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  1. Shattered camshaft sprocket

    My wife is the owner of a 2011 Renault Grand Scenic 1.5dci Auto. It has been regularly maintained throughout it's short life, though not by a Renault garage, by recognised service garages. As the car had just turned 5yrs old, we were advised to have the cambelt and water pump changed. This we...
  2. Sun roof glass shattered !

    Hi all I own a Renault Modus Dynamique DCI (86) on a 59 plate. I have only had for just three months. On the way home while driving on a dual carriage way (55 MPH) the glass in my electric sunroof suddenly shuttered. I was no where near a bridge and the weather was warm but not hot. I did not...
  3. Clutch Cable block anchor shattered

    I lost my gear selection when the mounting that holds the clutch cable shattered. I believe it was a consequence of the retaining nut slackening of due to vibration. when I depressed the clutch to change gear there was a loud bang and the clutch pedal disabled. The retaining plate for the cable...
  4. panaramic sunroof shattered

    Hi I need help don't know what to do. My husband opened the sunroof on our grand scenic 55 plate today and the rear glass shattered. Who do i take it to? Any ideas please it has forcast rain tonight so we have tried to tie a tarpoline over it as the sunroof is open as well.
  5. scenic rear window shattered fort no apparent reason (help)

    hello i'm new here and being honest i joined the forum due to my present scenic problem i have a 2003 renault scenic its the face lift edition as far as i'm aware its basically the same basic car as my 2009 scenic with all the face lift parts factory fitted it has a rear window that...
  6. Rear window glass shattered?

    Hi Yesterday afternoon about 3pm I went out side as a load of kids where surrounding my Renault Clio. As I went outside I noticed that the back windscreen at completely shattered and the middle part had caved in and the glass was all over the parcel shelf. The kids that were out their said that...
  7. Hi had scenic 6 days and static sunroof has just shattered!!!

    Cars & motoring
    Hi everyone I have only bought my grand scenic 6 days ago and apart from a 'check injection' sign that is permanently on my dashboard i have just discovered a problem with the static sunroof. i opened the retractable roof and heard a scraping sound when i got out of my car two minutes later i...
  8. shattered rear windscreen Scenic

    I today comitted the cardinal sin of shutting the tailgate without checking whether the wardrobe I had loaded up was safely within the vehicle - the glass shattered into thousands of pieces ! (shame I didnt film it - could have got £250 on You've Been Framed!!) Anyway - got Autoglass coming...
  9. Rear Window Shattered

    My 2001 renault megane has been in the garage at home just over a week, go in the garage to take it out today, and the entire rear window is shattered into millions of pieces. A few bits of glass had come lose and fallen out. How likely is it the window just spontaneously shatters while in the...