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  1. Clutch gear box drive shafts I just don't no

    Ask the Experts
    Espace 2.2 can put in gear but nothing happening when release clutch if slave cylinder gose dose it soak clutch plates just really bugging me now I got told maybe syinkynist but I usly only gose on one gear not all
  2. CV Joints or full shafts?

    Hi All, I'm in need of two outer CV joints for our 2011 1.6 16v (petrol) Scenic but all I can find is the full shaft, does anyone know where I can get CV joints from? If I have to go down the shaft route does anyone know what type and volume of tranny oil is required? Thanks
  3. Worn Drive Shafts

    Hi guys, the MOT advisory states worn driveshafts, I have them both off the car, how can I tell if they are worn by looking at them? Also does my car car have an ABS ring on the drive what, it's. 2001 1.2 grande? Cheers
  4. Drive shafts

    Hi all, I am working on a Y reg 1.2 Clio and I am replacing both sides drive shafts, I have pulled out the passengers side and not realised the gearbox oil would come out with the shaft, the video I seen on you tube was for the drivers side and no oil came out! Anyway can someone tell me how I...
  5. Safrane II Drive Shafts

    Morning all. My 1997 Safrane (MKII) 2.0 manual is in need of a pair of driveshafts but these seem to be completely defunct and un-gettable everywhere I've looked. (MK 1 versions are all over the place). One side (I forget which) can be purchased from Renault but the other side seems completely...
  6. Clio MK1 drive shafts

    Hi and I need some advice I'm failing to repair my car, its a 1996 Mk 1 phase 2 LHD Clio 1.4. with ABS and rear disks It failed its CT (the french MOT) on a knocking lower ball joint - so i have tried to change this -and got the new one on but during this process the hub has moved outward and, I...
  7. Drive shafts?

    Right im pickin up my new engine and 6 speed box on wednesday but im hoping you guys can help! Drive shafts, can i use the 1.5 dci 5 speed shafts in the 1.9 6 speed box? Are they all the same and just bang any old shafts in? Cheers Craig
  8. 2005 2.0 Grand Scenic drive shafts

    Can anyone advise whether I need to drain the final drive/gearbox oil before changing both drive shafts. I have replaced scenic 1.4 before and only the side with a bolted on flange was a problem the other was simply a splined fit and didn't require draining, the grand scenic driveshafts are both...
  9. Clio-noise when reversing but not drive shafts

    Hello all Having a major problem at the moment :/ as the title entails when moving the car in reverse (when its cold) the front end of the car makes a horrendous amount of grinding and squeaking. This happened so bad the other day that the car stopped and refused to move until I moved it...
  10. Drive shafts

    Hi Got a 2000 petrol 1.4 Kangoo Have a lot of play on driveshaft joints to gearbox. Does any one know the part required or is it new shatfs ?????? Thanks James
  11. drive shafts

    What is the tell tale sign of worn drive shafts ? and when we say drive shaft do we mean cv joint or something, or is that another thing altogether ? (I'm not very knowledgable). The reason i ask is a i have a rumbly/knock on turning and have been told 'driveshaft'.. but that it's ok 'for a...
  12. 2.2 dci balance shafts and pump timing

    Hi everyone. I have just purchased a 2003 Grande Espace with a G9T 742 engine. The vehicle has covered some 60,000 miles and has suffered some ill fate with the engine. The engine had been stripped and left dismantled in the boot before I bought the car. I was going to get a replacement engine...
  13. R19 - are the wheel spindle, springs and drive shafts the same 8/16V?

    I have a convertible with an 8V engine (and wish I had a V8 engine...) and I need a few parts. I have found a guy with a sedan with a 16V engine, but I'm having trouble finding out if the parts are interchangeable. Can I use the front springs, wheel spindles and drive shaft from that on my 8V...
  14. engine knocking / drive shafts

    hi there i have a 53 plate renault clio when i put my foot down on the accelerator when pulling away theres a clunking noise under the bonnet and as i get faster it just sound like theres vibration cumming from the wheels, theres no clunking when turning corners and also the engine management...
  15. rx4 drive shafts

    hi all ! merry christmas and happy new year to everyone ! does anyone know where i can buy some new front drive shafts for my renault scenic rx4 1.9 dci (shortened version ''rx4 money pit'' haha ) need some new ones asap as mine are ****ged cheers nickrich
  16. Replacing Kangoo Drive shafts

    Could someone help me out please? I wish to replace a drive shaft on my Kangoo van SL16P 80 1149cc Petrol (2003). There is not a Haynes Workshop Manual as yet. In what order do I remove the front suspension bolts? Do I have to remove the disc brakes first? I replaced the discs and pads last year...
  17. wheel bearing or drive shafts?????

    Engines a noise coming from the front,it dosent start straight away but after a few miles,as you increase speed you cant hear it but as you come off the pedal it will make a noise like a wheel bearing is shot...?somedays it will do it other days nothing...its like the old joke ...ive got a...
  18. R19 - is it possible to get the CV joint only, or at least a better price on shafts?

    Don't kill me if this is the wrong section, please... :o I have an R19 Convertible, which is one of very few in Norway. Of course being rare parts are rather expensive. I have to pay at least £300 for one drive shaft here, and I can't get the CV joint only. Does anybody here know if it's...
  19. Protecting prop shafts on RC boat?

    General Chat
    I'm picking up an RC boat tomorrow (similar to this one) and found out today our local lake (use of electric RC boats is permitted) is salt water. The prop shafts and other exterior parts to the propulsion system are metal and so I'm thinking that the salt water could damage them over time...
  20. Cv Joint/drive Shafts?

    Steering and Suspension
    Hiya not sure now car has no abs but i need a new cv joint but some say needs new driveshaft at same time is this correct as it seems nothing is wrong with it thanks for any info