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  1. Tyre Pressure monitor setup

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi, I just took delivery of an almost new (16 miles, pre registered Jan 2017) 0.9tce Captur and it is pretty good. Just one question, and this probably applies to Clios as well, the Tyre pressure monitor does not seem to do anything. The destructions book tells me to get the "TYRE PRESSURE ...
  2. Megane III - Touch Screen Multimedia Setup

    In-car entertainment
    Hi Guys, I have a Renault Megane 3, 2011, 1.6l. I am looking to upgrade the multimedia setup in the car. Currently I have the small screen on the dashboard which displays the relevant information regarding the radio station info etc; I am looking to upgrade to a Sat Nav setup of some sorts...
  3. 1.9 Extra/Express Injector Pump Set-up

    Hi, I have just finished fitting a 1.9 F8Q engine in my 1990 1.6 F8M camper. I bought an N reg 95/96 van so I would have all the parts necessary. The swap went quite well except the radiator fixing panel is different, so the 1.9 radiator is a bit of a tight fit. I have used the 1.9 sub-frame...
  4. Legality of this setup of LEDs.

    Exterior styling
    Hello fellow members of the forum, a few months back I decided to jazz up my Mk2 ph2 Clio's headlights and added a white LED strip on the bottom of each light and made it IMO very nice looking. I am very happy with them. However, I am now beginning to wonder how legal they are as they are wired...
  5. Clio 172 brake setup onto 1999 1600 Megane

    Handling & braking
    Good evening, I've been searching the net but failed to find an answer to a question / idea I've got. Background I have a 1999 1600 16v Megane Coupe which has been stood for a number of years. I'm planning on using the car for sprints, trackdays and hopefully come racing later on. However, the...
  6. 1721 carb setup

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    hi all i have rebuilt the head on my 1992 traffic 1.7 i have some other stuff to do but does any one know how to set up the carb propley i want to get it running better as the idle is a bit off im in dorset if any one can help
  7. 1.5dci waste gaste setup help

    not sure if the waste gate on the kangoo van is setup correct anyone know how its set up i have a feeling its open all the time and the turbo is not active Ron
  8. Boost Value Sensor (8200225971) and Turbo Pressure Solenoid (7700113071) Setup

    2004 Renault Traffic 1.9 DCi 100 How does the boost value sensor (8200225971) talk to the turbo pressure solenoid (7700113071). My turbo pressure solenoid is buzzing, and i have read the issue could be the boost value sensor (MAP). The hose to the MAP goes from the manifold. And the two...
  9. Trafic 1994 4x4 setup????

    Hi guys. This is just as a research. I became curious of the setup used on 4x4 trafic around year 1993-1996. I have seen online few of them and was wondering what kind of setup did they use? From memory 2wd setup was with same setup as Espace mk1 mk2 - longitudinally-mounted engine with...
  10. Renault Master Rear Shoe setup - Hub wont fit

    Hi People, I have a Renault master V reg and the rear brakes werent functioning correctly - it turned out to be a seized piston on the cylinder. I have changed the cylinder but i cant get the drum back on, usually there is an adjuster on the bar that connects the 2 shoes together.... i can...
  11. Audio Setup Questions - renault clio 1.2

    Hey im new to the forum and I just have a few questions on this audio setup im looking to have. I have bought Pioneer TS-Q131C for the front and in the back im wanting to instal 6x9's into the parcel shelf and wire them from the rear speakers. I just want to know what I would need to do all of...
  12. laguna Idle control replacement setup cal?

    Hello All Replaced the idle control valve on a 1999 laguna 1.6 16v sport enginer would die occasionally . removed idle control valve coked up, cleaned using carb cleaner. managed to break it. Replaced idle control valve doesnt die any more. Just revs the nuts of its self now. about 3000 to...
  13. rad setup on a 2.2dt..What they all for?

    Heating & cooling
    bought a new colant rad..Found the ohers to be at fault too!. ive got from front to back Double fans oil cooler at the bottom Then a small rad bolted to a bigger one..Aircon condensor??..Whats the big one with a large hose fitting held on by 3 bolts and a seal?? Then the main coolant rad. Im...
  14. Dti gauge & cam setup

    Hi, when setting up cams (piper) to find full valve lift using a dti or dial gauge, which side of the engine (belt or transmission) would you put the gauge:confused:? I think it's on piston1 (trans side) but wanted to see if anyone knew for sure? The car in question is a Renault 19 1.8 16v. Any...
  15. dephaser setup

    hi, just replaced a cylinder head on an f4r engine now starts and runs badly how do you time the inlet dephaser pulley .ive set mine so that the renault logo is at the top straight (horizontal) ive locked the crank and put a bar across the cam slots .help:confused:
  16. [email protected] Linux Ubuntu & PS3

    [email protected] Troubleshooting
    In reply to message from Roy here is a simple guide to installing Folding @ Home on your Linux System. The best way to get [email protected] installed on your system is to run the scripts provided on the Ubuntu Community site. These scripts should run ok on most other distros. Download the tarball: Open a...
  17. GPS Route set-up

    Hi Does anyone know how I set up my Carminat GPS system so that I don't use motorways? (do the same run twice a week and am getting bored / annoyed with it) Had a quick look and the 'Dont use major roads' option sent me right around the houses. All help and comment appreciated Cheers Paul
  18. Best tyre set-up practice?

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi, i have a quick question..... I have 4 new tyres on my Espace, 2 are super cheap ones, and have done about 2500miles (bought in an emergency) and 2 are brand new Pirelli's.... The question.. at the minute i have the cheap ones on the front with the better ones on the rear, I have always...
  19. Fan Belt setup on Alise

    Hi Could someone possibly upload a photo / diagram of the correct way to set up the fan belt on an alise engine. I have recently had mine changed and I think the mechanic may have put the belt on the wrong side of one of the pulleys. Many Thanks
  20. Headlight wiring set-up

    Right my basic problem is when I connect up my new xenon's the main beam comes on when the dipped should and the dipped comes on when the main beam should? A simple swap around of the wires in the input plug at the rear of each headlight should solve this? Correct? Anyway. Bought the Haynes...