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  1. having fun with the Sigma 10-20

    Photography Club
    not really used the lens in anger since i bought it a couple months ago, plus ive been meaning many times over to visit the Cathedral in St Albans - so its sunny and good excuse to break out the bike and camera :)
  2. Sigma M12 alarm

    Hi all I'm desperate for some help please. I have purchased a sigma M12 alarm for my 53 scenic it was brand new in the box and had a photocopy of wiring connections to be made. All connections made and tested with multimeter but as soon as it is connected the hazard lights come on and the alarm...
  3. 1998 Megane Coupe Alarm sounding, can still drive -- FIXED

    Hello, I've actually fixed this problem but thought I'd share what I found in case it helps. The age of the car and nature of the fault makes me think it might start occurring for others soon. Last week I was rudely awoken early in the morning to hear my alarm sounding. At first I thought it...
  4. Sigma M series Alarm

    Can any one tell me how to stop the alarm beeping when it acknowledges the setting and releasing of the central locking. The flashing hazards I am happy with but early in the morning or late at night the double beep is a pain. The system can be programmed with the keypad which is an optional...
  5. Sigma Alarm

    Hi , I got a Sigma Alarm from Ebay and want to use the alarm only as I'm happy not to get involved with the on-board immobilizer .. Now it comes with no wiring diagram at all , but ive got most of it worked out .. Orange ad blue Indicator , Red/black power Yellow ignition on positive...