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  1. Kangoo van rear shocks

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi, I've bought new rear shocks for my van and was wondering what to be aware of when fitting. Can I Jack the van up and work off axle stands? Or would it be simpler to take to a garage? Any suggestions appreciated Thanks
  2. Scenic 2006 rear shocks

    Steering and Suspension
    Help please ...Will the rear shocks form a Grand scenic fir my 1.9 2006 Scenic and the Grand scenic seem cheaper then the Scenic ones ?? Thanks in advance Dave
  3. Laguna 2 Phase 2 Front Shocks Colour Coding

    Ask the Experts
    Hi All, I have recently ordered new Front Shock Absorbers for my Laguna from the local Renault dealer. In addition to all the information on the Oval Plate and the Vin Number they also asked me to check for a colored sticker on the back of the old shocks and let them know what the color is. I...
  4. Grand Espace Initiale 3.5 V6 shocks and spring recommendation

    Steering and Suspension
    Hello, Please could someone advise on the best springs and shocks. They were replaced in 2013 by Main dealer and front OS spring has snapped. What makes are members using Bilstein, Sachs? Who makes the OEM items? What else will I need to replace as well. Main Dealer is evasive with part numbers...
  5. Shocks

    General Chat
    Having a bit of a clear out, found a brand new shock absorber for a clio 1 .. Was going to offer it to anyone on here post and package, But look what is being offered on TBAY. TO CLEAR - NEW SACHS - FRONT - SHOCK ABSORBER - 230281 | eBay Think post and packaging would be more for the one I...
  6. Rx4 rear shocks

    Steering and Suspension
    Is it possible to change the rear shock absorber on an RX 4 without removing the wheel????
  7. Initiale 2012 Auto Transmission Oil Change

    I have now driven 152,000 Miles in my Espace and think it may be logical to change the gearbox oil the dealer says its not totally necessary however I think it may be a smart move. Any opinions. Also time to replace shocks too?
  8. clio mk2 shortened Apex shocks (58mm)

    For sale
    Hi guys i recently bought a pair of Apex shocks for my clio but after other issues have came about i am now selling these shocks. They are brand new in the box and were made to order date of manufacture is 01/06/15. These are hard to get hold of i myself had to wait for 6 weeks before they...
  9. clio mk2 shocks (58mm)

    Handling & braking
    Hi guys been a while since I put anything up on here but I was hoping someone could help me out as I have came to a bit of a dead end so here we go... I currently have coilovers on the front they were cheap and I always knew they would fail before to long so I have bought a set of 40mm apex...
  10. Shocks on mark 2 Megane

    Steering and Suspension
    How straightforward/difficult is it to replace the front shock absorbers on a 2003 mark 2 Megane?
  11. top nut on shocks renault scenic nm settings

    Steering and Suspension
    hi lads can u help u just cant tighten the nut on top of a front shock with a ring spanner con u? should u tighten that with a torque wrench to the right nm settings I have put 2 new front shocks on my scenic but they still seem to rattle have done all bottom ball joints and aunty roll bar...
  12. Renault 19 Rear Shocks

    Steering and Suspension
    Hello! Will Megane rear shock absorbers fit my R19? Because the torsion bar is pretty much the same, are shocks also? Are they better then of R19?
  13. 1.4 Y reg alize shocks.. provided a shock

    Steering and Suspension
    Gents ive been quoted £110 to replace a front shock on my clio alize checking on prices for a new shock is about £28... £80 quid labor? how difficult is it to replace one of these?
  14. Laguna II rear shocks bottom mount seized

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi there, I'm am out of idea's on how to get around this one, can some one please help. I want to renew the rear shocks on my car but I cannot free the bottom shock from it's mount. I have put lots of penetrating spray on it and let it soak for an hour then tried tapping it with a chisel...
  15. Scenic MK1 Rear Shocks

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi All, Feel that the ride on my Scenic Mk1 is getting a little harsh. Do any of you know how to improve the ride and what recommendations do you have for new rear shocks? I've put new springs and gas shocks on the front so wondered what aftermarket shocks / springs are around for the...
  16. clio 2 front shocks removal problem

    Steering and Suspension
    hi there folks. I have lowered my clio using coilovers. well I say it as if its completed but I done all bar one at the front. I did the first front one and now I cant remove the top nut in the engine bay of the other. no matter what I do. I have sprayed it with wd40 used a 21mm socket and...
  17. Clio 172 shocks and springs

    Handling & braking
    Hi does anyone know if Clio 172 shocks and springs will fit a 55 plate megane 1.4?
  18. rear shocks interchangability

    Scenic 1999 1.6 will later 2003- rear shocks fit the earlier pre- facelift mk 1 scenic
  19. scenic rx4 sprt alize rear shocks problem

    hi and advanced thanx for any help given. ok so my rear shocks are nackerd so i ordered new ones but when they came they had a top eye and the bottom eye was more of a long tube (bolt sleeve) now when i removed the old shocks the bottom eye (bolt sleeve) appears to be "stuck" or already part of...
  20. Replace front shocks on Clio II

    Wheels & tyres
    Looking for instructions as I am about to replace front shock absorbers on my Clio 00, anyone?