems to be little / none info on the MK3? My aunt has a 58 plate 2.0 petrol, needs a service It gets trundled around town, stop n start and gently driven, now at around 7 years old and still only...
  13. Servicing the megane coupe 3

    Right first of all let me profusely apologise because there's probably loads of threads like this but I'm in a bit of a tight spot because somehow I've never been able to search on this forum on either of my android phones (it brings up the search bar but won't let you type init) and I'm living...
  14. Servicing

    General Chat
    Heya guys, I know this might sound a bit stupid, but I passed my test only 3 weeks ago and as my car came with no service history I think I should get it serviced asap. I would just like to get a bit of advice, I browse around the net and places say I need to call for a quote (I expect that's...
  15. Long Distance Servicing tips - 7 days and 1600 miles

    Cars & motoring
    Hey Just a general on best servicing tips after a long distance road trip. Just completed a 1600 mile round trip in Italy in the Renault RX4 16v 2.0ltr. Performed excellently, but I can now hear the Engine tick over sound a little tired. Brakes, Steering, Acceleration and Oil levels still...
  16. Megane servicing

    Apologies, tried to post this in megane section but was not permitted access! Just purchased a Megane sports tourer 1.5 diesel. Looking through the handbook and others but cannot see where the service schedule are set. Car is 2013 10months old and has 5500 mls now. When would be best to have a...
  17. Renault grand scenic servicing intervals

    General Chat
    Is it 12 months that the service light comes on if you don't reach the servicing mileage or longer?
  18. megane 1.9dci saloon, servicing query

    Hi guys I am about to do a major service on my megane. I am comfortable with the engine as I have had a Volvo v40 with the same engine for years. My question is I have the following parts have I missed anything, or is there anything else I may aswell do while I am under the bonnet?? Oil...
  19. Sop light on, servicing light on and it says parking break fault

    Please can anyone give me some advice. I have a Renault Scenic 2003 Expression 16V Petrol 2-AXLE-RIGID-BODY 1598CC Cylinder The STOP light is on. Servicing light on - guess due for service It also says Parking Break Fault We have only bought this car recently I would appreciate any advice...
  20. Servicing cam belt times? Confused girl.

    I have a 2006 MK3 1.4 16V Clio Dynamique, and it needs a service. I used to have the service interval plan on my MY RENAULT, however it seems to have disappeared. I remember it telling me I needed my timing belt changed at 5 years or 72000 miles. I went through the service history and noticed...