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  1. Kangoo brake lights and brake servo

    Hi, I've a Kangoo 1.6, 16v automatic 2004. The major problem is that all 3 brake lights have stopped working. bulbs and fuses are fine and test both with a meter and putting current through them, the brake switch was replaced a few months ago and likewise I've tested this and its working. the...
  2. Brake Servo Question

    Can anyone tell me if the brake servo/booster for the renault Laguna 2 BG0J petrol, automatic, can be interchanged with the booster from another vehicle, e.g scenic clio megane etc? Nissan??
  3. Oh no...New Master gearbox has different slave system..

    Hi all, MARE! Long story short, 2004 2.5dci 100 bought with 2.8 dti lump with pf1 018 knackered box in it, engine dropped a valve, bought falling to bits 2001 older face 2.8 dti master donor with great engine and pf1 008 box. Getting lump ready for transplanting and just noticed the original...
  4. Brake Servo

    2002 Renault Scenic Brake Servo ........ I recently had this bad news of my brake servo failing in the above car ( a hissing noise coming from the brake pedal when engine running and no pressure on brake pedal). I purchased a 2nd hand servo off eBay which came with EXACTLY the same part number...
  5. Grand scenic servo

    Hi my scenic brakes have just been changed and the discs for the front. I have noticed that went braking first brakes ok and the they become hard but am just able to brake can any one help:frown2: b
  6. brake servo might need replaced

    am hearing a hissing sound from the nearside while engine is running and it goes away as i press the brake pedal, i believe its comming from the brake servo. its to dark to have a look, am hoping its just a leaking pipe or sutting, are these motors known for servo problems? edit: 2006 megane...
  7. Mk 2 Megane Brake servo removal yr 2000 1.6 dynamic cabriolet

    Hi I have a megane mk2 yr 2000 and its in the garage awaiting a new brake servo. They don't know how to remove the servo easily because of its location and I cant purchase the correct servo until the part is remove and part number located on the item. Does any one know or know some one who...
  8. Brake servo removal Megane 2008 1.5dCi

    Hi I am a new Megane owner and really like the car apart from a hiss coming from the servo which disappears when I put my foot on the brake. I have discovered that this is a common fault and bought a replacement servo. I have cleared plenty of space in front of the servo and in the passenger...
  9. brake servo hissing and idleing

    hi there i hope that some one can help, my car has a hissing from the brake pedal and my car has cut out a few times. also it will idle at 3000 rev's when in natural as well please could someone let me know if its all to do with the brake servo or not as this is what i have been told at the...
  10. servo

    Hello, i have a renault 5 1985 that needs a new brake servo. They are hard to find. Is there another cars servo that will fit. On taking off the master cylinder the studs snaped. Before I try a repair it might be easier to fit a new one if there is a suitable one available. Thanks to all who...
  11. Espace brake servo leaking

    The brake servo on my 54 reg Espace 2.2DCI automatic has started to leak air. The brakes work fine apart from the constant noise of leaking air. I am going to replace the servo but I'm struggling to find a used replacement, as I do not want to pay the £300 Renault want for a new one. All of the...
  12. Mk1 Ph2 Megane Scenic Brake Servo part numbers

    Hi Here for hopefully some advice regarding a brake servo for my girlfriends 2002 Mk1 phase 2 Megane Scenic. It has the 1.6 16v engine and is an automatic (if that matters :) ) The brake servo needs replacing (hissing noise etc). I'm after a good second hand one for my local mechanic to fit...
  13. hissing servo

    Hi all, my 02 scenic has developed a constant hiss. It started as a whistle which went if you touched the pedal but now is just a constant hiss Im sure it is the servo but can't find any exact spares, even on ebay, and was wondering if there were any equivalents Part number is 8200159686 Any...
  14. servo pipe nrv

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    does any onr know if theres a non return valve in the servo pipe from inlet manifold to mastercylinder on 1721 renault traffic 1992
  15. RX4 lack of power

    Hi there I have a problem with my RX4 Scenic 1.9 dci. when idling if I try to rev the engine it will not rev above 3500 rpm unless I put my foot on the brake pedal & rev. If I try to drive the vehicle it still will not rev above 3500 rpm & getting to fifty is a major struggle.There are...
  16. Tips on changing brake servo on Laguna dti sport 1999

    Hi there, first time on forum. The cambelt broke on this car even although it still had 20000 miles to go. I am always very particular about changing. Anyway, replaced the head and engine runs well now. However now I have a hard brake pedal when running. Goes hard on third application...
  17. renault vel satis looking for a servo

    I have a 03 renault vel satis and I have been trying to get a servo to buy but I am finding it very difficult prices seem to be high the ones I have found any ideas where I can loatte one for a reasonable price
  18. Wanted: A Couple Of Scenic Parts - 2000 'W' Reg

    Hi folks, Im in need of a couple of parts for my 2000 'W' Scenic. If anyone has them please give me a shout with a price including delivery. 1. Brake Servo 2. 2 x Boot Struts for main boot lid (for a boot with opening window if that makes a difference?) Many thanks, Ade :d
  19. Which Brake Servo's Are The Same? MY2000 Scenic I - PH II

    Hi All, Quick question, does anyone know which brake servo i could fit from other variations/models of Scenic (mine is a MY2000 Mk1 PH2 2.0 16v). I wondered if a Diesel one would be the same? I know there is a vaccum pump on the Diesels for the servo, so the pipe doesnt go to the inlet manifold...
  20. ABS & SERVO warning lights 2005 clio 1.2

    Hi. I have a 05/2005 clio 1.2 dynamique. Recently, after travelling about 5 miles from cold the orange "ABS" & "SERVO" lights illuminate on my dash. There is no problem with the brakes and, if you switch ignition off and on again the lights go out until another 5 miles or so. I know this is a...