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  1. Shocking statistics from Renault/Nissan..

    Renault news
    Isn't it about time they cleaned their act up..
  2. Shocking insurance on Laguna II 1.8 Dynamique

    Hi guys, Hope someone can help, or has some advice. I'm 28, a full time secondary school teacher, living in a nice area on the outskirts of Leeds. I have just gotten my insurance renewal through, and they're asking for £650! 2003 Laguna II 1.8 16v Dynamique Thats for fully comp, with the...
  3. shocking !!

    Cars & motoring
    been phoning all round birmingham breakers yards for a airfilter box for my megane and none have any sooo i phone a renault dealership as a last resort only to be told no renault dealership in the uk has one so theyl have to order from France because they have 2 in stock pmsl!!! :crazy:
  4. shocking scenic

    Steering and Suspension
    just experienced another shocking incident with the scenic, a broken shock absorber, hapened as i was entering a town at low speed luckly, but more shocking news was to follow, the price, the only one i could get was from a wrecker localy, got a price on a new one from Renault in Auckland, 400...
  5. Shocking Laguna 2 problem - Advice Please !

    Hi All, New to the forum. Was driving home from work approx 40mph, laguna 2 1.9dci privege, manual (2002), all of a sudden the revs go to full throttle by themselves, redlines and black smoke pours out the back ! Pull to the side of the road, into neutral, still revving ! try to switch engine...
  6. Shocking Update

    Steering and Suspension
    Well finally managed to get the rear shocks changed today and what an amazing difference, I used a hub puller to separate the old shock from the rubber bush which then meant cutting the bush from the old stub. I then drilled a hole through the stub (pic 1) and with the help of a stainless steel...