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  1. Drive shaft problem

    Hi newbie here..... I bought me 2nd Clio a couple of weeks ago a 2005 1.5 dci. After a couple of days i started having a rattling noise from the off side front wheel. When I looked I found that the off side drive shaft was loose in the support bracket.. looks like the bearing has worn and...
  2. Require a crank shaft position sensor

    Where can I find a crank shaft position sensor for a 1996 Renault Traffic Eriba car Motorhome Part no 7700742715 Can anyone help please
  3. Renault Espace 4 LH drive shaft seal.

    Dear All, I have changed the seal and bearing of the LH shaft as it was leaking. That did not really help so replaced the entire shaft. It has worked for a while until I had a relatively long drive today at average speed of 130 km/h. It is leaking again..... When it was replaced the workshop...
  4. 2.0 tce cam shaft sensor

    Hi peeps, I have an 09 megane 2.0 tce 180 and In the 3 years I have owned the car I have had to replace 3 camshaft sensors. I am pretty mechanical minded and can replace them myself in the matter of minutes but I was wondering if these are a comment component to fail and weather or not pattern...
  5. Scenic 2, 1.9dci passenger side drive shaft

    Hi i am trying to change out a drive shaft that got snapped when the transmission became unbolted and slipped off its mounts. tranny back in place. wishbone disassembled and the lower support arm is (finally) off - that took ages and ages. The replacement drive shaft has no cir-clip type...
  6. Drive shaft grease

    Ask the Experts
    What type of grease is used on the drive shaft gaitor
  7. Drive shaft leak

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    1987 Renault trafic 1.7 petrol . I got the seal re done a week ago and it has leaked again the noticed 5 day ago so I made the journey back to the original mechanic . Got there this morning they shook the driveshaft and said it was the gear box that was the problem . Could this be possible ...
  8. Drive shaft problem

    Steering and Suspension
    Mégane MK3 1.5dci estate 2010. I have a clicking noise when turning the wheel when driving, which suggest CV joints. As I believe, I can't simply replace these as they can't be knocked off, so drive shafts it is. Problem is, Euro car parts don't stock it, and the Renault partner dealer can...
  9. mk1 scenic nearside drive shaft needed

    anybody in the sheffield area or south yorkshire got a nearside driveshaft for a mk1 scenic 2001 plate
  10. Megane MK3 Drive Shaft CV Boot

    Could I ask if someone with a megane 3 can kindly try and post a pic of their driver side cv boot from the inside if they can manage to get their camera into the gap? My drivers side CV boot had grease leaking out about 5 months ago and the garage replaced it with one of those CV boot repair...
  11. Which near side drive shaft for clio mk2 55plate ?

    Hi guys need to change the drive shaft on my clio mk2 55 plate 1.2 europarts sell 2 options can anyone tell me which one it is from the 2 below ...
  12. renault trafic drive shaft

    Hi guys hope iv posted in the right bit been round the forums 3 times lol, my question is I have a traffic 1.9 cdi 100 I have takern the n/s drive shaft out to replace cv gaiters, how does one get the outa cv joint off the drive shaft I cant see any circlips holding it in iv cut the old gaiter...
  13. Help which drive shaft?? 2002 kangoo

    Hi guys im wanting change the ns drive shaft on my kangoo van however im abit stumped about which drive shaft to fit.. im getting the shaft from eurocarparts but when i put in my reg two shafts are coming up for my van one 3 times the price of the other , one has a ABS ring on it and one not...
  14. drive shaft

    removing the offside drive shaft from a 2006 megane, on other cars normaly a very quick job... does the inner cv joint need prised from the mount? had a nippy few minutes trying to free it
  15. Oil gasket leak were drive shaft enters gearbox

    Hi! I am new in this forum. Last year I got a Laguna 2 2001 1.6 with manual gearbox. I like the car and the smooth ride! I am living in Norway, so I have a the steeringwheel on the left side. Yesterday I smelled burned oil after driving. And when I jacked up the car and looked under it, it...
  16. 2004 Master r h drive shaft rubber boot fitting

    Please can anyone let me know the best way to fit a new right hand side drive shaft rubber boot as the existing one suffered from a serious nick & leaked grease ?. The drive shaft is in good condition otherwise & I have purchased an after market spare. I have made a cone but it seems to be...
  17. Drive shaft

    I have a 2003 Laguna 1.6 when I change gears there's a kick that comes from engine area and when I go fast and slow down there's a banging noise as well from engine also when I put in reverse and clutch up a loud bang happens. All the engine mounts where changed and still the same noise happens...
  18. Scenic I 2002 1.6 16V Right side drive shaft removal.

    Hello. I'm trying to remove right side drive shaft, but I got stumped. Been trying to look for information around the internet and this forum, but so far have not found anything. My problem is that I can not separate the drive shaft from the gear box. I keep reading from numerous sources about...
  19. Clio Alize 1.4 16v os drive shaft

    Hi. I've read a number of posts on drive shaft replacement ( it looks fairly straightforward) but none that I have seen have answered my question. When removing the drivers side drive shaft will the gearbox oil drain out. I thought I saw somewhere that the male splined bit was was part of the...
  20. 2002 Clio 1.4 16v TDC/crank shaft sensor location

    Hi, I looked all over the web including this forum to try to figure out why I can't find the sensor in my car (automatic gear). Unlike most examples I find on Youtube on how to replace/clean the sensors, I have a bunch of tubes instead of where I expected the sensor to be. I've seen 2-3...